Please support the Wild Skies: Europa Tempest kickstarter campaign! 

But Mumah, I don't know what that is!

Well, I'll tell you then! Wild Skies is an amazing tabletop role playing game that I happen to work on set in the 1930s, but WWI never actually ended at Versailles. Oh, are there are no people in it so much as animals. So it's kinda like Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Disney's Tailspin. It's really fun!

"But Mumah, I don't know what a Kickstarter is!"

Well, I'll tell you then! Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps creative platforms find the backing they need to get started! People can opt which package the want, but basically buying the game in advance or different exclusives, or they can just contribute because they want to support the creators! Their choice! And money wouldn't actually taken unless the campaign was actually successful! In this case, you'd be helping provide support for publishing and distribution means and pay for the artwork that would go into the book!

"Artists are very valuable to an RPG's success, aren't they?"

Yes, yes they are. And if this campaign is successful and makes a certain amount over the minimum, I can even be paid to draw a comic book based on the game! I really want everyone to meet Rambeaux!


Yes, Rambeaux. He was my Black Sheep character I played when I was introduced to the game! He was a lot of fun! So please fund this game so I can introduce him to you! Please go to the website, read through the options. Marvel at how many time my name comes up, and see the wonderful artwork already provided for the game by my friends Amy Ashbaugh, Nick Bradshaw, Chuck Walton, Aspen AtenBrian Manning and myself and SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN! Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeze!

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