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Caruso Set



Finally I completed the set of Caruso. :dance: Hope you like it.

The skins in the set included system info (CPU, MEM, SWAP), HDD (C, D), recycle bin, network monitoring (NetIn, NetOut), GMail status, weather status, and now-playing song info.

All the skins had five colors (pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple). You can change the color by modifying the variable of color in the ini file. Also, you can determine the showcase of the title and the center icon by modifying the skin freely.

Before starting the skin of GMail and Weather, don't forget to change your login info and the weather code.

The Caruso Set originated from Leuchtstoff's great skin - "Caruso Clock" [link] . Thank you, Leuchtstoff. :highfive:

Caruso & Noos Sets:更完整地在桌面顯示各種資訊 [link]

2010-03-27 Update Note
I modified the weather skin (AccuWeather -> Yahoo!Weather) to display weather info correctly.
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thnx Mulberry ! works great now with your update Love