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NWN2 PC and Bevil

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Hey @Mullina , This pic has been making the rounds and people love the dark haired elf-girl! Are we gonna get to see more of her in the future?!

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This is outstanding!! There needs to be more artwork of Bevil. Such an underrated character. 
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(OoC: Bevil? Having a bored expression that says "Screw the world"? DEMON!! HE IS A DEMON!! OUR BEVIL HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED! AGAIN!)
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He looks so bored. :lol: I really like this. Is the PC a moon elf?
Found this by doing a search on 'NWN2'. Created an account just to comment. It's a lovely pic, and there really should be more Bevil fan-art out there. Love the PC's mischievous expression.  

Hope you've linked to this on some CRPG communities. More people should see it! 
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...I don't know either of these characters but :heart: OMG watch that o_O -above-  
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(OoC: The one on the right is the playable character of the game, which can be customized to whatever you want them to be. 'Course, there are limits, but they're a few. The one in the left is one of their two childhood friends, the other killed early on in the game. Bevil - this one right here - is a shy dork that you just can't help but grow fond of)
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Nicely done!)
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This is gorgeous, mkay.
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