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Hi guys

You may have notice that my replies have been very very late. I'd like to apologize and tell you the reason that is so.

On my other browser, Google chrome, I used to be able to check messages and reply in peace but now whenever I try a stupid inconsiderate advert had to come on like 'YOU MUST NOT CHECK ANY OF YOUR MESSAGES I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!'

I've changed browsers and I'm now able to check and reply to messages in peace again.
Hey guys, sorry for the sudden hiatus I hope these two words can help me explain why I suddenly stopped going online for a while

Rental Inspection

Yup, I had to help my household clean, I'm sunburnt on part of my back from the intense amount of gardening yesterday...... 
I know I was supposed to say that while I reply to RP's but I thought it would be polite to let everyone know.

anyways the title says it, the reason for being late well.... I was as sick as a dog the last two days and I only just got over it.... just still a bit tired

Sorry for not being around this Halloween
Muguhide walks into the shower and washes himself, completely unaware that someone played a nasty trick on him, he just went about his business. As soon as he finished his shower and got dried and dressed, he looked at his skin "Hmm.....I must be sunburnt wait..." Muguhide notices a spot on his arm that's not pink. He tried the soap on it and it turned pink. He's been tricked. Muguhide luckily didn't use the soap on his face as he ran into his room and got his trench coat.

He now covers up and if anyone asks about it he says that he was sunburnt.
Hi everyone, I'm so sorry for suddenly vanishing, I have no internet in my house at the moment and am not sure when I'm going to get it back :(

So I'll be on a hiatus for a while

I'm just letting you know that I'm okay, I just have no inernet in my house at the moment so I'll be checking every now and again at my aunty's
^^^ has the info :)
Hey guys I'm going into town with one of my friends today (sorry about the sudden go offline thing, don't worry I just needed to get ready) so I won't be online for a while, but I will make sure I do check tonight :)

Okay from next week onwards is going to be pretty interesting

Next week is the last week of term for me AKA Exam week, but I will still be going to school even though I won't be eligable to sit an exam as I'm doing courses and I won't need it, but I need my schoolwork checked and marked. then I have two weeks of holidays so all nighters can be pulled (heck YUSH) after that I have one more week of normal school until Friday the 18th October and then the Monday after that I may or may not be online at all until around 12pm GMT as I may need to be at the school by 7:45am and leave after 11am and then Tueday 29th of October I need to be at school by 6:30pm for a presantation.

Not saying this cuz I need a hiatus, just saying this cuz I may be online at really odd times. but from Wednesday 30th of October I'll be saying "GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE" to school. I'll be online more until I find employment or a TAFE course ;)

Hey guys due to fears of missing the bus in the school mornings I won't be checking all four acc.s as I won't be having much time left and on Thursdays I can't check at all as I will be leaving half an hour earlier

I'm mentally kicking myself for not saying this earlier but I didn't have time this morning
The title says it, I'm going on a hiatus tomorrow and Saturday as Tomorrow I have a wedding to go to and Saturday I have to help clean cuz if a stupid house inspection, the time I come back on I have no clue, sorry guys I had to break it to ya

So YingQuan, MuguhideMori and RanmaruMoriplz will be invisible for the moment)
okay just to let you know YingQuan, MuguhideMori and RanmaruMoriplz will be invisable for a while, I'll check tomorrow I won't be able to check again from Monday to Wednesday (today is Sunday) if I don't reply then I'm really sorry.
Wow........he's a bit quiet :/ )
My brother :iconranmarumoriplz: has come, please don't hesitate to keep him company

me? oh, I'll keep him company alright *thinks of a prank now that his usual prank victim is here now* heheheheheh
She really thinks she has the right to make up stories about other people like that.......... thinking I like 3 Women PAH.... the one she's teasing me about is only my friend

and what's wrong with not being able to choose, she's annoying, Megohime reminds me of that Annoying Noh, except doesn't torture my girly-as-frick brother with make-up

(OOC: hey, I have one more slot, do you think I should rp as Ranmaru (MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER, the other one's inactive and I don't know if I should play relief or not), Noh or Nobunaga??????)
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hey there can you please read this, it's from my main account
and afterwards please comment on this journal entry

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Comment and I'll:
1. Tell you what mythological creature you remind me of

2. Tell you a colour you remind me of.

3. Tell you what flavour/smell you remind me of (if i can't think of a flavour i'll tell you a smell, and vise-versa)

4. Tell you what element you remind me of (out of the four main ones: Earth air, fire and water, and some others: ash, smoke, lightning, ice, life, death, sunlight or moonlight.)

5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. Tell you something I like about you.

7. Give you a nickname.

8. Tell you the object that is to the left or right of me.

9. Dare you to post this in your journal.
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yep I am leaving my weirdo brother > :iconmoriranmaruplz: < and going travelling to help lovely :iconokuniplz: collect donations for her shrine.

(OOC: okay just to say this I got school for the next 10-11 weeks starting tomorrow so I may not be on as much, but I will try to squeeze this in)
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not to seek attention, but, is anyone still roleplaying???? this is soooooo dead. this needs HEAPS OF REVIVING)
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Hey guys I just need to mention that I won't be uploading anything on this account cuz somethings fidgety with the submit page as they changed it dramatically for new members. Sorry guys for giving you notification spam before I was attempting it and nothing seems to be working My stepmum updated my computer and stuff and I clicked edit and the real problem was my browser wasn't updated :/ sorry guys I'm such an idiot for not realising my browser needed an update


Muguhide's Roleplayer)
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