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Ya bitch is back, wassup fuckers
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Please, if you're a group, refrain from inviting me. I'll find you in my own time.

Heya. So, uh.. I moved from the account SkeleStorme to here, and I made this acc on 11/18/2018, so... this acc is kinda new I guess.
As a whole, I've actually been a deviant here since April 7th of like,, 2017?? I think? Idk, I'm too lazy to check.

I tend to hyper/monofocus/whatever the fuck it's called on certain accounts at a time so I'm like.. on and off of deviantart

I have a tendency to block people at my discretion if they make me uncomfortable. So if you happen to be unable to view my page and are looking at my page while logged out, then you've been blocked and I have my reasons that I do not need to justify. Sorreh ;A;

Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Be polite
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Constructive criticism is allowed
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Give me feedback and tips on how to improve! I would be much appreciative uwu
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Positive context
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Meems (Memes)
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Silliness in general
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Don't be afraid to be a little crazy, don't worry. I am too.
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance If you need help with something, you can ask me. I'll try my best but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to fully help ;w;
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance If I'm doing something wrong, don't be afraid to tell me about it! Just don't be rude about it and everything will be chill.
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance If there's something weird you'd like to talk about to me but you're unsure about it, just go ahead! I don't mind. And if you want to take it to the notes, feel free to! I'm all ears.
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Please be kind! I have very sensitive feelings and I take most things seriously.
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance You can talk to me about fandoms, as long as it's positive. I'm in multiple fandoms so, again, I'm all ears.
Green Dot by GraphicaElegance Feel free to leave emojis like lenny faces on my content. I find them amusing.

Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Rudeness
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Anything offensive in general
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Claiming I stole someone's idea/OC (I don't do this. I try to be as original as possible.)
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Destructive criticism (Example: Your content sucks/Stop making content)
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Bullying
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Spam
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Bashing me or anything/anyone else
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance I mean it. Don't spam. Please, it gets really annoying over time and will eventually get you blocked.
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance No copy/paste things like "You've been hugged! Spread the love!". Those things aggravate me.
Red Dot by GraphicaElegance Please, PLEASE don't disrespect me for my religion/practices/when I geek out over astrology. I don't disrespect you for that stuff, so don't disrespect me.

- No need to thank me for watches, faves, llamas, etc. You're welcome, you deserve 'em! -
No to DeviatArt Eclipse emoticon by Aurora-Alley

- thonk -

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
EXID, Dreamcatcher, Itzy, BLACKPINK, Sunmi, Dua Lipa
Favourite Games
FNAF and FNAF fangames, White Day, Terraria, Undertale
Tools of the Trade
Digital, traditional
Other Interests



~ Regarding Eclipse ~ So.. we all know that I'm not a big fan of eclipse. I'm leaving deviantart now that they've forced eclipse into action, so I won't be very active here anymore. No, I'm not going to be deactivating my account. I'll still be here from time to time, as I'm still a part of some closed species and the only real way I can truly participate in them is through deviantart. If you want to keep in touch with me, then note me and we'll figure something out. Though, I doubt anyone will. ~ Regarding Pridefall ~ As someone who is lgbt+, this sickens me. I’m closing off most of my accounts due to ‘pridefall’. If you’re taking part in it or even come close to supporting it, you’re a sick fuck and you need to unfollow me right fucking now. If any of you pridefall motherfuckers think you can talk to me, get the fuck out. You’re not welcome here. Don’t even think of sending me anything like that, I’m a minor (In other words, I’M A LITERAL CHILD. Yes, I’m above thirteen. But I’m

Woooo I'm bored so here we fuckin go-

Woooo I'm bored so here we fuckin go-

Physical stuff will be going by my online persona/dr self, because I'm not gonna disclose information about the real me HAHAH- Name: Ryuko, Ryu - Single or taken: Taken uwu - Sex: Genderfluid (Yes I'm aware that it said sex and not gender, I just would rather not disclose that information. People are perverted, sick fucks.) - Birthday: October 14th - Sign: Libra - Hair color: Naturally brown, dyed black - Eye color: Blue and grey - Height: 5'0 please don't squish me - Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Multisexual (Umbrella term) ____________________________________________________________________________ S P E C I F I C S __________
So I put a lot of my deviations in storage lmao I'm hoping to like,, start fresh. Kind of. But I also need to redo the reds for a lot of my ocs, and one of them hasn't even been accepted cause the CS owner has been inactive for far too long and there...

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