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A group for multiples, in other words anyone with dissociative identity disorder (formally multiple personality disorder). DID / MPD is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

This group is for alters and hosts to communicate with one another and also to raise awareness of this disorder

Also, check out our awareness/information website - dissociative-identitydisorder.…

Joining: anyone can join. You do not need to be a multiple, anyone who is interested in learning about the disorder or in spreading awareness of it are perfectly welcome to join.

Submitting: I will sort out the gallery into sections soon. But basically we'll accept anything lol. If it spreads awareness, depicts life with DID, depicts life with an assosiatd disorder (i.e. depression, PTSD, etc) or even if it's just an expression of emotion, we'll accept it all :)

About DID

What is DID? -…
DID at a glance -…
The controvacy surrounding DID -…
Types of alter -…

Related disorders (list in progress

What is dissociation? -…
What is PTSD? -…
What is depression? -…

Our website - dissociative-identitydisorder.…
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Articles, advise and help
Cracks of Sunshine by LB-Lee
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Who we are
Owl and Rose by ThePapercraft
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Other dissociative disorders
Dissociation: Cover by LB-Lee
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Alter art - anything produced by alters

Mature Content

Stigma vs Love by StephanieLarson
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Stigma, relationships and other people
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Empowering Messages
Good Reason to Smile by Almairis
Hope, future and recovery
Expression and Emotions
Suffocation... by tsukiyo-art
Adult, triggering and mature topics - please

Mature Content

We Are One by PakajunaTufty
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let it rain by mykindofviolence let it rain :iconmykindofviolence:mykindofviolence 1 7 I've got your back by mykindofviolence I've got your back :iconmykindofviolence:mykindofviolence 1 1 don't be a statistic. by xToFuSiCx don't be a statistic. :iconxtofusicx:xToFuSiCx 23 13
  Addiction.  You never know what it truly is until it hits you; a smooth poison you partake of to the point where you are no longer the consumer, it is the consumer and you are the one being eaten alive.  It's a smooth velvety voice in the night that you trust and follow until you realize that at that point it's your doom.  A devil in a Sunday hat some might say.
  You try it once or twice when you're young, curious to feel the sting of the liquor burning down your throat.  You laugh, giggling as the world around you turns upside down and everyone around is your friend, and your problems seem to disappear as you drink more and more.  Hours later you're emptying all the contents of your stomach into the porcelain god that stands before you, promising to yourself that that was the only time, and that you'll never do it again.
  Your friends, they love it, worship it; and they invite you to worship it too.
:iconcrazygurl928:CrazyGurl928 6 17
child abuse 2 by missmurder724 child abuse 2 :iconmissmurder724:missmurder724 201 104
cutting and depression
cutting and depression are two bad things
they only do one thing all they do is bring
they bring scars and scars and leave you with nothing
but living can bring you something
death is not the answer not even this
life can bring you happiness and bliss
so please dont ever think that suicide is the answer i am living proof because i have tried to commit suicide before and i have finally realized that i have a better life here on earth and its how i make it but if you dont want to help me get through my depression then thats fine but please help me in some way.
:iconbabygirl1717:babygirl1717 5 23
Self-help - Depression
Thanks to my boyfriend, I've finally realised that I don't have to suffer because I don't want to upset my friends or family. I don't have to suffer because I think I'm not worth the hassle, or because I think there are people who have problems far worse than my own.
I suffer from tension headaches, stomach upset, insomnia, from stress and anxiety. I've gained almost two stone in the three years that I've felt my symptoms getting worse. I'm going to see a doctor next week, and I think I will be diagnosed with depression. I have a good life: I'm living in a lovely house with an amazing boyfriend, and people who care about me; I'm getting 2:1 - first class grades at university; I have a loving, and large, close family. And yet I continue to become frustrated by normal social situations and often find it difficult to motivate myself, often crying for no reason at all; to my boyfriend and I, it seems to be getting more and more frequent.
But, right now, I'm the happiest I've been in a very
:iconzer0hawke:Zer0Hawke 3 5
Reasons to Live
1) love
2) the future is so much brighter
3) friends
4) seeing others smile
5) to fulfill my dreams
6) to watch the sunset over the ocean
7) not only to love, but to feel loved
8) to dream
9) to achieve dreams
10) to learn something from the hardships, and make tomorrow better due to it
11) to have your toes in the mud on a warm summer day
12) to laugh
13) to experience new things, may it be travels, may it be dancing under the moon.
14) to feel the sun
15) to take the time to sit and watch ants
16) to lie in the grass
17) to hear the crash of waves
18) to hug and be hugged
19) to make a child smile
20) to eat a piece of chocolate
21) to hear a moving piece of music
22) to meet a kindred spirit
23) to show others that life can change and get better
24) to write love on your arms
25) baby siblings. they'll need you and look up to you
26) God (with love, honor, hope, and appreciation)
27) hope
28) my family, Friends old and new
29) laughter (even with just myself)
30) music listening, co
:iconsmilewithlove:smilewithlove 340 297
300.12-13-14 by starfruit121 300.12-13-14 :iconstarfruit121:starfruit121 10 3
Dissociation Times
World made of plastic, with robots seated on the chairs
The blinding colors are fake
The deafening sounds are not really there
The reality is alternative, virtual
The bus moving is just an illusion
My body is a duplicated matter
The only "real" thing is my mind
Which can't be trusted
:iconhope-is-overrated:hope-is-overrated 12 7
Detached from all the human feelings
It doesn't matter how much I would like to care about something or someone, I can't...
I don't know if I am above, below or beyond all this...
All I know is the world is black and white
Reality is nothing more than some shades of grey
And me?
Well, I am a hologram in the middle of a dense fog...
:iconhope-is-overrated:hope-is-overrated 8 6
I know.
notes, music, vibration, air
whizzes past my head as I write this.
It is the eight day of the third month, and I am alone.
I'm scared, and hiding within the place of my mind where no one can find me.
I know I am not safe,
but I do not care, this is my place.
No one can take it away from me and I refuse as the
shadows on my back that race through my mind, disguise themselves in my
They whisper,
sweet lullaby's into my ear as
they run, run and run past me as they promise.
They promise to save me, and I comply. I take their hand and run with,
as fast as I can.
They take me away,
towards the mountains they say,
and they claim to use the sun as a guiding star, but I daren't argue.
For I am not safe here,
and then the notes stop.
the blackness engulfs around me and I can't see
the sun anymore, all I can feel is the grasp of the demons on my hand
they laugh.
for they lied too,
their sweet words literally nothing to the beauty of
the word that is truth and the
:iconkonoka-chan:Konoka-chan 20 4
Dissociative Doubts
Where am I?
I can't tell...
I am here and there and nowhere, at the same time
Who am I?
A robot? Maybe...
Just a piece of flesh, walking around
Without a sense of direction?
The decisions I make are not mine
The words I say are not mine
I hear my voice saying them, but is not from me they come from
Those daily actions, are not made by me
It's not me making my legs and arms to move
My arms and legs don't belong to me
My body doesn't belong to me
I am lost in space
I don't know where I am
Or where I belong to
:iconhope-is-overrated:hope-is-overrated 14 28
A Diss.ociative. Identity by papa-paparazzi A Diss.ociative. Identity :iconpapa-paparazzi:papa-paparazzi 37 37

Useful Stuff

Our website - dissociative-identitydisorder.…

Mulplicity Wiki -…

About DID

What is DID? -…
DID at a glance -…
The controvacy surrounding DID -…
Types of alter -…

Related disorders (list in progress

Types of Dissociative Disorders -…
What is dissociation? -…
What is depression? -…
What is PTSD? -…

Useful and helpful articles and advice

Self Soothing -…
Ways to help someone through a flashback -…

Weekly Topics

1. Non-human alters -…
2. Abusive Alters -…
3. Cross-gender Alters -…
4. The relationships between alters -…
5. Internal Landscapes -…
6. Protectors -…
7. Flashbacks and Nightmares -…
8. Externals and Relationships -…
9. Feeling Unreal -…
10. Memories -…
11. The word "disorder" -…
12. Prfessionals -…
13. Coming Out/Opening Up -…








In any case, I haven't been on here in over a year and if anyone would like to take my place

PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so I can remove myself from here, and let someone else take over.

I've tried contacting the original founder but it looks like they're absolutely not responding.

Maybe someone else can try, and if there's no success, then someone should contact the staff to have this
group taken down due to lack of activity.

I REALLY do apologize for the mega absence, however I've had some seriously major life-changes
and coming back here was just not possible.

Again, very sorry and please let me know if anyone wants to be a co-founder,
or else I will ask staff to delete this group.
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Hi all thanks for letting me  and my others even if they are busy with their own stuff  at times still be here, we appreciate it.
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I do have DID and wish to join this group.
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I don't have DID (since I don't black out or become someone else), but I have sub personalities (because I fragmented my personality)... is there any classification for a person like me?
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I have dissociated before and it scares the hell out of me.

It happens fairly frequently but does not last very long.

I do not have DID.

Is this grounds for joining the group?
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If anyone is interested in speaking about their DID/DDNOS to me or another with these diagnoses, you are welcome into my chat room KyeChat!
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