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what is wrong with people these days? have they become totally stupid? too much sensitive? or is their media literacy getting over the top and extreme that they find a hidden messages in EVERY THING they see?

a single mention of a woman is SEXISM.  look at the state of comics these days and their stupid fan girls? this is the disaster that they have bestowed upon us real comic book fans.

its just enough for a female character to have a little boobs, or show a little nudity, or a little leg... every one starts bashing the character as sexist and immoral! SERIOUSLY? so we don't get to at least see our fantasies in a goddamn fiction either because some one with out boobs might get jealous and offended? yes yes... you will say that my point of argument is irrelevant and stupid... but sadly IT IS THE TRUTH.  i don't give 2 cents about the whole cosplay thing, i never liked the  notion of cosplay anyway for men or women. 

but when it comes to comic books and fantasies it pisses me off to see people nagging at a fiction.  hey do you know Gail Simmons? i wish there were more women like her out there... she criticizes what she calls the mistakes of using female characters in comics and how they have handled them, you know what she does next? SHE FIXES THE PROBLEM AND GIVES US WONDERFUL COMICS such as wonderwoman and so on... what do other bloggers and writers do? add to the fucking drama. its like fangirls now aday are on an offensive to force their gender and ideas everywhere! look at the state of TRANSFORMERS for example... the new writer claims that furman is sexist, then brings a robotic female character with earth like features, (kabuki face, geisha hair and even the goddamn hair clips), slim body and TITS!!!  what's the function of tits in a robot who transform into a jet? oh i get it to scream that HEY I'M A FEMBOT... is that not sexism? yes it is... instead of developing a strong character then the writer goes on to tell her character is a young naive robot with doubts... thank you so much lady. we are only glitches away from robots fucking each other, because the company wants to respect the "FAN GIRLS"... just flip through their pages in this very site and you'll get what i mean. 

did i mention this NAUTICA character who resembles the innocent pornstars in school girl out fit who's constantly acting dumb and screams "FUCK ME DADY?" is that  not sexist? oh no... it's a fem bot who's too dumb and can't remember well.. KAWAIII... KAWAIII. KAWAIII.... let's make more dumb female characters and praise them for their cuteness... 

it's COMICS people! who cares if a character is naked or not!  i want my female characters to have boobs and legs because i don't get to have those in real life (actually i do have them in real life! but for the sake of argument). i want to see my fantasies in picture... is there anything wrong with  it? these all steam from a female sense of jealousy if you ask me... this is a fact and will remain a hidden sad fact. i don't remember any guy complaining about super heroes having muscles and 6 packs and calling it sexist!
but if  you take it from a fangirl point of view... it really is sexist! why do all male super heroes should have 6 packs and have their muscles shown all the time? 

i suggest if fangirls are so worried about their gender in comics, maybe they should start fixing the problem... certainly giving the characters slimmer look and covering their bodies will not fix the problem... unless you want to cover them in burqas... no, start writing good stories and create respectful and strong characters like what simmons did. 

i tell you what is wrong... bombing innocent people and getting their oil, spying on their private lives... these are wrong. some times i really wish girls would never be introduced to mainstream comics and would stick to their mangas and yaoyi shit. 

now that i have got these off my chest, i'm going to draw comic full of naked chicks and profanity. and maybe i kill a few if i want to... what? it's only fiction.


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Favourite cartoon character: superman, batman, hotshot, harleyqueen, snoopy, megamind, transformers (all of them) and many many more.
Personal Quote: it's important to be able to draw, but it's more important to have a mind to create.



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