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20150910 182853 by Muireannpendrgon 20150910 182853 :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 2 0
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Romantic dump :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 0 0
Raku Tile by Muireannpendrgon Raku Tile :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 5 0 Leaf Drop Tile by Muireannpendrgon Leaf Drop Tile :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 3 0 Leaf Plate no 3 by Muireannpendrgon Leaf Plate no 3 :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 4 0 Max The Magic Dragon Lived By The Sea by Muireannpendrgon Max The Magic Dragon Lived By The Sea :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 4 3
A Mera tale
Mera MhicLir, was board out of her mind, she thought she would go feckin mental if she had to listen to that ejeet reporter Cat Grant one more time. At Arthur's behest she had decided that she would go to lunch with Lois Lane. Arthur hoped that it would encourage a budding friendship between the two women. Mera found the fiery reporter to be pleasant enough company but she really wished that he would quit pushing it, Lois was never really going to match up to her friends and companions speaking of which. She gave Cat Grant her best fake smile, then turned and walked into the lobby of the Daley Planet. Sitting on a bench she took her cell phone out of her purse dialing the number she hoped that Metropolis had international reception.
Ballymun Ireland
Mammy's phone was ringing  and mammy was busy so cubby little hands grabbed the black device and a small fat finger happened to press the right button. Ruadh put it to his ear like he'd seen mammy do. "Hey Meadbh you there?" said
:iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 2 0
In Memory Of Thomas Phillips by Muireannpendrgon In Memory Of Thomas Phillips :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 3 4 Stone Circle by Muireannpendrgon Stone Circle :iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 1 0
Pow Wow
        The all nations pow pow was held every year outside of Albuquerque  New Mexico.
First Nation peoples from all over the United States and some from Canada came and
gathered to dance, sing and celebrate there heritage. Roy Harper was no different, raised
from the time he was a toddler by Raymond Begay and his wife he always felt a connection
to the great spirit. For a long time he didn't attend due to lack of funds and for most
part superheroing which took up the majority of his time since he was a teenager.
Now he had a reason
He had his daughter…he had Lian.
Weaving through the crowed they watched the Sioux dance first, then went to the traders
market where Roy bought Lian a Navajo baby blanket and a few other trinkets. A few months
ago when he first got custody of Lian he'd wanted to make her a cradle board however this
idea was quickly dispelled by both Dinah and Donna who thought the idea was asinine. So
in lou of a crad
:iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 5 3
Rub a dub, dub a little boy...
Rub a Dub, Dub a little boy in a Tub.
Rub a dub, dub their was a little boy in a tub
He didn't like baths, from the bottom of the clawed bathtub he peered at his tormentor
who seemed indifferent to his suffering.
He was Cucullan  the hero of Ulster, he was Finn MhicCumahil the leader of the Finnia he
need not no bath. So sinking back to the bottom of the tub he sprang into action with a
great leap of the salmon escaping from the tub with a surprised yelp from his tormentor,
and like the salmon he was slippery and hard to grasp as he ran down the corridor and
past unca Daniel who was dozing on a stool by the front door to the open gate. Turning
back he gave what would be his devil may care smile before he trotted down the lane.
"What do you mean you lost the babay? How can you lose a babay?" an astonished Daniel MhicCormic said to his nephew Liam.
"I don't know my sister's little demon spawn is a wiggly as an eel."
"Look let's just go find the wee mite before anything happens.
:iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 1 1
Fun at Beltaine
Ruadh (Roy) thought that his mammy (Mummy/Mommy) looked really pretty for Beltaine, she had
tied roshes, leaves and flowers in her hair and she was wearing her white dress, and
tricolor cloak that signified her as a fianna. Ruadh was very proud that his mommy was a
part of the Fianna because it meant she could do anything. Mammy also said that he looked
splendid  in his robes as well, like Finn MhicCumhail and that made him vary happy since
Finn MhicCumhail was his favorite hero. He even got to carry a wooden sword that his
uncle Daniel had given him. He was happy and he wanted Mammy to be happy too. But mammy
wasn't happy because she was talking to Mr. McStinky paints.
That's what Ruadh thought of the stranger as because it seemed to him that he was always
in a bad mood and whenever Ruadh got something stinky in his pants it would put him in a bad mood.
And he didn't like it when mammy was unhappy.
Ruadh thought for a moment on what to do his little mind turning
He would he
:iconmuireannpendrgon:Muireannpendrgon 1 2


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Beautiful tattoo very ergonomic in it's design. Very well done contrast with the black and white as well as the ink work. The knot real...

Nice work seems very much like a still from the anime. Wonderful use of color and body position, making it very realistic. It really co...





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