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40k portraits part 1

collab with :icondeadxcross:

inquisitor and farseer

i have a few more on the list to do, namely:

Cadian/Vostroyan/Krieg guardsman or woman
Howling Banshee
Brother Captain
Something dark eldar
Something Something chaos

recommend me a few others, i might do it
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i think this :D (Big Grin) 
CyrusEarlgrey's avatar
Damnn this is awesome! I love the details
evilhippo's avatar
Superb work.  Really magnificent.
Sekitonbo's avatar
The inquisitor looks like Mengsk.
Artorius-XV's avatar
Same thought here lol

''Hey, it's Mengsk.''
Sekitonbo's avatar
I was actually expecting a Terran Ghost to make an appearance when I saw him.
borjen-art's avatar
Epic shit, Dat Smoky effect *_*
jailgurdnegative's avatar
Can't wait for the others. :D
doyouwantacokie's avatar
Ho-Holy hell!
Nukefest's avatar
almost insta faved, awesome details and expressions
love it
BWS2K's avatar
You have an amazing gallery - well done!
EmeraldKeefe's avatar
I love this picture, well done!
Evohunter7's avatar
Something very old world about the inquisitor, and very etherial about the farseer. Beautiful piece.
TheJack-jack's avatar
I'm not into warhammer stuff at all, but your stuff is always incredibly impressive... cheers.
Epyon94's avatar
wow... I can't wait for more
krsius's avatar
the inquisitor looks like Clint Eastwood
Sebbythefreak's avatar
Oh god that Inq is le-badass
Her eyes burn with... fire.
thevampiredio's avatar
sick as shit man!!
lazytopaz's avatar
Awesome. How about Silas Hand the Inquisitor from Daemonifuge :)
zombiewaffle's avatar
Why not an Elysian Guardsman?
FrankMR's avatar
Fantastic portraits!

What about Space Wolf Overlord? Or Tyranid Hivelord?
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