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Not Wine

A.K.A. "I have HAD it up to HERE with you and your CRAP, you glorified fop!"

Nine times out of ten, Louis just sits there and sulks. I like to think that somewhere in that sappy mess of hair, there's some other emotion besides self-pity.

Probably not.

Claudia gives me the creeps, but kudos to her for giving Lestat the old one-two. :lol:
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Perfect! Perfect! :laughing:
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I LOVE it when you do this (now defining "this") where you have this greatly drawn, art-wonderful, realistic comic, and then in the thought bubble, the absolutely flawless chibi-mini-ish feeling. Like in that one where Nadir is recording Erik who obviously has no idea how dating-profile video-things are supposed to go. I laugh when I read that, every time, it never fails. ^u^
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this about sums up their entire relationship XD
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I haven't seen the movie, but I actually did like Louis. He was sulky, yes, but he seemed...well...more human, if you like; more relatable
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I can definitely see that. He's certainly less deranged than Lestat. As much as I love Lestat, he isn't exactly someone you'd want to buddy up with. :lol:
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ROFLMAO!!!!! This is great. That's exactly what he would be thinking xD
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I love this beyond belief :D
Louis' thoughts rock
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I like Louis, even though he's almost more whiny than Bella with PMS. He's kinda cute, you know C:
And, Lestat is the greatest character known to man, but he gets a little creepy sometimes. And a bit to... Attentionwhoreish. But that's how we like him, right?
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Lestat is my one great literary love.
Louis always makes me irrationally angry. Always. Especially in the later books. >.<

I love the way you draw Lestat my dear.
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I really love him. I mean, he's the creepiest thing since ventriloquist dummies, but as far as literary characters go, he's right up there with the best.
Ugh, I KNOW. Louis is like that kid in preschool that will not stop whining. You know, the ones with the perpetual snot bubbles blossoming out of one nostril?

Aw, thanks!
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i love them so much! I just finishe Queen of the Damned and there was not a single chapter featuring Louis where he did not worry about something. Lestat is so funny.
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Oh, Lestat, how I wanted to rip your head off and applaud you at the same time!
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Ha, I feel the same way! :lol:
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dah! X3 Louis and his angst! It gets him nowhere because Armand did loved him (he turns everything gay)If only Louis wasn't so emo whiney all the time, I'd have loved to hear him call Lestat that XD Or read, both are great
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This is so ironic. I just started reading this book for the first time like last week. =)

But I love the pic, hun. ^^
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a haha! i couldn't supress a laugh after seeing you're lovely picture. :clap: super kudos.
Louis' expression is perfect, and his vision couldn't be better. :lmao:
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you're very welcome. :D
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LOL XD, Louis face XD
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:lol: He's just angry.
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So funny and so true.
I like how, in the book, Louis spends all his time between bitching about Lestat and how he is this stupid-egoistical-pretentious-materialist-rude-insensitive-brat and reflecting/moping about how much his life sucks (what an emo)... and he does absolutely nothing and just lets the events carry him aroud..

At least Lestat, even if he is a big drama queen and an attention-whore and a really huge bastard, actually does stuff..
I mean in 'the Vampire Lestat' he hunts for his family ; kills a buch of wolfs ; run to Paris with his boyfriend ; is promoted from 'that guy with a mop' to 'star of the theatre' ; gets vampirized ; vampirizes his mother ; destroys a sect.. and the sentence is getting too long!

That's why I can't understand why the majority of my friends likes Louis better.. gah
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I know, I completely agree with you. Granted, they BOTH have issues, but at least Lestat is active. And occasionally funny.

Louis needs a vacation, or something.

Thank you!
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