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A group that offers various kinds of Fan-art and art in general from all sorts of series that were created by humanity! From the worlds of action figures in the Hero Factory Universe (and many other LEGO based series) to anime and even television!
It's time that these unlikely mega-verses shall collide and become one! For there is no such thing as a coincidence in this this group, the possibilities are endless!
This group is truly where worlds collide, this is a Multiverse Collision!
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Hello, everyone. :) Just wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D :party: :iconchristmastreeplz:
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DM77's Sing FinaleOchaco’s Closing ActAs the Decepticons arrived outside the Muppet Theatre and transform to go and track down Roman and Neo. Kermit was on stage to announce the next act that will close the night“We have one final act for you tonight. Would you please welcome to the stage for her first ever live appearance…. Ochaco Uraraka!” Kermit said and the audience clap for her, but Kermit looks to the side and doesn’t see Ochaco “Ochaco?” He looks to Wiz “Is she coming out?”Wiz just shrugs unsure himself. Kermit goes to find her and goes to where she was. He opens the curtain and sees her dressed in a pink dress, but she was against the corner of her dressing room panicking“Ochaco! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Kermit asked concerned“I…I can’t move!” Ochaco said scared “I’m…I’m terrified!”Kermit hears the audience clapping in rhythm and holds out his hand “Give me your hand kid.” Ochaco does so and he leads her to the stage “Okay deep breaths, deep breaths and remember what I told you, you will not be afraid anymore if you just start singing.”With her friends along with Roman and Neo supporting her. Ochaco walks on stage and the audience cheer in excitement, Max was even holding a sign reading ‘Ochaco rules’ in supportOchaco was nervous and wasn’t focusing and again hits the microphone which falls and knocks out an audience member named Fry “Oh! So sorry!”Some audience laugh, Roman and Neo was laughing as well and begin to leave, they didn’t need to see more they thought. “Err…” Ochaco was unsure what to do as then Wiz comes and resets up the mike then nods and heads back to his station “Okay…um...errr” She looks over at Kermit“Sing” Kermit told her softlyOchaco nods and begins to sing a song that fitted her ‘Don’t you Worry ‘bout a Thing’Ochaco: ♪Yeah, everybody's got a thing♪♪But some don't know how to handle it♪She nods to Wiz who begins to turn up the music for her♪Always reaching out in vain♪♪Just taking the things not worth having♪Upon hearing her singing Roman and Neo came back in shock and amazement upon hearing the girl’s voice. Roman in his own words knows talent and with Ochaco, he saw true talent.♪But don't you worry 'bout a thing♪♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama♪As her family, friends and audience were moved by her, Ochaco was slowly getting less nervous and more confident♪'Cause I'll be standing on the side♪♪When you check it out, oh♪With Kermit’s ugering and newfound bravery, she was ready for the next bit and went all out♪They say your style of life's a drag♪♪And that you must go other places♪♪Just don't you feel too bad♪♪When you get fooled by smiling faces♪The audience cheer and clap to her enjoying her singing and Ochaco was happy and excited too, Kermit smiles nodding proud of her for conquering her fear.♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing♪♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, baby♪♪'Cause I'll be standing on the side♪♪When you check it out♪“Whoo! Yeah!” Roman cheers as he and Neo dance to the music getting into it♪When you get it off your trip♪However unaware to them both and the others backstage some looming hands come and grab both them quick. It was Breakdown$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$We see Breakdown smirking as he carried both Roman and Neo with his men down the streat“Listen, we can talk this out right?” Roman said nervous and scared as he trys to talk to Breakdown “We’re all reasonable beings here, right?”“Heheh, I look forward to blowing that mouth off” Breakdown said smirking but wasn’t paying attention as he is hit suddenly by a car door that knocks him back into the Vehicons and they fall down, and he drops Roman and NeoAs Roman and Neo recover a familiar car backs up and they see Mercy who said “Get in! Quick!”“Oh, thank you sweatheart!” Roman said as he and Neo jump in and Mercy quickly drives off. Breakdown tries to jump onto the car but seemingly misses and falls off “Oh…that was close”“Yeah.” Mercy said nodding and Neo agrees as well. Unaware to the three through Breakdown didn’t fully fall off and was hanging onto the back smirking$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Back at the theatre, unaware what had happened Ochaco continues singing♪Everybody needs a change♪♪A chance to check out the new♪Ochaco jumps up and down on the stage and while not heavy the stage and rafters shake, and Kermit worried looks up to ensure nothing is going to fall off♪But you're the only one to sees♪♪The changes you take yourself through♪♪Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh♪Suddenly the backdrop of the stage falls stopping the song as Ochaco looks and sees the full moon behind her. She looks at the audience and sheepishly shrugs as the audience cheers. She continues the song♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing♪♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing♪♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing♪The audience joins in a bit and we also see in the audience enjoying the song was Muscle Man and a fully recovered Plankton. Also, there was Neon, Lindsey and Kaikaina dancing to it♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing♪♪Pa-pa-p, pa-pa-pa-pa♪♪Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa♪♪Pa-pa-p, pa-pa-pa-pa♪♪Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa♪Max was singing along happily, proud of Ochaco for fulfilling his birthday wish of her becoming a singer.♪Oh don't you worry 'bout a thing♪♪Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama♪Kermit smiles and dances to Ochaco’s singing along with the others as the song nears its conclusion.♪'Cause I'll be standing, I'll be standing by you♪♪Oh don't you worry 'bout a thing♪With the song done the audience cheer and clap for a great final number and were still cheering as the house lights came on. Ochaco’s mother screams in excitement for her daughter’s peromance.“Go, go!” Kermit said as he, Maria, Rita and Runt motion the others to take the stage for the final bow. They do so happily while Kermit watches with a smile. “Oh, dad. I wish you could see this” He finally did it, he put on an amazing show.Suddenly Kermit hears a whistle and Rita hearing it points to it for him and he looks at sees Minerva McGonigal there in the audience look at him.She claps and nods to him in respect and Kermit was surprised, he then sees her remove a quill from her hat show she has been here since Gwen’s act. Minerva smiles and nods to KermitKermit was touched, earning the praise and respect of the performer who inspired him to get into the theatre business was a true dream come true.“Well, this was good, very good. But shame there won’t be anymore” Runt said smiling“I don’t know Runt, I think this is only the beginning” Rita said relaxing on him and smiling.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$The next day we see Cinch place a sold sign on the for-sale sign for the theatre, Minerva was sighing the documents to take ownership of the theatre.There as well was Bootler, Kermit, Wiz, Maria and the pets as witnesses. See Minerva didn’t just buy the theatre but was also allowing Kermit to stay as the producer of the shows so he can continue to pursue his dreams just now she will be there to guide him and give experience advice.Kermit smiles goes and hugs her and Wiz joins in hugging his auntie much to her minor annoyance.We see constructions crews beginning to get to work on rebuilding the Muppet Theatre to a new and former glory which took a few months at least of nonstop work to complete but there were some miner changes, for one there was now water tanks on the front side of the building filled with Lumas as a decrotive feature.On the day of the Grand Reopening everyone had come to see, Kermits new friends and main performers and also the contestants who didn’t make it in to the contest or were forced out due to something“Everybody ready?” Kermit asked everyone around him “All creatures great and small! Welcome to the new Muppet Theatre!” with that he cuts the ribbonHe now has a picture of that, which he hangs next to the one with his father happy and he wonders what challenges next pursue himThe End…. For now.
Luna and Blacki (PJ Masks) by Sierpovnik
Rachel and Emily meets Inquisitors (PPG) by Sierpovnik
Universe 10- Tv and Movies
Brighton Haul [20/1/22] by KrytenMarkGen-0
Universe 11- Gary's Mod and other 3D models
Lord Shen (TF2 Recreation) by CaptainLeopard
Universe 12- Transformers and other mecha
Melita-1's First Snowfall by KrytenMarkGen-0
Universe 13- Lego
Lego Jango and Boba Fett by snip105
Universe 14- Music related art
MaR AGRVG - Max's Rockstar Prince Tuxedo by BlueCrystalSpider
Universe EX-1- demotivational posters
Meme 1 by Sierpovnik
Skrall Razor 2013 Updates by SkrallRazor
Universe 15- Bootleg toys
KD-23-4X Gauss Rifle by Thatdudemaan
Universe 17 - Digital Doll Maker


Bloodthirsty Foxes and Bunnies [Art Trade] by KrytenMarkGen-0 Bloodthirsty Foxes and Bunnies [Art Trade] :iconkrytenmarkgen-0:KrytenMarkGen-0 25 24 Fluttershy's Encounters by Aurora-Chiaro Fluttershy's Encounters :iconaurora-chiaro:Aurora-Chiaro 1,173 265 You People (Almost) Forgot About Him! by Supajames1 You People (Almost) Forgot About Him! :iconsupajames1:Supajames1 96 56 The Food-Chain Simplified by Maximignon
Mature content
The Food-Chain Simplified :iconmaximignon:Maximignon 480 91
My Little Kenny: Dying is Magic (Season 1) by Pony-Berserker My Little Kenny: Dying is Magic (Season 1) :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 806 170 Transformers - Batman: Gloom by Brollonks Transformers - Batman: Gloom :iconbrollonks:Brollonks 120 11 Stan Writes A Letter To Princess Celestia by Pony-Berserker Stan Writes A Letter To Princess Celestia :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 1,608 406 Portal meets Angry Birds by Gladosy Portal meets Angry Birds :icongladosy:Gladosy 1,999 311 Courageous Pinkie by Pony-Berserker Courageous Pinkie :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 432 39 Baby Dragon Meets Stuffed Dragon by Cartuneslover16 Baby Dragon Meets Stuffed Dragon :iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 221 116 And You Call Yourself Hero of Time? by Lalai-chan And You Call Yourself Hero of Time? :iconlalai-chan:Lalai-chan 516 93 Commission: Transmetal 2 Rainbow Dash by Atomic-Chinchilla Commission: Transmetal 2 Rainbow Dash :iconatomic-chinchilla:Atomic-Chinchilla 316 100 Borg Vs. Dalek by systemcat Borg Vs. Dalek :iconsystemcat:systemcat 30 40 walle and r2d2 by ctomuta walle and r2d2 :iconctomuta:ctomuta 723 67 Change your...fate? by Kuitsuku Change your...fate? :iconkuitsuku:Kuitsuku 15,278 596









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