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Hydralisk Lineart

Had this lying around till i could have access to a scanner. Figured i needed some creature art in my portfolio. So why not some zerg. Obviously its not as good as Mr--Jack's [link] but oh well, one day...

added some extra things of my own to the design.

- made spine pores more visible.

- added zergling wings, cause well why not

- changed the scythe arms to have to frontal lower claws instead of the rake. I reckon thats easier to burrow and claw up things

- added many tunnelling claws under the lower body for burrowing

- also added holes on the lower body for airflow~ also possibly to secrete mucus or some thing to facilitate movement when not on creep

I think i've put in enough rest points, though it'll be alot more readable once i tone it in photoshop or slap on some simple colours

might do more zerg strains later on for portfolio, maybe something furry.
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That's beyond awesome O_O; Excellent piece of work !
Gwenhwyfar-MoonStar's avatar
I did a coloured version: gwenhwyfar-moonstar.deviantart…

Thank you for posting such wonderful work! :)
KoreaVenom's avatar
Best hydralisk drawing I ever seen!!!

So great
Houzi88's avatar
This is picture perfect! Please do more Zerg!!!!!!
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
I just did a colored version: yaoi-huntress-earth.deviantart… (Surftiki was also sent the link.)
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Oh my god... *_* So awesome!!
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Hi, I am in process of inking this outstanding piece of lineart.
Thank you for posting the pencils here and here is a line to my inks
I had this reviewed by Scott Clark before he passed away and he not only dug your line work but was digging the inks i was laying down.
Please let me know what you think and i have linked the post back to your original.
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You have amazing line work. I love how you added unique shapes and elements to each body part makes it a much more interesting piece to look at.
shazzo-nica's avatar
those details makes me q______q
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Your work is definitely on a superior scale of gorgeousness!!
I personally prefer this version of the hydra
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This is AMAZING! great capture of the unit!
vasodelirium's avatar
hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
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Amazing work.
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I wouldn't say this is worse than Mr Jacks Hydralisk.. Different sure, but not worse. Could use some colour mayhaps.
Amazingly done
Liquid-Grievous's avatar
love your line art, Great job!!!!
Fe-Nicks's avatar
Oh, Lord!.. Did you use only traditional media?.. Mech. pencil or smth.?.. Incredible!.. Moreover, you can have a nice competition with Mr. Jack, I believe!..
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I like this a lot more than Jack's, it's not as bulky and I find that much more appealing.
This is amazing, the alterations you made are creative and make the hydra look really hectic
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
I'll take Tyranids over Zerg any day, but your art is awesome.
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Great pencils!
I like yours and Mr Jacks equally, your black+white stuff is really good :)
AuroraBeauvais's avatar
creepy hydra...gorgeous too
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