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Behold, King Listpin III

This is my winning entry to the Ctrl.Alt.Shift comic competition. I was shortlisted and given a week to produce it based on a script by Lightspeed Champion. The competition was judged by Marjane Satrapi, Paul Gravett and Mr. Champion himself.

It's featured in the comic anthology book "Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption" which is the first time my work's been published and you can buy for £4.99 here [link]

My original artwork (ink washed especially for display, the printed version shown here has digital greys) will be on display at Lazarides Gallery in Soho, London [link] until November 30th, alongside other work from the book including paintings by Dave Mckean!

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jesskajuice's avatar
wow this is awesome! congrats on winning; marjane is one of my heros.
anyway, your work is amazing!
DragonSnap's avatar
Perrrfect. Like candy for the soul. I especially love the row where the guy is dropped and his cape comes down. So funny! The ending is kinda a downer though.
scouting-for-stars's avatar
This is fantastic, the monotone works really well. :] You can see why it won!
lokelani's avatar
This is a wonderful story. I can feel the desolation in this world. I'm a big fan of Ms. Satrapi's work and I'm now a big fan of yours!
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thank you very much. Glad you like it!
OliverMa's avatar
really original idea, just like all your comics! congrats! :)
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thank you. I didn't write it though, so the idea technically isn't mine.
shan-puu's avatar
this is great! congratulations!! :D
hitohai's avatar
That's poetry!:D So you can have it here even tho it was published? cool! Do you know this lady [link] ?
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Yeah, I checked. My comic isn't really the selling point that will clinch many buyers haha.
Yeah, I love that comic!
haius's avatar

You're- you're a celebrity! O_O

MumblingIdiot's avatar
Well. She looked at it, presumably. I wouldn't go quite that far just yet haha.
haius's avatar

...will you remember us little people when you become famous? :iconimhappyplz:
MumblingIdiot's avatar
I'm fairly certain when and if that happens, I won't become a douchebag completely instantly. So I should think so!
laresistance's avatar
Dude, epic win ! so beautifully told and drawn. I was really into it.
judged by marjan satrapi you have ? the road to succes is in sight. I bow down humbly
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Thanks! I worked hard to get it to read well. It was quite a tricky tale to tell.
Yeah, well, allegedly I was. It could have been a lie for all I know, but it's nice to think! Though who knows, she might have picked one of the other entries, I think they were passed around a bunch of people.
laresistance's avatar
Yeah it is tricky indeed. Telling the essence and still keeping it fun is always a challenge.
No offence, but you draw better than marjane satrapi. She has a simple and fun style ( and ok, persopolis was turned into a very beautiful highly acclaimed movie ) but not very challenging. And I don't know if she keeps doing the same thing it won't get boring in the future. It's all about telling a good story in an accompanying style. And making it. And get read.
On the road to a graphic novel, mister L !
MumblingIdiot's avatar
Indeed, well her style isn't very sophisticated, but it does work perfectly with her storytelling style I think. I'm actually studying persepolis at the minute among some other comics for my dissertation.

Yes, the future holds a graphic novel I think. Kind of need a story first though!
laresistance's avatar
I agree, it works perfectly with her style. Don't get me wrong, I like Persepolis. I'm just not sure she will keep surprising us with new cool challenging stuff. And it's partly also because a journalist friend of mine had to interview her and apparently she was a bitchy woman with an ego. I have to admit, that has influenced me. Haven't met her, so I can't tell, but it's always harder to like someone's work if you don't like them as a person. But I'm just nagging..

graphic novel sounds always promising; there's a lot going on about the definition of a "graphic novel". Everyone these days seems to be making one, but only a few are worthy of being categorized that way. Good luck with the story, man, I feel you're gonna be up to something good. I'm working on something as well, but don't dare to call it a graphic novel :)
MumblingIdiot's avatar
I can imagine her having an ego. To be honest I haven't read any of her other stuff so I don't know what else she has to offer.

Yeah well, I don't know about the term 'graphic novel'. I think it really has to be 'book' length and be a very long, single contained story to qualify. There are lots that are really just interesing, alternative comics or collections. But I think it's best not to get hung up on the definitions. Man I would love to see what you'd come up with in terms of an extended narrative. It would be exciting.
GhostPockets's avatar
A well deserved win, you my son are destined to shake up the stagnant Brit comix scene. Mark mine wurds.
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