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I wish I could join Dagoth Ur :iconcrycryplz:
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I made an account just to say that this is amazing. You've rekindled my Morrowind love with a single image. 
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There's the Sixth House Mod and the Great House Dagoth mods. I played through the Great House Dagoth myself and I think it has good material. :3

Great House Dagoth:…
Sixth House Mod:…

You would need to choose one or the other though. >w>" 
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Wow this is beond amazing I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
Stunning, absolutely radiating the power and dignity of her role! My favorite interpretation by far. I agree the Sharmat is the most rational of the beings who've achieved apotheosis via Lorkhan's heart, but I think they're all deluded, and Nerevarine is ultimately a more powerful force than any of them ever were.
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Советую этот мод:
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with mods you can, there are actually two questlines possible to join him, going through whole process of becoming like him and so on.
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We all do. <3 Gorgeous work.
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