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Thank you so much to whoever gifted me a core membership ;w;

I wish you weren't anonymous so I could thank you personally...


1. if I would offer you to get a free, limited Star Wars series Moleskine notebook, why would you refuse?
because you're too nice

2. disco or rock and roll?
rock and roll

3. what is your major malfunction brother!
what is your major malfunction brother!

4. do you like going out very much? If so, what's your favourite place to go to.
definitely not...home is where i go to the most
if i had a favourite place though, it would be the comic store

5. if this is a rhetorical question, would you give me a rhetorical answer?
if this is a rhetorical answer, does that mean the question was not rhetorical?

6. do you try new things very often? 
normally no but who knows

7. what do you think about pneumatic tube post? friggin awesome, isn't it?
friggin' best

8. would it be right to make robots as complex as humans in terms of intelligence?
Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?

9. high five?

10. is it time to move yet?!
not yet
they sense fear

i'm not going to tag anyone. they shouldn't suffer through such pain
also because i am too lazy to think of questions