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Got a new pc and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things!

For those who don't know what Disability/SSI are, or who are too young to have to know,
Disability Benefits and SSI are things you could do if you were too stressed by DID to work.

I know that there are lots of you here who regularly go to work and school, and that's AWESOME! XD
However, there are many who don't have any alters capable of holding down a job, or have alters that are too dangerous/chaotic/etc to keep a job. In this case, you could apply for Disability/SSI (in the US). For those living outside the US, if you have some form of benefits granted by the government, please share with us!

Please note that I am not saying you are disabled if you have DID. That is NOT what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that some people with DID cannot work due to extreme circumstances, and that the Government will not help out unless they claim to be disabled by their life with DID. Disabled here, only means that one cannot have a routine day-to-day life that involves the ability to have a job, do chores, be hygienic, go to school, have social lives, etc... Not all of those need to be missing, but even if you just can't work, or just can't have a normal/healthy life, the Government can grant you money to supplement what you cannot get yourself.

To start off, I will list a few commonly asked questions, then ask a few myself.

1.  Can anyone apply?
Yes, everyone can apply but not everyone is accepted. It depends on if you qualify for benefits, usually if you can work or not.

2. How do I start the process?
Google your state/countries disability benefits program, if you don't know what it's called where you are, I'm sure if you googled "disability benefits in ____" you will probably come up with whatever it is called where you are. On their home page at the website, there should be a link to an application, and even a list to estimate if you qualify. There should also be a phone number to call if you have any questions.

3.  How long will the whole process take?
This varies for everyone. I believe at first they say "up to 6 months" depending on how soon you finish your application and finding all the evidence you need to support your claim. They do have a deadline though, so don't take too long sending everything in.

4.  How much money will I receive?
That really depends on what the government decides and who with/where you live. In Texas, USA, if you're a war veteran with PTSD, generally between an estimated $800-1000/month.

Now for questions I ask you to help others:

1.  If you or a loved one have applied for disability, even if you didn't get it, what was your experience? How did this affect you and those you loved?

2.  If you've received benefits, what is your advice to those who are seeking to get benefits, too?

Dealing with the Government can be kinda scary and overwhelming, so if we stick together and help each other out, we can all get through it!
If you have any questions or need help finding your state/countries benefits programs, message me and I will do what I can. :)

Until next time-
Your mod, Alice :heart:
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This seems to be long defunct, but may we have permission to host a local copy of this discussion on our website, healthymultiplicity.com?  It was a big help to me, and I feel it'd be helpful to others.

...I think this place is pretty dead though... <.<