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okay you guys wanted to see kind of a process, its not much because i don't take screens often but basically its:

step one- sketching and nailing out the composition

step two- putting down the colour flats, that is usually what sort of tinge or hue i want it, in this case a bluish colour. It works so when i paint over with other stuff such as yellow or whatever it still keeps a lil bit of that blue hue

step three- i merge lineart with the flats into one layer and paint over it. you'll notice i still keep to the same colours i used on the flats. its kind of a base for now before i add other colours later on.

step four onwards- after this its pretty much just painting since i've kind of already done my experimenting with what colours work so its just punching out some stuff and then playing with brush work. Eventually i'll add some other colours like the purple and bright green you see there depending on how its going. its a very trial and error thing

i guess i could take screens of that process as i finish it but i don't think stills will show you anything, perhaps when i get the livestream set up i can save this for that so you guys can take a look or i can just do another one from scratch
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I enjoy your process, it seems very organic.