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the monk

By mulduan
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started and finish it today.dedicated to all my old and new watchers.:-)
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May i also mention miro,picabia and de chirico
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I am familiar with Miro work but never with Picabia or de Chirico saw them today on the internet, great painters and I can see the influence. thank you for all your comments, great gallery you have I am glad you visit mine.:-)
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They certainly are...miro was one of the origfinal surrealists that introduced the notion of automatism, that is the spontaneous productions of biomorphic marking similar to those of the child's chirico was the founder of the self styled pittura metafisica, the metaphysical school of painting that influence almost all the illusionists surrealists such as dali, magritte, delvaux and other...glad you looked them up...i really feasted my eyes on your automatisms...
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Thank you Cenin.:-):hug:
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But what about your relatively old watchers? :o

Nice shading, by the way.
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Awww, thank you!

Have you ever considered drawing miniatures? You know, little tiny, detailed drawings on a one-, two- or three-inch piece of paper. I've started drawing them (I'll upload some soon). They're satisfying because you can get a very detailed piece of work done relatively quickly, and they're very fun. :) I suggest you try one.
oh very cool love the abstractness of it =]
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Really good job.
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as one of your old watchers, screw you for not drawing this for me...;-)

it looks good though...and i don't think i mentioned it already, but congrats on getting a dd! you deserve it and you totally rock! :D
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LOL....Thank you my friend.:D
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id like to say thankyou aswell, its really quite something! :)
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This is awesome! I really admire your style.
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As one of your new watchers, I'd like to go ahead and say thank you on everybody's behalf :) Your drawings are so awesome and conceptually beautiful! You're great at merging organic and industrial themes, please keep up the good work ^.^
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