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Life Support Issue 1

By Mull-Art
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Drifting above a vast green planet in a damaged orbital POD, Commander Wyatt is running desperately low on resources, patience and time. Faced with little choice but to descend on this unknown world, he sets out to find what he can in the hope of repairing his dying machine.

Written by Ian Beck:
Illustrated by me
Created using SketchBook Pro and Photoshop, built using the Madefire Motion Book tool.
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© 2014 - 2021 Mull-Art
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Thanks, great work. Really liked the sound artistry, wiiliam
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Did you finish #2?
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Very nice work and an enjoyable read. The way the background music built up over those last two pages was spot on. It made me want to keep reading.

From a build point of view, I would look to reduce the number of you use pages in madefire. I know it gets a bit messy trying to build multiple reading pages on one madefire page, but it means that the music runs throughout (rather than the constant fading in and out you're doing at the moment).

I would love to see more of this.
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very intriguing, definitely one to watch out for, i like the music as well, feels kinda metroidy but less with a less omnious threat about it. its like proper sci fi music thou :D  
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Thanks very much, really pleased you think its AWESAAAAAAAOM! lol :)
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Oh my gosh!  You're  the one who made this!! I read this a couple months ago and loved it!  The story was an interesting take on the whole "clone ethics" question :)  Can't wait for the next one!
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Hey thanks very much, Ian did a great  job on the story and issue takes a great twist n turn in the storyline.
Visually it has a really nice contrast but thats as much as I can say, there are a couple of sneak peeks on my Twitter page thou ;)
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Love this! Is #2 finished? Thank You
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Thanks, issue 2 is firmly underway, currently painting the pencils and hopefully it'll be in build very soon :)
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Great work! U have Caught my Attention, loved bot the art and storyline so far. I wonder though did the pod set him down close enough to any of the things he is looking for or is the 5 hours enough time to travel a 3 - 10 miles round trip and still have time for him to pull back anything he is looking for to help the pod?
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Thanks very much :)
Ha I really can't say too much on the story as issue 2 takes such a great twist n turn, Ian did a great job with the story.
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WOW that's an amazing drawn story! I can't wait for the next issues!
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Thanks very much, issue 2 is in the works now with the roughs almost completed.
Hopefully #2 will be available very soon :)
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Great story! I love the artwork and the music is really cool as well :)
Looking forward to a sequel!
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Thanks very much, Ian has done an amazing job with the story and the music which makes illustrating a lot easier and a lot of fun :)
Really glad you like it and #2 is in progress, the roughs are almost completed ;)
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You're very welcome!
Glad to hear you enjoy creating the story, as much as most of us reading it ;D
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I kept it on the first page because the music was just amazing, I had it playing for like hours. 
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Awesome, glad you like the music Ian created :)
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