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N7 Omega process shots

Here are the process shots for my N7 day piece... I didn't really take too many screencaps as I was painting because i was kinda rushing to finish it in time for N7 day but the process is similar to what i've explained before
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Whoa this is awesome! How do you get that spray painty effect?
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wow, every single pic could go as a stand alone piece. i actually think your overdoing it too much, but it makes it look more busy if that's the style ur aiming for :)
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Was this done on pc? Wow. What program did you use if it was done on pc? I'm asking because I'm planning to buy a tablet and some kind of software, but don't know which one.
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While some tablets are better than others any tablet would do you a good job I think. Some professional artists still use their old tablets which are probably something around 50-100 dollars now. There's some pretty decent and free software for download and commercial use and which are for painting: Krita and MyPaint (and probably Gimp, which is like photoshop). While those have advantages over paid software, they're not better overally... I'm not that experienced but I'd say that Photoshop, Paint tool SAI and ArtRage are probably the best programs you could buy for digital painting. And you would need a PC that has the power to run games which are made at least after 2008. Not that you can't work on older computers, but it may be a bit slow and uncofortable. Hope i helped.
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Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the late reply. I bought the Intuos Manga as it was cheap and it came with software, AND it was on a discount on Amazon. With it I got Manga Studio Debut 4. It's actually great having a tablet! Finally I can get my hands (literally) on some of those Windows 8 features like swiping from apps to desktop and vice versa. It cost me 77 british pounds. I am unsure how much that would be in dollars. Manga studio is also a great program, however I have noticed that it is not a vector rendering program. Everything you do is in pixels. Even if you want to work in a greyish colour instead of actually giving you grey it reduces the amount of pixels so when zoomed out it looks grey. I like that however. I can say it's very different from Inkscape which I used a few times to photoshop things. I have a 2013 Ultrabook so it's a no problem, and in process of building a 'miniSkynet' xD So I don't think I'll ever experience lag. Thanks for the tips. Have a great day!
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WHOA!!! This is so cool! I love seeing these progression type things.
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i like how she got alot more relaxed as the painting finishes LOl 
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the interesting thing about this is, every single frame can stand alone as its own finished piece, my opinion. love it.
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Love this! The colours are amazing. Did you make your rough texture brush on your own or is there somewhere I can get it? I love the way your paintings have this rough yet finished look. So beautiful.
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here is a good list of brushes~

the texture brush is in the barontieri set. Hope this helps
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Thank you very much!
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I'm fond of step 2 and 3 because they have more contrast between the background and the character than the final piece.
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that's just amazing.
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That's really fantastic. 
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Funny, i guess the sketch has most emotions. From time to time it looses tension due changes in the face and the posture!
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Which brushes did you use?
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Really like your style
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Relly nice work. ^^ I love the colors. And thank you for showing the process
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