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Hulijing Zhongli


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Hulijing Zhongli


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Free Fall Chapter 2 Original!

Free Fall 2 Original Version (Scrap One) By Mukuru Ashia Drip, drip, drip. "Urgh... Sera, no more drooling... You're older brothers are more than enough eye candy! Wherrrh?" Cian sat up, hair wet from a dripping stalactite. "Where am I..." Patches of glowing orange mushrooms lit up a cave, the roof low and filled with the dripping stalactites that woke Cian up so unceremoniously. "Weird. Weren't we going to go to the marshland... Why am I sleeping in a cave?" He vaguely remembered that Lua and he was about to set out on a trip when... "Strange, I don't remember...?" "You fainted when I was running, Cian." Lua was chilling out on the co

Free Fall Crystal Eye

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Celestial Fire Chapter 2

Celestial Fire Chapter 2 By Mukuru Ashia ~Lua Part Two~ As the goblins rampaged upon the mountain, the consequential rumblings woke a boy. He looked barely over 15, and as his misty eyes opened one could see large and innocent dark lilac pupils. With his complementing snowy skin, on any other day he would probably be taken as a prince from an ancient land. That is, if only his clothes weren't torn in various places, and his hands coarse like the palms of a worker. The boy shook his white hair, which usually tinged with a dab of metallic blue. Now, however, the dust and dirt of sleeping outside had settled in, making his hair little bette

Celestial Fire

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S: Lulumei, Wind and Water Heavenly Qilin

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