Palladium vs. Trion Update

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Trion SUES Palladium!…

For my money, this is an awful lot like stealing someone's car, repainting it, then suing the original owner.
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One problem I see with a lot of this isn't just the lawsuit itself, but the fact that while it's ongoing, Palladium stalls on putting product out because Kevin's attention now has to focus on this instead of on new books. This in turn might cause sales to slip and then the great year they've had so far starts to falter.

That's lost revenue for Palladium and even if they win the case, they still lose.

To me, Trion is making more out of this than it has to (Canceling the trademark? Seriously, a little much and also uncalled for or am I wrong?) and Palladium has more of a case than they I think. I just hope Palladium can ride this out and some of the other projects Kevin's hinted at or suggested in his updates come to pass. They'll need the extra publicity and help.
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This is beyond absurd.

For whats it worth, Trion will never see a single penny of my money.
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damn skippy it is
Apparently the most successful Trademark lawyer in the business.. <8[
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What lawyer did these idiots hire?

Jack Thompson?