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Crystal Maiden

more more unfinished stuff
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Would love to see a finished version of this. Already so beautiful
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You should finish these and upload them to the steam workshop as loading screens for dota, I'm sure they would get in the game!
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your work is amazing!! I instantly fell in love!
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please keep editing that :D
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Gah so gorgeous
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I love it even if its unfinished
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I like her face soo much :heart:
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Does it make you feel cold when you do stuff like this?
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Didn't you thinking about finishing and adding it to workshop as loading screens?
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Curious her face seems almost crystalised in comparison to the rest of her body. I know it's unfinished of course but still there's a certain frozen quality about her features.
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Unfinished, prhaps, but you've got a great feel going on in this image.
Dude. Finish it or not, I'm totally making this a tattoo. What an INCREDIBLE work! congrats!
unfinished.. but still awesome!
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Gorgeous style. I really love this kind of works.
makes me want to install and play DOTA 2 ;-;
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beautiful.....Spirit of snow.....
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It looks awesome!
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So damn good! Did you do Vengeful Spirit awell? :D :D
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hmmm not yet, thinking of doing templar assassin though
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