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VtMB - Toreador and Heather

My PC(toreador) and Heather Poe ^^
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Awwwww, they make such a cute couple. I'm trying to remember if I ever mistreated Heather on any of my playthroughs, but I think even my low-humanity Nosferatu was nice to her...

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Marvelous. Always favored a Toreador with a soft spot for Heather in my playthroughs. 
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Honestly, whenever I role play as my character I tend to treat her this way, 
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I really need to play through Bloodlines as a Toreador one of these days.  Heather didn't seem to do anything special for the Tremere, but she actually started going a little bit nutsy with the Malkavian (ie. counting the exact number of times she taps her feet waiting for your next visit to the apartment).  And the Nosferatu was tragic as always; you save Heather's life with your blood donation, she becomes lucid again, she takes one look at you and she immediately starts screaming and crying for help!  Then she catches up with you at your apartment later and apologizes.  The Nosferatu's relationship with Heather is a bit...complicated.

So does she do anything special if you're a Toreador?
Ya know in my honest opinion, Heather's behavior honestly makes the most sense if the Fledgeling is a Toreador, given how immensely passionate towards things like beauty and love Toreador can be. I would imagine a ghoul who has imbibed Toreador Blood might pick up some of those habits.
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SO CUTE!!!!!!
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I wish the game was flawless as this
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Very lovely works, and accurate! :D
I treat her fairly, heck I even write her paychecks plus she is one hell of a coffin warmer
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This is a perfect interpretation of my relationship with her, minus the fact that I'm a Ventrue! :D
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Awesome drawing style and illustration. I actually didn't even know there was a Vampire the Masquerade videogame.
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omg, so awesome
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So cute~
I'm a Toreador too.
But Heather scares me because one minute she's behind me and when I talk to someone she pops up in front of me.
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This looks adorable. And I love the outfit you gave PC.
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Very beautiful!
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Aww, I like this. You don't see many art with vampires interacting with Heather very often, and this is cute.
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I like how you personalized your PC! I always imagine mine in my head as looking varying degrees of different (sometimes just a small change or two, sometimes a totally different look) from the game model.
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Of course! It's RPG and It's essential for gaming experience to develop personality and appearance of character for roleplay ;) (Wink)
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poor Heather she is so stupid and naive... nice work though ;)
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