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Never, played "Overwatch";  but this is amazingly good artwork - beautiful lineart, playful facial expression, vibrant colors...But, what really caught my attention, are those eyes: they are full of life! 😊
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Dramatically good.
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Superb!!! Her face looks almost like a photo, the level of details it's stunning and makes a very interesting contrast with the rest of her body. Great concept, works very well :D
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Can I buy this in some way from you so I can make it into a poster to hang on my wall?
I appreciate that she actually looks Korean. I'm sorry if the way I said that is not politically correct. I just like that she hasn't been caucasian-ized like in so many other fanarts I have seen.
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what's with her look?? No, Don't looking me like that.. It's so embarassing.. and making my heart racing like crazy..  STOP it.. AH !!! Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2] 
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Wow it's amazing :)
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She really has a dazzling look with that intense pink and purple. Almost a fearsome purity.
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Hi, can I have your permission to post this on my tumblr?

I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.

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gorgeous creation and colors :)
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this is amazing
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Fantastic.... awesome job.
<3 Wow, this is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the composition of it! It's very interesting how you went with a more "solid" look for the most part but it was certainly an odd choice reverting to your softer, more ethereal style at the bottom there, especially on the bunny logo.
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a a so pretty <3
Beautiful face... love her eyes and lips.

The loose impressionistic style of her uniform is great and adds to her portrait.
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