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Multi-Artist eXchange

MAX is a monthly art exchange focused on original characters.

How the Rounds Work

:bulletblue: Every month, I'll make a journal post for the upcoming round. Each round has a theme, and you can even request one!
:bulletblue: Comment on the journal if you wish to join it, along with a link to your story or character list.
:bulletblue: Before the round starts, I'll edit the journal to show who is matched up to who.
:bulletblue: Upload your artwork to the appropriate folder. Kindly have month and year of the round in the submissions title (E.G., "July 2017"), but it's not required.
:bulletblue: Currently attempting to pick one submission per round to show off in the featured folder!

:bulletgreen: An original character. (E.G., not Simba, Tony Stark, etc.)
:bulletgreen: A visual reference online of your character in a SFW location. A deviantART submission, journal post, personal website, etc.
:bulletgreen: Able to complete a drawing within two weeks.
:bulletgreen: If you participated in a previous round, you must have that submission finished before joining another round.

Guidelines for Submissions

:bulletred: It must be recognizable as the artist's character.
:bulletred: Full body or most of the body. Not just a bust portrait!
:bulletred: Color is recommended, unless it's really well-shaded in black and white.
:bulletred: Backgrounds are not required, but they sure do make the picture look better.
:bulletred: Submissions that appear to have little effort put into them will be rejected.
:bulletred: Delinquent artists who do not complete their portion of the exchange end up on the blacklist.

Keep it fun!

:bulletyellow: Artists of all ranges may end up drawing one of your characters. Don't be upset if that person's a beginner. We're all on different levels.
:bulletyellow: After people are matched up randomly, I may make adjustments so that everyone is exchanging with somebody new.
:bulletyellow: Be sure to respect the character you're going to draw, and its creator. If you're not sure the creator would approve of the art you're making, be sure to ask him or her.
:bulletyellow: Put a solid amount of effort into the art you make. Don't wait until the last minute and then whip out some quick simple pencil sketch. Make something you can be proud of. You'll want the same from whoever is giving you art.
Founder and veteran MAXer Hawk is back in the saddle and has a new home made for us! MAX is now hosted on Comicadia. As before, you have a whole month to do your submission, and each round comes with optional challenges. Comicadia has a snazzy character system in place, so you can easily access character bios and references, and even search the character database to see what art each one has received.

The Multi-Artist eXchange launched in December of 2001 as a way for artists to exchange artwork and see their original characters drawn in another artist's style. Though beginning on a humble Tripod website, it grew into its own webspace a year later with an expanded roster of artists and its own improv-styled comic. In 2007, a year after its 100th round, MAX moved to Comic Dish, a comic hosting site that helped partially automate MAX's galleries and art assignments. In December of 2013, after its twelve-year anniversary, MAX's founder Hawk took a long-needed rest while exchanges continued privately amongst members in various art communities.

Now, after a refreshing break, MAX is returning through the Comicadia comic community, with the same goal of bringing artists together to exchange original character art and hone their art skills by drawing something new and exciting.

So, come join us on Comicadia! Submissions of course will always be welcome here if anybody wants to post any of their entries.
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dotchan Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Max improcomics is now on Google Drive (except the last Impro, _Comic Dish Cafe_, which is unfortunately still lost within the depths of the interwebs and some of the text archive is still pending) and has an image-only backup on Dropbox.

Google Drive -…

Dropbox -…
dotchan Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017
Found the Improcomics on Drunk Duck -…

I am also adding just-in-case backups on Dropbox and Google Drive (with the Google Drive one having a full text archive).
AsheSkyler Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Cool beans. Glad we've got a backup somewhere. If I ever get back on the webcomic scene, I think I'm gonna do an article on the importance of mirrors!
dotchan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
Does anybody have the older round submissions, including the comics? I only have my own stuff.
AsheSkyler Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Sam made a complete backup of the server before shutting it down. I could note his email address to you if you want.

I was gonna try to make a MAX shrine on my site, but I never could get the FTP data in time so I could download it. :(
dotchan Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
Please do!
Zue Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
It's good to see MAX on devart actually :D I seem to have forgotten my pw on the forum again loooooool;;;;;
AsheSkyler Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
No worries. Good to see you again too! =P
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