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3D drawings

yes , I am the one who drew it , but forgot to put my signature ... if you have seen it before then someone must have shared it from my facebook profile

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thats very good. Im amazed
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oh that is SO COOL :D
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Dear god this is looks awesome.
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Saw this on google images awhile ago and tried to copy it, idk if ill put it up but i dont think its terrible
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haha i was always fascinated by 3d artwork, and trying 2 find a tutorial where they talk and show each step XD so far just show and it's not working out!   
Wad0nnaART's avatar
i relly love ur arts
your very talented =)
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I love it. Great visual trick!
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I saw this cool picture on the front page today, uploaded by someone else. I think they stole it. Unless you have another account. [link]
GaBrIeLlA123's avatar
Oh nevermind, I looked at her account and I know she definitely stole it from you. How lame. You are an amazing artist!
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I'm just going to favorite this now because I have seen so many people claiming this as their own and I don't want to forget who the original is ^_^
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how did you do that? no, seriously, how?
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I ve got a tutorial if u want to >>> [link]
edenoftheeast12's avatar
Thanks alot for the tutorial!! What I like about your art though is the art style that you did...Really cool!!!!!!!!
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Awesome. Nice job man.
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man, that's wonderful.
karlix-the-wiz's avatar
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that's awesome!!!!
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