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Look up 'Attack hug' in the Add Media search bar and click the emote as it appears in the list.

More hugs:

Awkward Hug 2 Awkward Hug Awkward Hug 3 Dramatic hug 

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AzalaRunes thats me when i see u :"")
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naww ;;v;;
same bb <333
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RIP Ben Wyatt
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When you find someone who's just like you :)
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meeting an internet friend irl  Attack Hug 
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Is this from that show Parks and Recreation? Looks like it to me.

Love it tho XD
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Undyne X Alphys be like
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This is me and my best friend.
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when you find someone in the same fandom as you
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For the people who are STILL wondering where this is from: It's from Doctor Who, I think...Though, what I do know is that the two people here are David Tennant (Guy who played The Tenth Doctor) and John Barrowman (Guy who played Captain Jack Harkness)
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I think it's from Parks and Recreation.
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Really? It looks more like John Barrowman and David Tennant, though... Then again this is a preeeetty old comment, ahahaha! xD
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Well, who knows. It's hard to tell.
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I'm just going to slide in here and give my humble opinion xD

At first I thought it was the property brothers :P But now I can see it's Tom and Ben from Parks and Rec
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Oh, really? ;o; Welp, the pic is really small so I actually can't tell who it is! I was mainly focusing on the haircuts and the clothing!~
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I can totally understand, it is hard to see xD It's a great hug though!
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When ur parents buy u that dream gift for christmas
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