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2 hours, just to relax. been busy for like


wow i just checked this on the iphone my monitor must be really ass, the colours are all different
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This is the fiercest looking Warrior-Lady I've seen... ever. I want this as a print on my wall. Even if that direct look would make falling asleep difficult...
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Hey there - did you know the Facebook page "Rana - Face of Samara and Morinth" (the one run by the lady who was the face model for those characters in the game who now cosplays as them at conventions) just shared this on her wall? She'd noted you as artist, I've posted a link to your original here in the comments on her wall. :)

Anyway thanks to her I found you, and I don't know if my 2nd Admin has ever been in touch with you but WOW your stuff is amazing and I'd love to add some of your FemShep pieces to *our* page's albums. We admin a page called Mass Effect Female Shepard. With your permission, we'd add some of your works, noting for each in the photo caption: you as artist and a link to your original here on DA. Let me know (or feel free to say hello to us on Facebook if you're interested in talking that way) if you'd be up for that.
Our page:
Rana's page:
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I'm not disapointed for being watching you! O_O All your stuff is great!!
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You talented individual, you.  Selling any of these??
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love it <3 <3 <3
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Hurray! I finally found this piece! I saw it ages ago somewhere and forgot to get your name so I could follow your art…
I absolutely love your painting style and technique. It's so unique and inspirational! :love:
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Oh Shepard <3 Beautiful fan art!
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very beautiful! From what i've learned doing digital art on computers that have smaller screens, especially laptops and pcs display the color diffrently. Thats why its good to look at your work unfinished on bigger screens from time to time
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I really like your femshep art collection, they're strikingly beautiful & this one is no doubt.  
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i love the colors so much!
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Absolutely marvelous. 
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This is absolutely fantastic!
And a great game.
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Amazing! Even better that this is the best game ever
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Very colorful and lively, I like it!
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would love to have this hanging on my wall, do you sell prints?
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Amazing, damn it, AMAZING.
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Her eyes are something else !
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This badd ass! I love the texture! Should make this a print! :)
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love the colours here!! wicked!
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Are we able to purchase this? It's stellar.
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