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Welcome to C4C :wave: lets enjoy some crafts :nod:

Every week I will highlight one category in the hopes that those less known with Crafts will get to know them :nod:. We will start with Culinary arts

Culinary art is the art of cooking. The word "culinary" is defined as something related to, or connected with cooking or kitchens. A culinarian is a person working in the culinary arts. A culinarian is commonly known as a cook or a chef. Culinary artists are responsible for skillfully preparing meals that are as pleasing to the palate as to the eye. They work primarily in restaurants, fast food franchises, delicatessens, hospitals and other institutions and corporation. Kitchen conditions vary depending on the type of business, restaurant, nursing home etc.

A few of the all time popular deviations

Topsy Turvey Birthday Cake by pinkcakebox Marzipan Dragon by VeroRamos ohnoes pumpkin by ohnoesplz Topsy Turvy Cake by theshaggyturtle
The Dragons Lair by louise-art Nr. 5 by AannNdddDI 2006 - Gaara and Shukaku Pumpkin by PunkBouncer Blossom Sherbet II by Tomazz

Al right al right lets get to all those yummylicious looking crafts ;-)

pillow cake by cakelover88 creme caramel by the-eucatastrophe Spring Bouquet Wedding Cake by pathofpetals My fist Wedding by ICount women by Alex252 Ghost Charms by Keito-San Balance by spiddyocksgosouth Gary by Smeeeet Eliander.. by dreamleaf

Mature Content

White Corset, White Skirt by AntisepticFashion
Aurelia - Leather Mask by xothique Endless love by Santani Shoulder Piece, New Shirt by AntisepticFashion dervisler by dionizos WD .279 by wearydrearies :thumb66947334: :thumb66749551: Big, Massive and Matt by Peixeart Sterling Ribbon Cuff by MarieCristine Passage Pendant no. 6 by sojourncuriosities Pendulum part 1 - Design III by Le-Enne Insimination industrielle- 2 by Fouflyn Sophisticated Insanity by mod-ro Dwarf with pickaxe by flashbakart geco flessibile by orsobrusco flexible by gcavdar Cobweb Fairy by Firefly-Path Bonnie Goes Solo by TheArcher777 Raku vase by Osa-Art-Farm Cantilever Box No.2 by back2root :thumb65831950: You Tell Me What It Is by LittleOutrage The Ties that Bind I by Gaffgirl seramik ev by dionizos :thumb65927894: Teef plushie by loveandasandwich Which Wire Way Works? by LittleOutrage Flowers by centaurleon A Work In Progress... by back2root jar 2 by aln2911 Dragon Head Lid by NoreLineas :thumb58892345: Secret Messenger Owl by papilia mungwoks by knottwood Cthulhu by TormentedArtifacts origami aigle by tall1thomas :thumb66280237: brass earrings 38 by meganhor mask6 by ArgentSunrise The Carrot by Shiritsu ...yet another plush by Ilke by EyeBone Viking head by missyrica :thumb66881128: Nr. 2 by AannNdddDI 21st Birthday by youtakethecake :thumb63277783: :thumb66395739: A Revolutionary Dream... by LadyotRings vivi by knottwood Naughty Cake by Verusca :thumb64814646: 2olivia pig cake by diullbar22 Bowl by AntiSocialis :thumb54901928: Pink Pussycat Outfit 1 by RedheadThePirate Fairy Jewels by kufka hippocampus by sergey-oriart prince by cakelover88 Nr. 10 by AannNdddDI Lulu Final Fantasy X by youtakethecake Earwen's treasure II. by Faeriedivine GreatWinter by AstarteXOX The Language of Flowers.... by Dellessanna Rural Fire Brigade Cake by elyobkram Caviar Sandwich by Tomazz cat - kot 2 by karolina-g

Interview with a crafts deviant :)

This time that is :iconcurster:

Name: Erin Currie

Age: 32

Minneapolis, MN.

Art education:
I didn't like school....(except for art class, of course) combine that with hardheadedness, and self-sufficiency

Current profession: I dropped out/moved out in high school and spent the remainder of my teen life learning how to live off of minimum wage.
Although art has always been the "thing" I was good at, I always looked at it as something I would do for a living only if I absolutely had to. In 2006, I decided I would finally start taking my art seriously and put my "back up plan" into action. I was only able to do so because of where I could open a store for nothing. I had to have a heart-to-heart talk with myself first...and decided to "tone down" the creepiness, I have a tendency to go too far....apparently skinless, and bleeding isn't for everyone.... I started creating like mad-and haven't stopped since. Deviantart has been wonderful for me. I can put together a gallery of all my guys on etsy, customs, and stuff I sell in stores, so my people can find everything in one place.

When/where/how did you discover deviantART?
I don't remember not knowing about deviantart, I found it years ago, but only browsed. I really like the community here so far. A lot of talented people!

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in everything! could be a shadow, or a piece of garbage that spawns a new design idea. but my dream would be to surround myself in old carnival memorabilia, the most inspiring stuff of all stuff, for me.

What is your favorite deviation from your gallery and why?
I am so thrilled at the success I have achieved this past year. Over 400 cursters sold!! I think my favorite guy i've made right now is super minion…. I still can't keep up with all of the ideas in my head. I work EVERY DAY. I can't stress how important that has been for me. Not only does it excersize my talent, but it is the only way I know how to roll-and apparently quite important to have that dedication in the early years of a new business.

Which artisan crafts deviant do you look up to and why?
Although there are many artists on deviantart that are super talented, the artist that is closest to my heart, and I will be following her career, because she will have, is Miss-Hart. I look forward to seeing where she takes her art!

Anything else you would like to include?

I only wish I had more hours in the day. I love helping other artists, and am doing some mentoring, just wish I had more time!!!!

Thanks  for your nice interview curster :hug:

:thumb41660335: Halloween Special Floating Ghost by Einnod

:thumb66449924: CGI Captain Scarlet by pumpkinmaster Jack-O-Lantern 2006 a by temmosus :thumb65699107: Captain Barbossa Pumpkin by johwee Batman by pumpkinsbylisa :thumb53905155: Rochon by mdcrinos Spiderman by pumpkinsbylisa Johnny Cash by Revelation-Six Bob Marley by Revelation-Six Louis Armstrong by Revelation-Six Coming Down with the Plague... by thekitschsidekick Man in the Moon by pumpkinsbylisa Cheshire Cat by pumpkinsbylisa Halloween Couple by digitaldragon Graveside Manor by pumpkinmaster NO PUMPKIN PIE by bleedingbird Escape from Pumkin Guts by PixelBlender Walking Dragon Carving by wolfsax

Halloween Centerpiece by minami63 Willo'Mina and Leopold. by paulaspixies Carved spider opal pendent by jessa1155

That was it for this edition :D

If you would like to see a nifty craft added feel free to note me. As long it isn't your own work I will consider it. Bring on the wicked crafts :D

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Fantastic article! I love the culinary section at the top, the featured deviations and the halloween special.

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fantastic job!!
Osa-Art-Farm Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
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