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Dark Eldar

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dark eldar is easy mode. chains and spikes chains and spikes chains and spikes smoky background FINISH.
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She is not obviously armed, but i dont for a moment blieve that she does not carry like 13 Weapons on her person at this time.
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Captures the menacing allure of a dark eldar very well!
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does not show enough skin for a dark eldar
She looks too cute to be bad :3
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Remember: Dark eldar actually look like rotten corpses. The cuteness is technologically simulated.
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Lady Malys.


Evil Woman,  Good Manners.

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Lovely image thnx
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I want to say "The things I would do to her...", but I know full well the things she'd do to me would be less.... savoury. Ouchies.
She doesn't look to be a pettaneko
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You must be incredibly talented to describe this as "easy mode".
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I like that you chose neither a warrior, nor a hagashin, but rather a (supposedly) non-combatant.
Despite that she resembles none of the GW Dark Eldar models, your design cleary labels her as Dark Eldar.

I also like how you incorporated/joined three different styles:
- That ridiculously scantily female Dark Eldar clothing.
- Elements of a robe, giving her some formal/classy appearance.
- Chains, etc... adding the brutal Dark Eldar touch.

Again...a really nice design, perfectly fitting in GW's official design line (maybe beint even better than some of their models :) )
Don't be offended but....
She is the chubbiest dark eldar woman i've ever seen!
i se normal human anatomy and not the standard scrawny.... fine ladies.... of the aaaaalien dark eldar race (=

I do not challenge the fact of easy mode, spikety spikey chainy stuff, but the skinny meatless dieting anorexic .... females .... are more in favor .... in the dark eldar community.

the rope, the pantyhose.... the leather straps are finely placed.
(Provided that's a pantyhose.)

She is not dressed for war.


I like the picture.
"She is not dressed for war."
Well, she does not have to be...not every Dark Eldar is a warrior.
(Want wanting to question your personal opinion about the pic, of course).
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Very beautiful!
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Great!! It's fantastic
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lol no you need talent and observation to make the painting taking life as you do :3
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oh my, my cuddliest race ever! (by my standards that is)

Love it! Fabulous! 10/10! Love the chains! Sexy bellybutton!! Only a bit too much elven... But Eldars are space eldars. And that dark ones. Still good.
You call that easy? Lucky for some eh? Nice pic!
Awesome look for the DE
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Tis epiclicious!!! :)
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