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One Piece: Beyond the Horizon (Chapter #2)(Author's Note: This is a One Piece OC fanfiction. Contains ZoLu shipping)With all the battleships destroyed, its crew either dead or stranded in the waves, and my hostages giving me information about my missing friends before I put an end to their misery, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day. A few members of the crew were still wary of me, even though their captain gave me his approval. Maybe it was because of the excess adrenaline in his veins caused by the battle, but Luffy totally forgot his offer to give me a tour of his ship, so I had no choice but to tour on my own. Now, I know that I could have reminded him, but Luffy is the captain, so I was convinced he had duties to care of at the time.I already knew where the hold and kitchen were, so it was off to the bathroom, since I was covered in a bit of blood. It was in a hut-like section at the back of the ship, right behind the kitchen. To my surprise, it was accessible via a ladder in the library. The toilet, sink and tub were all separated into three rooms. The bath-tub was big enough to harbour half of the crew. During the bath, Usopp washed my clothes for me out of good faith, and he left them outside the room with the ofuro when he was done. He is not a pervert, at least.Once the bath was done, I checked myself out in the mirror and found nothing out of the ordinary regarding my appearance, which was a huge relief. I am still my iconic self. I still have pale skin, razor-sharp fangs, a right eye with the colour of a blue hyacinth, and shoulder-length crimson hair with a choppy fringe and light-pink highlights on the ends. There is a large burn scar on the left side of my face, which reaches from my hairline to halfway down my cheek. Before getting dressed, I examined the rest of the scars on my body, since my outfit was not only designed to fuse stylish boldness with flexibility and mobility, but to hide those scars resting below my head. I am still a shortie; I am still only 156cm, meaning Luffy is taller than me by 18cm. I have to literally look up to him and the whole crew! Well, everyone except Chopper, so long as he stayed in that cute Chibi form…My outfit consists of an off-shoulder, bell-sleeved garnet crop top underneath a long, sleeveless black coat. It comes with an unbuckled, black leather flight helmet with a pair of golden goggles with dark lenses resting on my forehead. My hands are protected by biker-styled, fingerless grey gloves. Along with that are grey shorts, thigh-high garnet socks, and grey sneakers. Obviously, I still wore the black eyepatch on my left eye. You know, the medical-looking eyepatch which is fastened by two cords? Yeah, that one. A pain to put on, but nothing else can cover it so well. My outfit also contains my signature weapon: a light-grey wrap scarf that, when I am not using it, circles above my shoulders, hiding my neck from sight, and slightly trails down its two ends behind my back.I climbed out of the bathroom and made my way towards the main deck, all the while tying my eyepatch on. Wearing it during baths makes my eyelids itch from all the sweat. Thousand Sunny is an impressive Carrack, a type of ship that relies on the skills of its navigator. She has a green lawn on her deck, complete with a slide and a swing attached to a small tree, as well as an observation deck for a crow’s nest. The huge masts give the brigantine-based ship extreme manoeuvrability, which explains how we were able to dodge those cannonballs we did not intercept during the attack. The figurehead is a comical lion’s head with a stylised mane. According to Franky, the crew’s shipwright and the creator of this fine vessel, Thousand Sunny has sixteen cannons: seven traditional cannons on each side of the ship and two specialised air-cannons – one in the figurehead and the other one astern, lodged in the ship’s butt. To be honest, Thousand Sunny has a childish theme to her, but that makes her all the more relaxing, even with the black flag flying proudly. Speaking of the black flag, both it and the masts held the crew’s iconic Jolly Roger: a skull-&-crossbones wearing a straw hat, a reference to Luffy, their one-of-a-kind captain.I found Luffy sitting on the figurehead, legs and arms crossed, while Jimbei kept a close eye on his captain from the helm. Thanks to my extendable scarf, it only took a few seconds for me to reach him, but I did not step onto the figurehead. Honestly, it is amazing how Luffy is unafraid of the ocean, even though it is his biggest weakness, considering he is unable to swim and all. Then again, I am not one to talk, since corpses tend to sink in a deep body of water. I can swim in shallow water, but deep water is a problem.We stayed quiet for a while, watching the waves roll smoothly against the Sunny, until Luffy broke the silence. “You really care about your crew, don’t you?” he noted. “Enough to kill anyone who gets in-between all of you, even in a gruesome way?”“How did ya…?” I started, surprised by his words. He knew all aloud!?“Luffy is smarter than he acts, even if such actions are insufferable,” Jimbei told me.“Robin used her Devil Fruit powers to spy on you, then she told me while you were having a bath,” Luffy admitted. He turned his head to flash me that innocent smile. “It did freak me out, especially the whole eating hearts thing, but I know you had your reasons. You were just doing whatever you could to get information about your crew, right? I probably would have done the same, except…I wouldn’t have killed them. I hate the marines for what they did to my brother, but nobody deserves to go out in such a way.”I looked down at the ground, once again unable to meet someone’s eyes. Eye-contact is really hard for me to do. Even so, I understood what he was saying: killing is wrong, but Luffy and I both have our own way of doing things. While his method is beating his enemies into a pulp, mine is hitting them and making sure they never come back up again.“…They are like family to me – ’n’ family protects one ‘nother, even if it means doing something ya ain’t proud o’,” I replied. “We have a bond thicker than blood, so we have lil’ to no regrets ‘bout these kinds o’ things. I mean, c’mon, we are bounty-hunters; we sometimes have to take the lives o’ our targets, even if that means losing a bit o’ our promised cut. ‘Tis a gruesome job, I know, but we ain’t savage cut-throats…well, most o’ us ain’t, anyways. We have humanity; we have the capacity to care. After all, if we didn’t care much, then we wouldn’t have been able to form the guild, right?”“A caring and disciplined captain will do anything to protect the crew,” Jimbei nodded, talking as if he knew from experience. “Likewise, the crew will give their lives to their captain, even if it means sacrificing all of their dreams just to see him alive and well. Hollianna did kill those marines in cold-blood, not to mention her methods were rather extreme, but she did it with the intention of protecting her guild. I respect that.”“Lil’ good that did,” I sighed, rolling my shoulders to remove some buried stress. “According to those marines, Wolfram – he is my first-mate, by the by – was spotted on an island ‘bout a day’s journey ‘way from ‘ere. He is one o’ the strongest fighters in my guild; he is a pro at his job, doing it just as long as I have. I don’t wanna trouble ya with my problems, Luffy, so feel free to ditch me on the next island ’n’ skedaddle. I won’t blame ya if ya do. ‘Tis rare for anyone to want anything to do with a monster like me.”“…Nami and I already charted a course for the island prior to your arrival,” Jimbei claimed, speaking up before his captain could. “We were planning on exploring it to gather information on the marines, but we can add a rescue operation to the list. Even if we were not heading there before, we would still go because you are in need of help. No sailor faces the dangers of the sea alone, regardless of whether they are a marine or a pirate.”“You are a killer, but you are my friend,” Luffy smiled, steeling his resolve. “Friends help each other out, just like family. Besides, if we wanna find the legendary pirate’s treasure, the One Piece, we gotta search every single corner of the Grand Line!”“"One Piece"?” I echoed, not familiar with the term.“Every last bit of Gold Roger’s treasure combined, said to contain everything this world has to offer,” Luffy beamed, excited about it by merely going over the legend. “Roger was the last Pirate King, and One Piece is the great treasure of wealth, fame and power. On the day of his public execution, Roger issued a challenge to every sailor, from the pirates to the marines: "you can have my treasure, if you can find it"! Men took to the seas, increasing the number of pirates, and all of them dream of finding One Piece, so they can become Gold Roger’s successor! The age we are in is the Great Pirate Era!”“I am surprised you know the whole legend off by heart, captain,” Jimbei remarked.“Shanks’ crew told me about the legend dozens of times when I was a little kid,” Luffy smiled, holding onto his straw hat. He looked at the horizon, the white line cutting the sea from the sky. “I made a promise to Shanks when I was little: that I would find One Piece and become the next Pirate King, the man who has the most freedom. Once that happens, I will return my hat to him. Shanks gave it to me before he left. I owe him at least that much for sacrificing his arm for my life. I would have drowned or been eaten alive if he didn’t do that.”“Shanks must be a good man if he gave up a limb for your soul,” I commented. “Goes to show not all pirates are greedy, bloodthirsty rebels. Some o’ ‘em are just men with big dreams, who broke free o’ the government’s control ’n’ took to the seas for a life o’ adventure, even if their hands get stained with blood ’n’ their heads gain a price tag. Nobody wants to waste their lives ‘way by doing something they hate, ja? Ya got one life, so might as well enjoy it.”“Traffy is searching for One Piece, too, but I am gonna beat him to it,” Luffy declared. “We are friends through a pirate alliance, but I was thinking about asking him to join my crew permanently. He is an incredible fighter with his weird Devil Fruit power, not to mention having a second doctor on the ship would be pretty handy.”I raised my brow at the name "Traffy" because I was unfamiliar with it, but Jimbei clarified whose name it was when he spoke next. “Law is the captain of his own crew, so until he disbands it, he will remain as our ally,” Jimbei calmly lectured Luffy.“Aye, that is true,” I agreed. “There are laws even criminals won’t break, even if they make up the underworld. Just like with guilds, ya can’t be in multiple crews at once. Ya gotta pick one ’n’ stick with it, only leaving when ya have the leader’s permission to do so. Guilds ’n’ pirate crews all revolve ‘round a strong sense o’ loyalty.”“Hey, what happened to your eye?” Luffy suddenly asked me, pointing at my eyepatch. He certainly knew how to change the subject, I will give him that.“…I will tell ya if ya tell me how ya got your scars,” I bargained, referring to the X-shaped scar on his chest and the stitched scar below his left eye.Luffy gently traced the scar below his eyes with two fingers, a tender smile on his face as his eyes gained a distant, absent-minded stare. “I proved my determination of becoming a pirate to Shanks by cutting myself,” he told me. His smile instantly faded into a dark frown as his hand descended to his chest’s scar. “As for this one, Akainu gave it to me. I guess it is punishment for failing to save Ace, my older brother, from execution. He was a second division commander in a pirate crew led by Whitebeard, an old pirate who knew Roger personally. Akainu killed Ace right before my eyes and…he hurt me and Jimbei as he carried me to safety. If it was not for Traffy, then I wouldn’t be here now…”I saw how hurt he was, how the past memories of such an awful event scarred his emotions, so I left it at that. “…The same monster who kidnapped me at birth, who raised me ’n’ several others to be a merciless murderess, burnt the left side o’ my face as punishment for defying him,” I confessed, feeling my eye throb at the memory. “I can heal from anything, from the deadliest o’ strikes to being reduced to ashes – hell, I am even immune to fatal diseases – but the wounds he inflicts are on an entirely different scale. On that day, he showed his true self to me, his pride ’n’ joy, ’n’ I…I lost the man whom I saw as my saviour. On that day, my master became my sworn enemy, ’n’ I turned from general to traitor to my people.”“That is awful!” Luffy exclaimed, disgusted by Locksmith’s nature.“It is, but I am finally free o’ him,” I said. “I ain’t his prize puppet anymore. I can pretend to be ‘live as I experience what people do every day. I may be immortal, since dying at birth means I was never ‘live to begin with, but I will fade ‘way one day. Nothing lasts forever, y’know what I am saying? ‘Til then, I gotta soak up as much experience as I can. To live a life filled with no regrets, ya gotta let go o’ all the bad times. That is what I believe, anyways.”“What about your people?” Luffy inquired.“I haven’t abandoned ‘em, if that is what ya are asking me,” I told him. “Just as ya intend to be the Pirate King, I intend to be their queen, the one who will free my people ’n’ watch over ‘em all. We may as well be animated corpses, but we are still people. We have rights.”Luffy nodded, accepting my answer with a genuine smile, and allowed me to continue my self-given tour of the ship. To my surprise, I found Usopp on the kitchen’s flat roof, where the garden was. Thanks to my scarf, it was easy to climb up to him. He wore his goggles over his eyes as he experimented with chemicals and seed-like orbs.“Hey, Holli, welcome to the garden!” Usopp beamed, ushering me closer. To be honest, I was surprised by the friendly greeting. Not too long ago, he was freaking over how I make a career out of killing criminals like himself. Hell, he nearly wetted himself! “Don’t mind me; I am just working on my latest batch of Pop Greens.”“What are they, sour sweets?” I inquired, sitting beside him. I was mildly intrigued by his work. I do not much about science, so I had no idea what he was doing with chemicals and orbs, but that made it all the more interesting.“No, they are the seeds of hostile plants from the Greenstone Forest in the Boin Archipelago, and they can grow from seeds to giant-sized plants in a matter of seconds,” Usopp explained, not pausing from his work. “My master trained me in their uses for two whole years, just so I wouldn’t be a cowardly weakling who holds the crew back anymore. Ever since we reunited, the legend of God Usopp, brave warrior of the seas, is being forged alongside the next Pirate King, our captain! You know, when I joined them two years back, I wanted to be the captain of this crew, but I have long since changed my mind. I am happy being a mighty sniper. My true dream to be a brave warrior of the seas, and I am slowly getting there.”“Y’all have such big dreams,” I smiled. “Every last one o’ ya deserves to have ‘em granted. I hope y’all live as ya please, free o’ control ’n’ unafraid o’ anything.”Usopp smiled at my words and we did a fist-bump, sealing our friendship. He then continued with his work, and I decided to do some myself. I got out my dual pistols and polished them up, along with some throwing knives. As we did so, Usopp went over some of his daring tales, which I suspected around ¾ of them to be lies. No offense to long-nosed people, but I have a great sense of when someone is lying, and I hate liars. Even so, I let him run his mouth. It was better than total silence making things awkward.“Excuse me, Holli, but I was in the middle of making a buffet-style dinner and was wondering what you would like?” Sanji inquired from below. Usopp and I stopped what we were doing and looked over the railing to find Sanji by the kitchen’s door, lighting another cigarette. I swear, that cannot be healthy for a human…“Well, I am rather picky when it comes to food, so I will tell ya this now: I don’t like veg, ‘cept potatoes, ’n’ the only meats I will ever eat are chicken ’n’ gammon, both o’ which are to be cooked well-done ’n’ off the bone,” I requested. “Whilst we are on the subject o’ food, can dessert be milk chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, please?”“As you wish, mademoiselle,” Sanji nodded. “I promise as a former head assistant chef, this will be one meal that you won’t forget any time soon.”“Sanji, can I have fish and chips?” Usopp requested. “I don’t care what kind of fish it is, so long as it is edible and not poisoned! Thanks!”“Sure thing, you long-nosed b******,” Sanji grumbled. He stomped back into the kitchen and slammed the door behind him, leaving a trail of cigarette smoke in his wake.“Why is he rude to guys, yet nice to girls?” I asked Usopp as I returned all of my weapons to their hidden sheaths within my outfit. “Is he a gender-racist or something?"“Don’t tell him I told you this, but Sanji is a hopeless womanizer, wooing one girl to the next without anything to show for it,” Usopp told me, returning to his experiments. “He is a pervert, too, what with those mini-volcanoes of blood shooting out of his nose when you least expect it. Nami uses his flirty ways to her advantage by using him as a bodyguard for her tangerine garden. Luffy always tries to steal one whenever he gets hungry, which happens to be all the time. I swear, his stomach is some kind of whirlpool…”“Speak o’ the devil,” I snickered, ducking just in time as Luffy’s hand stretched out towards us. It zipped over us and grabbed a tangerine from the bushes. Just as it was reeling back, I gently bit into the arm, causing Luffy to let out a shriek and drop the fruit. I let go of his rubbery arm almost instantly, allowing him to bring it back.Usopp laughed at Luffy’s misfortune, while Jimbei examined the bitemark. I wisely chose to bolt it before the fish-man could connect the dots. My next stop was the sick-bay, which was behind the kitchen. As expected, I found Chopper and Law inside, making simple medicine from herbs. They also went over notes from each other’s medical experiences, comparing them with one another and learning stuff from one that the other did not know.“…Oh, it is you!” Chopper cried from his wheely chair, being the first to spot me in the doorway. “What is the matter? Are you hurt anywhere?”“I am always getting hurt,” I sniggered, leaning against the door’s frame. “Be it through training or fighting, I always end up with one fresh cut or bruise, but they heal right up in a jiffy. Nah, I am just ‘ere on a lil’ tour o’ the ship. Need to know where every important place is, since I am gonna stay for a while. Luffy offered to show me ‘round, but he forgot.”“That is a relief, I guess,” Chopper sighed. “Still, I don’t approve of what you did. I saw all of those corpses on the battleship. I have no idea how you did it, but I heard their screams and they sounded terrified. It really scared me – and even Usopp was scared! I know they were enemies, but what did they do to deserve such a painful death?”“Oh, I dunno, maybe stabbed or shot the hearts o’ countless other pirates, all in the name o’ justice?” I jokingly shot back. “They were our enemies, just like ya said, ’n’ I got rid o’ ‘em ‘fore they could pose as dangers to the crew! I did what anyone would do!”“Not just "anyone" can crush every bone in a person’s body,” Law butted in from the side-lines. “What you did was inhumane. You probably think it is okay because you are not human, but some of Straw Hat’s crew are not human and they don’t do what you did.”“Says the doctor-captain who delivered the still-beating hearts of a hundred pirates to the navy’s new HQ in order to convince their leaders to revoke his bounty,” Chopper frowned, unintentionally backing me up. “That was awful, even for you!”“You don’t want to know what those pirates did to those around them up until their demise…” Law simply replied, exhibiting no emotions.“Manslaughter, child sexual abuse, pillaging, ’n’ one was an arsonist,” I revealed, surprising the doctor-captain. “…Being in a state o’ living dead grants one innate knowledge o’ all things regarding death, such as time, reason ’n’ cause. O’ course, to know such knowledge when in such a state, one needs to keep both their mind ’n’ their sanity. All most zombies do is walk ‘round, inciting terror, ’n’ making more o’ ‘emselves by infecting their victims. ‘Tis is a blessing in disguise how my condition is not too zombie-like.”“…You definitely are a strange one,” Law commented, keeping a firm hold on his sword. “You are a corpse, just like Brook, but you are unafraid of death. In fact, you like to spread it like it is confetti. You didn’t even hesitate when you shot yourself.”“If ya think I am crazy, just wait ‘til ya see the rest o’ my crew!” I smirked. “One o’ ‘em is so mentally cracked ’n’ overwhelmingly bloodthirsty, he cut off his own eyelids just so he could always stay ‘wake ’n’ see the bloody smile on his pale face!”Chopper was so freaked out, he fell out of his chair and cowered behind Law’s legs. Law did not seem to mind, as he did not move. “Is everyone on your crew as deranged as you?” the walking tattoo parlour inquired, raising a brow.“We ain’t "deranged", per se, but I will admit we are a unique variety o’ a friendship circle, just like y’all,” I replied. “I mean, not every group has a tattoo-guy who can manipulate anything within his region o’ space, let ‘lone a cute lil’ reindeer who can speak English, change shape, ’n’ has ‘nough medical training to be the designated doctor o’ a ship.”“C-Compliments from the likes of you don’t make me happy, you jerk!” Chopper claimed, although his strange, wriggly dance said otherwise.“…Did you come here for something other than a boring chat?” Law asked me, already tired of the conversation. Hey, I was tired of talking, so he did not need to cop an attitude!“I am out o’ cream for the scars on my back,” I told the two doctors. “They itch every once in a while, so the cream sinks in to soothe ‘em.”Law pulled open a drawer from a desk and pulled out a white, circular container with a blue label. He handed it over and I read the label, making sure it was the right stuff before mumbling my thanks and moving on to another part of the ship. It is not like I hate the two or anything, but Law is a bit unsettling. I can sense some form of loneliness in his soul, but it is buried underneath layers of unearthed rage.Back on the deck, I found things have changed a little bit. For one, the sun was slowly starting to set. Second, Franky and Usopp were having a shooting contest using rocks and floating objects out at sea, with Brook serving as the tea-sipping judge. From what I overheard between the trio, Usopp was winning by three points. Jimbei was still at the helm, keeping an eye out for trouble. The bare-chested Zoro was doing push-ups while Luffy sat on his back, acting as an extra weight while he massaged the swordsman’s shoulders. Robin and Nami were sitting on sun-chairs, reading books.“I take it we are gonna eat out ‘ere tonight?” I assumed, walking over to them. I could already smell delicious scents oozing from the kitchen’s window.“It will be too cramped in the dining room and the aquarium bar,” Luffy stated. “Besides, it has been a long since we had an outdoor meal on the Sunny’s deck! You are our new friend, so think of it as a welcome party for you!”“BTW, where is the training room?” I inquired. It was the one room I had yet to see.Zoro stopped his push-ups and stood up, allowing Luffy to straddle his back like some kind of human backpack. He pointed up at the dome-shaped hut of a crow’s nest. “We have to climb up the ropes to reach the ladder, but you and Luffy won’t have any problem with that, considering both of you can stretch,” he said.“Technically, Luffy can stretch his body and Holli can stretch her scarf, so there is a slight difference in terms of properties and drawbacks,” Franky stated, surrendering the contest to Usopp because he supposedly ran out of ammo.“For example, if they stretched out and an enemy attacked with a devastating slash, Holli would only have a part of her scarf trimmed away, whereas our captain would have his arm chopped off,” Robin added in, giving everyone a disturbing image.“Please, Robin, would you stop saying creepy things that might actually happen one of these days?!” Usopp begged, shivering at the thought of Luffy losing an arm.“It would take someone as skilled as Zoro to cut our captain and leave such a problematic injury for him to deal with,” Nami claimed, easing things up.“Yeah, I am made of rubber – and rubber is a hard thing to break!” Luffy grinned, proud of his organic abilities. “I remember when I first set out to be a great pirate. These two thugs were a part of some pirate crew raiding a ship, and they swung their blades at me from behind, but they broke upon contact! I was so strong back then, but I am ten times stronger now!”“But what if ya stretch too much?” I inquired.“Oh yeah, that almost happened this one time, back when Nami and I were Big Mom’s prisoners,” Luffy revealed, causing me to snigger – not because they got captured, but because of the capturer’s name. I mean, what kind of codename is that?! If you want to have a terrifying reputation, you got to have an alias that will really have souls quivering in fear, not crying in merriment! “Hey, don’t laugh about it,” Luffy frowned. “Big Mom may sound silly, but while she is a very fat hag, she has the power to take away people’s lives! Not to mention her crew is full of super-tough warriors, with her top soldiers – her own kids – possessing Devil Fruit powers! If not for Jimbei and Sanji’s folks, then half of us would be dead. I will admit, she is one scary lady…”“Not scary enough to faze Jimbei, though!” Brook chuckled, taking out his guitar and playing a few melodic chords. “He looked Big Mom straight in the eye and told her he wanted out of her crew, all so he could become one of us! It was such a moving sight; it is a shame I couldn’t see it, since skeletons don’t have eyes! SKULL JOKE!!!”“Ya certainly like to make fun o’ your supernatural condition,” I commented. “I guess what they say ‘bout "funny bones" is true for ya, eh, Brook?”“Indeed, it is…OH!” Brook cried out, laughing upon noticing the hidden punch-line. Luffy and Usopp laughed, too. “Yohohoho, I see what you did there! Very well done, my dear! What a nice skull joke you made! I must write that one down!”“Hey, Hollianna, what are your friends like?” Luffy asked me, finally letting go of his first-mate. “You said this Wolfram guy is your first-mate, like Zoro is mine, so does that mean he is an awesome swordsman who dreams of becoming the best in the world? If he is, then tough luck for him because Zoro is going to become the best swordsman in the world!”“I appreciate your faith in me, captain,” Zoro smiled, removing Luffy’s hat in order to ruffle his head like a big brother does to his younger sibling.“Nah, Wolfie ain’t aspiring to be the greatest swordsman, but he does have a grand dream, just like everyone else in the guild,” I told them. If there is one thing I do not mind talking about, asides desserts, it is my friends. “I have my own dreams, too – ’n’ just like y’all, we are voyaging to make ‘em all come true. All o’ ‘em are skilled fighters with remarkably good talents regarding a certain craft. I may have the highest bounty, considering my job ’n’ unique skills, but all o’ them have gone beyond the ten million mark. To be honest, a part o’ me wonders why they stick with me. I mean, yeah, I am the technically dead leader with the super-quick regeneration ’n’ the ability to bend gravity to my will, as well as possessing an extendable scarf for a weapon, but in truth, I am a b******.”“You, a b******?” Nami echoed, surprised by me calling myself such an offensive word. It was the truth, but nobody would expect me to say it.“Yes, at the end o’ the day, I am a sadistic, self-righteous, devil-may-care, thrill-seeking, maybe arrogant, ’n’ downright blunt b******,” I sighed. “A lot o’ my enemies say something ‘long those lines, ’n’ those who don’t know me so well call me a genius who acts like an idiot, but they don’t understand me like I do. Yes, some things I do are considered to be in the boundaries o’ the word "idiotic". Yes, I have more people out for my blood than friends. That is just the way I am: I live however I want, doing whatever I want whenever I want, ’n’ nobody says otherwise. Such is the creed which I now go by. Nobody controls me anymore; I will grill ’n’ eat my own heart ‘fore I become a puppet to someone’s rule ‘gain!”“Wow…that was a lot of venting…” Usopp mumbled.“At least you are honest,” Robin giggled.“Lies don’t get ya anything, ‘cept disloyalty ’n’ mistrust ‘mongst your peers,” I stated. “I hate lying, so I always keep my mouth shut when I am interrogated. I will tell a white lie every once in a while, but I could never lie to save a life, even if I tried. But anyways, all o’ that is ‘mongst trivial details. Sorry ‘bout ranting like that, guys. Just had to get it off my chest. So, y’all really wanna know ‘bout my main mates in the guild? Ya wanna know how nutty they are, compared to yours truly? Wanna know what kind o’ company I keep?”“Of course!” Luffy grinned, nodding furiously.“Well, in that case…” I smirked mischievously. I then turned around, facing the kitchen’s opened door. “Oi, Sanji, your captain wants ya to hurry up with the food, so we can all party the night ‘way!” I soft-of fibbed. “Also, Zoro says if ya can’t pick up the pace, he might take over your role as the Sunny’s chef ’n’ toss ya overboard!”“No, I didn’t!” Zoro snapped, putting back on the upper-half of his slightly-unbuttoned coat. I cannot help but wonder who or what gave him that scar…“Nami and the others would starve without me at the stove, stupid Moss-Head, so don’t even go there!” Sanji shouted from the stove. “And don’t you worry, Hollianna, my sweet bounty-hunter, I am just putting the finishing touches to one of the greatest banquets you will ever taste on this side of the sea! I promise, you won’t ever have to experience Zoro’s c***py slop!”Zoro stormed up the stairs and into the kitchen to yell at the chef for insulting him, with Nami close behind them to reel them both back before they could go too far. Brook laughed and started playing some tunes, drowning out the shouting, while Franky and Robin went to collect some booze for the party. Jimbei left the helm to lower the anchor, since we could not possibly drive and eat at the same time. Usopp laughed at my successful attempt to motivate the love-struck cook, just as Chopper and Law arrived from the sickbay, both of them wondering what Zoro and Sanji were arguing about this time.Luffy walked over to me, eyes flicking between the kitchen and myself, wondering why I said what I said and made those two go at each other’s throats yet again. “I will do the meet-’n’-greet with y’all ’n’ my friends’ wanted posters show-’n’-tell style during the banquet,” I promised. “It might help the others get their minds off the whole "bounty-hunting".”“Okay, I get it,” Luffy nodded. “Hey, where are you going to sleep tonight? Nami and Robin might have a spare bed in the girl’s room, or they could share…”“I will sleep in the storage room, thanks,” I turned his offer down politely. “I ain’t too comfortable with sleeping with anyone besides Wolfie, since he keeps me safe. We ain’t lovers, mind, but I trust him with…whatever it is that keeps me in this state. ‘Tis not a life, but ‘tis the only thing close ‘nough to it. Ya get what I am trying to say ‘ere, right?”“Sure, I do!” Luffy grinned, patting my shoulder like an old friend would. “I sleep with Zoro and we keep each other safe – and we are lovers!”“How did that happen?” I inquired, interested. I saw some affection gleam in their eyes when they made contact for the past couple of hours, as well as a gauge of how far their trust goes, but lovers? Goes to show you must expect the unexpected at all times, no matter what kind of form said "unexpected" takes – and it can take limitless forms. “Seriously, congrats! Ya are so young, yet ya got a hunk! Did ya ask Zoro out, Luffy, or did Zoro pop the question?”Luffy opened his mouth to answer, but his eyes locked onto Sanji coming down the stairs, carrying two big plates harbouring a huge fish and a massive slab of monster meat, both of which cooked until they have a nice, juicy sheen on their flesh. Luffy obeyed his roaring stomach and charged forward, arms stretching out for his dinner. Sanji kicked him out of the way, defending our meals, but the kick sent Luffy over the rails. Before anyone could react, Zoro removed his swords from his sash and dived into the ocean. He soon surfaced with his captain, who was rather limp as he coughed up salty water. Jimbei and Brook ran over and helped the two up, the latter remarking how heroic Zoro was as the former chided the boy, who spluttered some more while Zoro rubbed his back.“I sure have made some interesting new friends…” I noted to myself, eyeing the young pirate couple as Luffy silenced Zoro by planting a small kiss on his lips, making Usopp whistle. This resulted in Zoro charging at the terrified sniper, shouting bloody murder as his face reddened with embarrassment, while Jimbei wrapped his laughing captain in a towel.“Yeah, I am sorry about them,” a new voice chuckled. I looked to my right and I saw someone I did not notice beforehand. He was clearly a member of the crew, I knew that much, but nobody told me about him. “Not a day goes by without a bit of crazy to keep everyone high and alerted. You will have to get use to it, I am afraid.”“Ya don’t say, mister,” I responded, causing him to jump.“Wait, did you just hear me?” he gasped. “And you are looking right at me…”I pieced things together when he said those two sentences. “Huh…I knew Sunny was a unique ship, but I had no clue she was haunted…” I smiled. The others crew-members were distracted with the upcoming feast and tending to the soaking-wet Luffy, so they did not notice me offering my hand to the ghost. “I am Holli, by the way. Nice to meet ya, sir…?”The mysterious male ghost got over his initial shock and, with a warm smile, he bowed before shaking my hand. “Portgas D. Ace, brother of the next Pirate King,” he said. “But you can call me Ace, ma’am. The pleasure is all mine. Welcome to the Sunny!------------------------------------------------------------------
One Piece: Beyond the Horizon (Chapter #1)(Author's Note: This is a One Piece OC fanfiction. Contains ZoLu shipping)“Why didn’t you tell us they were coming?!” Nami berated me as the navy ships closed in on us. There was no avoiding them, since there was nothing but sea and sky in the area. No islands or foggy storms dared to pop up. We had to fight them or get arrested, have the ship sunk, and face execution at a later date. Neither of us wanted the latter to happen.“I did, but your cap’n kept interrupting me,” I reminded the gingernut. “I am surprised y’all didn’t notice ‘em, what with their loud cannons.”“I didn’t hear anything,” Franky admitted. “Either my hearing has gone out of whack again, or you have got some seriously super-sensitive ears, Holli!”“Your other senses get enhanced when ya lose one o’ ‘em…’n’ whenever we are in the presence o’ enemies, call me "Trickster",” I requested. “I rather not have a constant knife below my pillow in case o’ late-night bounty-hunters.”“Does she have Observation Haki, too…?” Luffy whispered to Zoro, who knelt down a bit in order to hear his captain properly. What the heck is this "Observation Haki"? Then again, what is "Haki"? A term used for supernatural mind powers?“I don’t think so,” Zoro replied. “We have it, too, but we didn’t notice until the cannonballs closed in. She must be more aware of her surroundings than we are.”“Usopp, how many?!” Jimbei inquired from the helm.“Five navy ships closing in fast, all of them battleships!” Usopp reported, glassing the enemies with a metallic telescope. The battleships had four masts, two with two sails and two with one. They had a circular superstructure from which one of the main masts emerged from. Another rectangular super-structure was affixed to the stern, which was topped by a tan tower. They had three distinctive triple-barrelled guns on their front and sides. In addition to these guns, the battleships possessed two sets of six large cannons on both sides of their hulls. They were only a few meters away, but you could already tell how unbelievably huge they were. I swear, just one was capable of housing half of a kingdom!“Any admirals with them?” Sanji inquired.“None that we know of!” Usopp reported.“Eleven o’ ya ’n’ five destroyers jam-packed with money-grubbing navy-men…” I noted, sitting down by the main mast. It was not my fight; I was not a part of their crew, so why should I fight with them? “Pairs will have to dominate one ship each, but who knows how many marines are stashed ‘way in ‘em behemoths?”“You are not going to fight?” Robin assumed, raising a brow.“They are after y’all, not me,” I shrugged. “If y’all can’t handle this, then I will step in. ‘Til then, I will stay ‘ere ’n’ watch a good show ‘bout how to kick the marines’ butt. After all, numbers mean nothing if nobody has any actual strength ’n’ backbone.”“Why you heartless, lazy…!” Nami hissed at me, going in for a clobbering, but Franky held her back. Good thing he did because I did not feel like killing her.“I like her attitude!” Zoro commented with a smirk.“Her strategy is not bad,” Law remarked, keeping an eye on the battleships. “We could make this fight go quicker if we split up, but that will leave Sunny defenceless…”“Don’t ya worry ‘bout ol’ Sunny ‘ere: I will play the faithful role o’ watchdog while y’all go play with ‘em spineless marines,” I promised with slight spite in my voice. “‘Course, since pairs will dominate each navy ship by ‘emselves, one o’ ya might wanna stay behind ’n’ help me. Makes things fair. ’N’ my name ain’t "her", ya walking tattoo parlour!” I growled at Law, causing him to flinch slightly and a barrel of laughs from Luffy.“Luffy, allow me to stay behind,” Brook requested, stepping forward. “I will help our guest guard Sunny with my very life. After all, we corpses got to stick together!”“Amen to that,” I agreed, high-fiving the skeleton.“I am counting on you two!” Luffy nodded, smiling at our growing camaraderie. “Alright then, Zoro and I will handle the fleet’s flagship!”“You got it, captain,” Zoro nodded, drawing his three swords and placing one in his mouth. A swordsman who uses three swords, two in each hand and one in his mouth, is quite extraordinary. I wonder if he is the creator of such a unique style…“Franky and I will take care of the first ship that approaches,” Robin said.“Hope those marines are ready to see the combined awesomeness of the greatest weirdo in the world and the super archaeologist!” Franky grinned.“I will assist Nami, then,” Sanji insisted.“Make sure to guard my back,” Nami smiled, readying her short, orange staff with white striped parallel lines and orange round knobs on each side.“I am pretty sure Chopper and I can handle one of the support ships,” Usopp told his captain as he slipped on his goggles and got out a strange slingshot from his bag.“Everyone be careful, okay?” Chopper requested, miraculously enlarging himself until he was some kind of bear-like human with antlers. Although, thinking back on it, he swallowed something that looked like a jam pastry before he transformed…“Guess that leaves you with me…” Law frowned, walking over to Jimbei. “Two traitorous ex-members of the Seven Warlords…how ironic…”“I apologise for bringing you into this fight after our recent engagement with Kaido, but we have no other choice,” Jimbei replied, being the calmest out of the lot.As the five battleships drew ever so closer, my ears picked up their captains barking out orders. “Heads up: the first round is coming!” I warned the pirates. It took only five seconds after I said that for the first round of cannonballs to fire out from the front guns. I raised my hand, ready to intercept them, but it was a waste of effort. Someone already called dibs.Luffy effortlessly jumped up into the air and sucked in a very deep breath, rapidly inflating himself. His stomach swelled via all of the air swallowed up, making his scarred chest dive into his chin. All of the cannonballs landed dead-center on his inflated belly, but it did no harm to him. “Gum-Gum Balloon!” he cried out, puffing out his chest, sending all of the cannonballs back at the marines. A few missed, but the rest landed straight into the flagship’s head-cannon, disabling it with a big band.“Impressive…” I remarked, applauding him as he deflated himself. Robin generated a swarm of arms on the deck, making a net that caught her captain. He climbed down from the net, and those extra arms disappeared in a breeze of pink petals. “Your whole body is made up o’ rubber thanks to this Gum-Gum Devil Fruit ya ate some time ‘go, yeah?” I asked him.“I accidentally ate it when I was a kid,” Luffy admitted, scratching the back of his neck. “It was Shanks’ treasure, so he was a little bit mad…”“Every part o’ your body can stretch ‘coz the flesh is rubber now, right?” I inquired, very interested in his power. It was a little bit silly, but it harboured great potential, which Luffy was using to its fullest. “Does that include your sausage?”“Sausage, where?” Luffy asked, looking around. Did he seriously think I was referring to actual food? Robin giggled, knowing what I was talking about.“I meant your willy,” I corrected him. “Does it stretch, too?”“That is a bit too personal, don’t you think?!” Usopp shouted at me, shocked by such a vulgar question escaping my lips. All of the crew were.“Yup,” Luffy replied, not at all ashamed of my dirty question, disgusting his crew. He then crossed his arms and gave me a judgmental look. “But there is no way I am showing you, Trickster, so don’t even think of asking to see it!”“Yeah, like I wanted to see your ding-a-ling…” I snorted, rolling my eyes at his naiveté. At least he was not stupid enough to strip himself in public.Before another crewmate could complain about how honestly dirty my language is, the second wave of cannonballs came raining down. “Dibs on this one, Luffy!” I shouted out before one of the pirates could react. I rocketed up onto my feet, sporting a confident smirk as I hovered slightly, my feet barely touching the ground. Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were gawking with a sparkle in their eyes. I winked at them before shooting up, flying until I was a few inches higher than the mail mast. Each front cannon held four barrels, so 16 cannonballs were lunging in from above. In one fluid motion, I swept my hands in front of me, the palms showing to the black spheres. Both of my hands glowed pink, as did the cannonballs, which stopped in mid-air! I could hear the Straw Hats’ cries of astonishment and they were simply wonderful, they were! I guess it was the thrill-seeker in me reacting to them.“Enemy or ally, man or woman, child or adult – it doesn’t matter to me,” I recited to the marines, who were also dumbfounded by the suspended cannonballs. What was it I was reciting? It was the guild’s main moral guideline, to keep us steady in battle. “If ya show up with an intent to kill, then I will act in kind…’n’ play my favourite game!”I pushed both hands forward and, under my influence, all of the suspended cannonballs went rocketing back into the battleships, destroying the rest of the front-cannons and breaking off a few masts! I could not help but laugh at my incredible work. Sometimes, the destructive nature of my powers gives me chills – be they good chills or the bad ones! I descended back on the deck, with Luffy giggling at my display of power. If only he knew I killed 50 marines with that attack...but what he did not know would not hurt him!They all wanted to ask me plenty of questions, but they had no time as the damaged ships closed in. Franky grabbed Robin and jumped aboard the first enemy ship. Sanji, who scooped Nami into his arms bridal-style, hopped onto the second ship’s deck. Grabbed by their captain’s extendable hands, Usopp and Chopper just managed to say their prayers before they were catapulted onto the third ship. Luffy then slung an arm around a battle-ready Zoro and reached out to the fourth ship, flashing me a huge grin before shooting towards their target. Law created spherical spatial barrier with a light-blue aura (which he dubbed as "ROOM"), having it cover him, Jimbei, and a side of the fifth battleship’s deck. He then held Jimbei’s wrist and said something like "Shambles"; then as the spatial barrier vanished, the two appeared on the enemy’s deck, replacing a loaded cannon!Not at all bothered by his comrades’ strange abilities, Brook drew out his cane-like sword from its scabbard, readying himself for any invaders – or possibly scaredy-cat marines hoping to flee the Straw Hats on their ships. Likewise, I readied my special scarf, gripping one of its ends in each hand. Not many people know about this, considering it is a very rare weapon, but my scarf was made by weaving carbon fibers with a special steel alloy. It takes some serious force to even put a scratch on it!“Sorry if it sounds like I am doubting you, but are you sure you don’t want to fight with your pistol?” the fancy skeleton man inquired. “I know you have extraordinary powers, too, so…”“Gravity manipulation affects my stamina to a great extent: if I use too much, I will pass out from exhaustion,” I explained to him. “My ol’ man made it a point to only use my powers for transportation or do-or-die situations. ’N’ yes, this seems like a do-or-die moment, but I have a feeling your shipmates are stronger than they look.”“Indeed, they are, although I wouldn’t know because I don’t have any eyes!” Brook laughed. I let out a small chuckle, liking his sense of self-abusive humour. Now that I think about it, was he trying to insult himself, or was he trying to lighten the mood?We were only a few seconds into the main fight, but Brook and I could already hear marines screaming, explosions ringing, and Luffy laughing in the chaos. Curious, I used my scarf to zip atop the crow’s nest, giving me a better view of the enemy ships’ decks. Zoro was a demon, using all three swords to blow his opponents away in a whirlwind of slashes. Luffy stretched his leg and kicked in a wide circle, striking down multiple foes. Half of the flagship’s deck was coated in fire, burning any marines to tried to outmaneuver it. On the opposite ship, Nami summoned a whip made of thunderous clouds from her staff, electrocuting her enemies, while Sanji fought in an all-kicks-&-no-punches martial art, sometimes igniting his own legs with his blazing spirit to do additional damage.My attention was soon grabbed by Usopp firing a green orb from his slingshot, which bloomed into giant-sized fly-traps, which ate the marines! At the same time, Chopper, who had reverted to a human adult’s size with his horns stretching out like spears, charged into any straddlers like a bull-fighter. Generating extra arms from the marines’ backs, Robin used them to snap necks, finishing her enemies off instantly. Franky literally went gung-ho, firing rockets from a hidden compartment in his shoulders.With the help of his ROOM technique, Law sliced up his foes’ body-parts and grotesquely rearranged them, either placing their heads on each other’s bodies or attaching a part of them to an object (e.g.: a cannon, a barrel). Gathering water from…somewhere (his body-fluids or hydrogens in the air) into his fist, Jimbei punched at the lunging marines, blowing them all into the ocean. This crew certainly is very interesting, both in personality and in combat! Their captain has perfectly balanced quality and quantity!A part of me wanted to watch, but duty called as some terrified marines scampered aboard Sunny, only to meet the skeletal gentleman. From my position atop the crow’s nest, I had my scarf grab one of them by the ankle and, as I landed on the green deck, the helpless marine was sent flying! There were twenty marines on deck, so Brook and I split them 50-50: ten between us. I already claimed the life of one, so that left nine to go. At first, they were baffled by my presence and laughed at me for using a scarf as a weapon, but once we got started, they quickly understood how deadly this brat is.I started off by stretching out my scarf and latching it onto one enemy’s waist, reeling him in like a fish on a line. A sneaky chap decided to slice my head off from behind, but I sensed him and ducked just in time. I kicked him out of the way and pulled the other guy in with little effort, making him strike against the same guy who tried to behead me. Both marines had blades in their hands, so they accidentally stabbed their vital organs upon colliding. As they bled to death on each other’s blades, #5 and #6 charged together for a cojoined attack, very well co-ordinated. I blocked their attacks with ease, their movements so slow in the eyes of a seasoned super-solider. #7 soon joined them, trying to stab me from behind, but again, I sensed the sneak-attack and barrel-rolled out of the way before it could hope to connect.Fortunately for them, the two swordsmen used their blades to stop their friend’s sword from slicing off a piece of them. Unfortunately for them, they and their other two friends got distracted by Brook, whose frozen blade had delivered sub-zero slashes onto his enemies’ bodies, killing all of them at once! Since my enemies kept me focused on my fight, I only caught glimpses of his fight, but I am pretty sure that same frozen coating on his sword enveloped his aura. Also, his swordsmanship…looks like a fusion of iaidō and fencing. By his posture alone, you could tell he was a master of the sword. As the half-frozen corpses of his foes collapsed, Brook sheathed his blade, took off his hat, and bowed like he was in front of an audience. He certainly has the essence of a performer.All of my enemies were shocked beyond belief, giving me an opportunity. With a grin, I bent gravity to my will, releasing it hold on me to a degree, making me fly without wings! I zoomed around the ship at a fast pace, making sure to stay within the deck’s perimeter – and once I was going at the required speed, the ends of my scarf wrapped around the mast, allowing me to spin around and around in a blur. Brook saw my strategy and wisely chose to duck, just as two of the marines on deck did. As for the two who did not, whether they were too slow or two dumbstruck, they were caught by my legs and, due to the force built up in them thanks to all of the spinning, they were sent flying straight into their battleship’s hull!With two terrified enemies left, I stopped spinning and landed on the deck, but I was a little bit dizzy. Brook came to my aid, holding me up until I came to my senses. As for those two marines, they decided to take their chances with the sharks, going overboard. “My, that was spectacular!” Brook praised me, clapping his hands as I examined the corpses. To my relief, a few of them had some rope tucked in their belts, most likely intended to wrap Luffy’s crew with it upon capturing them. “You took down seven marines without breaking a sweat – and using your scarf as a weapon, too! I have never met such a sweet girl with a fierce style before. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of fighting style was that? Also, what was that last move, the one where you spun around the mast?”“‘Tis a self-taught style belonging to my ol’ man, who worked as a hero fighting alongside the police to lessen the crime rate in town,” I explained as I gathered the rope, just in case it came in handy later. “He taught it to me, ’n’ I have since evolved it ’n’ transformed it into something far greater than he imagined. Kaskólkinesis, the style is called – ’n’ yes, the scarf is a weapon. Think o’ it as a flattened blade without a scabbard or a grip, yet it is so easy to move ‘round, provided ya know a certain trick. That technique I just used is called Kaskól Roulette, named after the spinning wheel found at a casino’s table. ‘Tis a rather fun technique, so long as ya don’t get sick from all that spinning!”“I see…I take it you like games, then?” Brook inquired, just as his crewmates returned to the ship. Jimbei went to the wheel, steering Sunny away from the wrecked battleships, while Sanji and Zoro compared kill counts, making a competition out of the fight. Meanwhile, Franky and Law threw the corpses overboard.“I don’t like ‘em; I love ‘em!” was my response. “Back home, I played all sorts o’ games with my friends. Hide ’n’ seek, blind man’s bluff, silent ball – so long as it is fun ‘mongst others, I will play. Then ‘gain, I am a bit o’ a sore loser, I will admit, so competitive sports are out o’ my league. Shame, too: I liked playing basketball.”“Perhaps we can play a game later,” Brook suggested, piquing my interest. “The rules are very simple: you have to guess the colour of your opponent’s panties, then both players show them off – and whoever wins gets to keep the opponent’s panties.”“Stop it with the sexual harassment!” Nami yelled at him, delivering a roundhouse to his skull. I was impressed by how the blow caused his skull to swell, considering he did not have any skin. She then beamed an innocent smile at me. “I am really sorry about him,” she apologised. “Brook will ask any woman for a peek at their underwear.”“Ah, so the game he speaks o’ requires people show off their undies,” I noted, playing along for the fun of it. “I never knew such a vulgar game existed. Hey, Brook, what happens if a player ain’t wearing any underwear during the game? Is that player disqualified?”“…I believe so,” Brook murmured from the grass.“Don’t encourage him!” Nami snapped, making Luffy laugh. Brook certainly was an entertaining fellow, even if he was a skeleton. Talk about possessing some funny bones! …Oh rats, I think I just made my own skeleton joke! I will have to tell Brook later.The merriment of post-battle blanketing the ship did not last forever. No sooner than all of the corpses were dumped into the sea did cannonballs rain down, missing Sunny by a few inches. A warning shot. Usopp got out his spyglass and peered through it, while Luffy and I merely ran to the aft of the ship to get a better look. Another battleship was closing in, only this one was smaller than the rest. Judging by the sizes of those ships and the quantity of their crews, I say those battleships were escorting the little one.“Another battleship coming this way, but I can’t tell which marine is the captain!” Usopp reported, removing his spyglass. “He must be in his quarters!”“Who wants this last one?” Zoro asked through a yawn.“Dibs!” I shouted, raising my hand. A groan from Franky and Sanji revealed their dismay, for they wanted to have another fight. Luffy faced me with a curious look. “I gotta find out where my mates are,” I told him. “They are a notorious bunch with big bounties on their heads, just like yours truly, so there ain’t no way they haven’t caused some kind o’ ruckus yet. I will be surprised if they haven’t. The marines might know something, so…would ya mind using your stretchy arms to shoot me over to the ship, please? My powers are limited right now.”Luffy shot me a grin to say "yes", then he grabbed my hand. He was ready, but he would need momentum if he was going to shoot me two miles over the sea. That was where I came in; I had gravity let go of my feet, then I flew over to the bow of the ship, hovering over the lion-like figurehead. Once there, I waited for Luffy to confirm the angle of the shot and, as another volley of cannon fire missed the Sunny, he retracted his outstretched arm as fast as he could, pulling me forward at high speed. No sooner did I pass over his shoulder did the young pirate captain let go of my hand, sending me flying – or rather, sending me "shooting", considering how fast I was going – straight towards the battleship.…Perhaps we put too much force in the momentum. I am alright, no bruises or scratches to say otherwise, but I shot straight into the main mast! As it toppled over, destroying the helm and taking some lives, I regained control of gravity and plummeted down onto the deck, landing on my feet. During the descent, I intensified the personal gravity of the surviving crew members aboard the battleship’s deck, so when I landed on the deck, their joints crushed and their veins bursted! It was amazing, like tiny fireworks were set off within my enemies! Gross, but pleasantly surprising. As the doomed marines laid in pools of their own blood, gasping on their final breaths as every muscle in their bodies ached, I made my way towards the captain’s quarters. He and his second-in-command were spared from such a painful death on purpose, since I required someone to interrogate.Both marines, immobilised from the waist down, were surprising to see their assailant (A.K.A: me) in the flesh, but they got over their shock after I tied their wrists. “Torture us all you want, pirate, but we won’t break!” the one on my left claimed, trying in vain to sound tough. It was pitiful and cute, how he was playing the tough guy card when he was scared.“Another demon is added to Straw Hat’s flock, but we are true marines and won’t be swayed to do or say anything for no-good pirates like you!” the one on the right spat, calmer than his comrade. Judging by the slight difference in their uniforms, which was just a white navy coat with epaulettes worn like a cape on his shoulders, the guy on my right was the captain.“Hey now, handsome, it ain’t nice to judge a gal by her appearance or her company,” I smiled, leaning forward slightly. “I ain’t a member o’ the Straw Hat Pirates, but I am a bona-fide friend to their cap’n. Whilst we are on the subject, I would like to make it clear that I ain’t some buccaneer hoping to become "King o’ the Pirates" or some other grand title given ‘mongst seafaring criminals. Nah, lads, I am just an amazingly awesome leader o’ a bounty-hunting guild, specialising in assassinations, espionage, thievery ’n’ bodyguard detail. Ya may have heard o’ us – ’n’ if not, then welcome to the modern age. We are called "Blue Moon", ’n’ I am its current leader! ‘Ere is some proof for ya.”I reached out my hand to the side and, to the surprise of the two marines, a small wormhole opened up. My hand went through the portal and when it came back, it held ten worn-out pieces of paper. I skimmed through them until I found the one, and I showed it to my shocked prisoners. It was a wanted poster, but not just any wanted poster. Oh no, it was my wanted poster, showing my scarred face with a big grin.“"Holli the Trickster, wanted dead or alive for stealing from the World Government, as well as the mass murders of numerous political figures and the assassinations of twelve navy admirals",” the left marine read aloud. “"Bounty: 1,200,000,000"!?”I tucked my wanted poster away and watched as the two marines’ faces convulsed with terror. They knew they were in hot water now. “Thinking back on it, maybe I am a pirate, since I live on a moving sea vessel ’n’ kill anyone who tries to do anything nasty to me,” I smiled sweetly, further rattling their nerves. “It doesn’t matter, really. What does matter, though, is the whereabouts o’ my mates. I got separated from ‘em last week, ya see, so ya understand why I am so desperate to be reunited with ‘em. So, officers, how ‘bout this: ya take a look at my crew’s posters ’n’ tell me truthfully where ’n’ when ya heard o’ ‘em, ’n’ in return, I will spare your lives. Do we have a deal?”“You liar; you will kill us either way!” the marine captain claimed.“Many things I am, my good sir, but a liar ain’t one o’ ‘em,” I promised. I then spread my friends’ wanted poster before my prisoners. “Go on, take a nice, long look at my mates ’n’ rack your brains! Surely, ya must have heard something ‘bout these sons-o’-guns. Think fast, though: my patience is at its breaking point.”Although scared and suspicious of me, the two marines did what they were told and scanned all of the wanted posters displayed before them. I paid close attention to their facial expressions, ready to catch them out if they lied to me. However, when the spineless one’s eyes locked onto one of the wanted posters after thoroughly examining them all, I saw the glint of recognition in his eyes. “Hey, captain, that blue-haired man in the black robe…I think he is the one our friends on that island reported about three days ago!” he blurted out.I locked onto the wanted poster and, to my delight, he was talking about Wolfram, my second-in-command and my dearest companion. “Wait, stop, hold it right there, buster!” I shouted with glee, pushing my face into his terrified view. “Ya know Wolf?!”“Y-Yeah, that swordsman killed half of the marines stationed at a navy fortress on a nearby island…” he admitted, much to his boss’ ire. “We were dispatched as reinforcements, but…you and the Straw Hats have ruined everything…”Like lightning, the rest of the wanted poster were sucked into a portal I created, sending them all back where they rightfully belonged, but I kept Wolfram’s poster in hand. I got out of the prisoner’s face and held his poster up high. I must have had the goofiest smile on my face, but I did not care. “Should have known ya would be the first to act, Wolfie!” I giggled, bringing it to my chest as I swooned slightly. “I can’t wait to see ya ’n’ have ya wrapped those warm, strong arms ‘round me ‘gain, my sweet hunter!”“Is that b****** your lover?” the gutsy marine captain inquired, disgusted by my sudden change in behaviour, especially when I kissed the photo.“Nah, no way, nuh-uh; Wolfram is my right hand, the only one I can count on to run the guild if I am gone,” I thoroughly denied. Like a guy like Wolfram could ever love me in such a way – and I am corpse, so it is a criminal offence for someone to be intimate with me. “Where is this island ya speak o’? Do ya know if he is with anyone else? Did he ask your buddies if one o’ us was held captive? C’mon, don’t keep me in suspense! Tell me everything!”“I won’t tell you or any other scoundrel anything about official navy business!” the marine captain barked. “We won’t betray our leaders or abandoned our beliefs! I swear to God, you and your mutt will hang at the gallows, along with Straw Hat Luffy and his crew!”He wanted to rant some more, but I placed a firm hand on his shoulder, shutting him up without any problem. “God doesn’t exist, ya religious punk,” I growled, intensifying my grip on his shoulder. “If the so-called Almighty Father is real, then why the heck has He not punished me for all o’ the sins I have committed? Why did He not grant me salvation when I asked so nicely? Now, I thoroughly respect your beliefs – truly, I do, sir – but ya are not only bad-mouthing my friends, but ya ain’t giving me the respect I deserve.”“Pirates don’t deserve respect or mercy!” he bellowed. “You should all be slaughtered like lambs for betraying the World Government, denouncing your citizenry, and unleashing your evil on the seas! You will all hang for your crimes, one way or another!”“Hey, at least Luffy is nice,” I stated, catching him off-guard. “He let me stay ‘board his ship free o’ charge, he ate lunch with me today, ’n’ he even convinced the chef to let me off easy after I stole half a week’s worth o’ rations from him in order to survive. Plus, Luffy ain’t no killer, so…I seriously doubt he is as nasty as I am, considering what I do to my targets.”The marine captain was going to ask me what I do to my targets, but he got to experience it first-hand. In the blink of an eye, my free hand thrusted into his chest, piercing through cloth and flesh, and when I pulled it back, out came his heart, still beating in my palm! As the literally heartless navy captain choked on his last breath, I did the second horrendous thing women do after taking a man’s heart: I ate it. That is right, you heard me! I ate that man’s heart like a human eats an apple! Okay, sure, it was a raw, soggy apple, but it was actually rather tasty. The blood sprayed on the right side of my face when I bit into it, but other than that, it was really good. Still, regardless of how delicious that heart was, I am glad the Straw Hat Pirates were waiting for me on the Sunny, otherwise I would have had one heck of a time maintaining our trust if they saw me do this.“Y-Y-You ripped his heart out of his chest…and you a-a-ate it?!” the wimpy marine stuttered in sheer horror. His face was getting paler by the second. With his stubborn captain lying dead on the floor with a hole in his chest, the interrogation would go much smoother.“Y’know…normally, I don’t have ‘em raw, but that one was top quality!” I complimented to the bleeding corpse, pretending its soul was still inside. “If only I was not hungry after that battle, then I would have cooked it to bring out the flavour some more! That begs the question: what kind o’ cooking method would I have used? Boiling it into a stew? Stir-fry, maybe? Oh, maybe a barbeque?! I like me some barbeque!”“O-Okay, okay, I will talk, I will talk!” the cowardly marine begged, tears flowing from his eyes as his dead captain’s blood stained the floor. “Just don’t kill me, I beg you!”“See, that was all I asked for, so there was no need for me to do that, was there?” I smiled innocently. To drive the point home, I placed my bloodied hand against his chest, startling him even more. “Where exactly is this island? Where is my Wolf?!”“A day’s sail away from here are a group of five islands – and you will need to pass all five of them if you want to continue journeying through the Grand Line!” the marine informed me through chattering teeth. “Each island is a week’s trip by boat between them! The island we encountered Wolf on was the one with the huge tree in the center, the only one with a navy base! The other four islands are either defiant to the World Government or ruled over by big-shot pirates! I swear that is all I know! Please, let me live, please!”“Hmm…I didn’t expect ‘em to be so close, yet so far at the same time…” I remarked, grabbing my prisoner by the arm. I dragged him and the corpse of his captain out of the cabin and to the port side of the main deck, slowly untying his hands as I did so. “Alright, ya told me what I wanted to hear, so I will let ya live. However, if I go to these islands ’n’ find out ya were lying to me, it won’t just be your heart I will be taking! Now g’wan, swim far ‘way ’n’ tell your lily-livered boss, Akainu, what happened ‘ere! Oh, ’n’ watch out for sharks.”Once we were at the rails, and once he felt the rope leave his wrists, I kicked his butt hard, sending him flying into the ocean. Upon surfacing, he did what any wise man would do in his situation and grabbed onto some floating debris from one of wrecked battleships, cursing my name as he choked of salty water. I paid little attention to him. Now that the information I required was given, what happened to him did not matter.As soon as the coward was overboard, I dumped the corpse into the sea, letting it sink to the bottom. Once that was done, I turned around and leaned on the rail slightly, laughter bubbling out of my throat. “Welp, that takes care o’ that noise!” I laughed. Once all of that laughter was out of my system, I walked over to the bow, sitting on the blue railing as the damaged battleship floated towards the Sunny, where its baffled crew waited. Seriously, they were all quite surprised by my work. Usopp’s jaw dropped to the grassy deck with Chopper’s, while Nami and Franky swept their eyes over the bloody corpses. Luffy was torn between being stunned and amazed, while Zoro and Law merely raised a brow. Brook had no face, so I could not tell what his reaction was, but Robin had the perfect poker face. As for Jimbei, he remained at the helm, ready to steer everyone out of trouble if it came again.“Hey, cap’n, any chance ya are heading towards ‘em islands not far from ‘ere?” I asked him, hiding my blood-stained gloves from sight. “My friends might be there, so would ya mind escorting me? I will make it worth your while, o’ course, since I owe ya one!”“Sure, no problem!” Luffy nodded, agreeing to my request without any arguments.“Don’t be so quick to trust every weirdo we come across!” Nami snapped, smacking her captain around the head. “Did you not see all of the bodies on deck?! And what about those screams we heard?! I am telling you, she is a bloodthirsty maniac!”“Yeow, Nami-sis, I am weirdo, too!” Franky spoke up, coming to my defence. “I am sure Holli killed them in order to defend herself! I mean, I hate killing as much as you do, but if it the situation is dire enough, I will do everything I can to survive. I did so when we were separated for two years. So many marines came after me, you know?”Nami considered his reasonings as he backed me up, but I knew she would find some way to pin me up as a bad guy. To that end, I had to take her mind of it by finding a suitable distraction. “By the way, y’all are pirates, so ya seek treasure, ja?” I asked, feigning innocence in a casually ignorant way. “There is a chance this ship is carrying some. ‘Sides from fighting wars on water, battleships like these are used to transport criminals ’n’ carry vast quantities o’ precious cargo. There should be a few chests locked ‘way in the hold.”Hearing this, Nami squealed and jumped aboard, rushing towards the hatch that would take her below deck. It was quite hilarious, seeing her weave pass corpses and avoiding pools of blood, which were pretty much everywhere on the deck. “On top o’ that, we should take whatever food ’n’ booze remains on this vessel,” I added in. “Ya never know when ya are gonna make landfall, right? Better safe than sorry.”Sanji agreed with my suggestion and went after Nami, intent on protecting her from surviving marines (I seriously doubted they were any survivors) while picking out good rations from the galley and helping her lift treasure chests. Zoro urged him to find some booze whilst he was there, but Sanji retorted with a swear word I am unfamiliar with, yet I suspect it is far too foul for me to repeat – on paper and aloud. After a quick game of rock-paper-scissors between himself and a petrified Usopp, Brook went after the two to serve as back-up. Law and Robin gave me some suspicious glances when I returned to the Sunny deck.“Hey, what is that red liquid on your lips?” Luffy asked me, pointing at my mouth. Confused, I poked my tongue at the area…and I tasted the familiar coppery tang of blood.“This smell…you are bleeding!” Chopper exclaimed, mistaking the marine captain s blood for my own. “What happened?! Are you hurt?! Did the marines hit you with something?!”“Cool your jets, Chopper, or ya are gonna get cardiac arrest,” I chuckled, causing him to shut up instantly. He did not want to die and leave his shipmates bandaging themselves. I was about to lie by way out of it when he screamed again, having seen the blood on my fingerless gloves. I had to twist the truth somewhat. “Alright, ya got me: in order to get some info on my mates, I beat the marine captain into a bloody pulp,” I half-lied. “A bit o’ his blood landed on my face, but I scrubbed most o’ it off. Just to be safe, ‘tis ‘kay if I have a bath?”The young captain let me off the hook instantly, much to my relief. Chopper was persistent, though, demanding I go to his office for a quick check-up, but I did not listen. I was not hurt, and there was a chance he wanted to take a blood sample from me. I shivered at the thought as Robin escorted me to the bathroom. That is where I am right now: just chilling in the ofuro, which is the size of a hot-tub, keeping an ear out for chatter with my name involved – and so far, I am hearing little. The crew is asking Luffy questions about me, such as "how long have you known she was here" and "are you sure she is harmless – and I must say, regarding that last question, I will remain harmless to them as long as they keep their end of the newly-established contract; so long as they help me find my friends, I will help them.…Still, I curse my conscience. Despite being pirates, these guys seem good, so it will be hard for me to kill them on the spot. Then again, this could all be deception at work. I will have to spend more time with them to determine if they are good guys with bad reputations due to their jobs, or if they really are as awful as the marines claim they are. That said, I kind of like Luffy, so if he turns out to be my enemy, it will be a pain. After all, killing your friends leaves a nasty feeling in your gut…and rudder does not taste very nice."Be not deceived with the first appearance of things, for show is not substance."------------------------------------------------------------------------
One Piece: Beyond the Horizon (Chapter #0)(Author's Note: This is a One Piece OC fanfiction. Contains ZoLu shipping)I am so glad I finally found a pen; I lost mine upon waking up in the pirate ship’s hull. That is right: I woke up on a pirate ship of all things, directly in the hull, where they keep all of the cargo! None of my friends were around, so it was just me, alone, on a pirate ship filled with a lively crew for a whole week! As of today, I have been hiding away from them, only coming up late at night to eat, drink, and bathe. This was routine for a while, but I knew they would catch on…or rather, their chef did. At first, he blamed their ravenous captain, then he suspected mice, before ultimately coming to the conclusion of there being more than one hungry person on the ship. He laid traps for me many times, but with my hyper awareness and super agility, I dodged every last one. Of course, I felt guilty for sneaking food, so I made breakfast – or got started until the chef approached – as a way of apologising.Today, however, he finally caught me. Or rather, the captain did. It was still broad daylight, probably an hour after noon, when I could no longer deal with my growling stomach. I braved the dangers and climbed out of the hull, going through the secret hatch connecting to the kitchen, which was directly above me. The kitchen, which is fused with the dining room, resembles a restaurant, with the two areas separated by a bar. The kitchen has a professional set-up and cooking equipment, including a giant oven that can bake anything and a giant fridge with a lock (which I have uncovered its lock to be a four-digit code, "7326"). A pantry used to store dry goods can be accessed by a door adjacent to the fridge and by a door outside. Next to the kitchen is the main mast of the ship; built within it is a dumb-waiter that can be used to deliver food to another bar below. The area also contains a ladder that leads to a hatch giving access to the observation deck above.Fortunately, nobody was inside, so I cracked open the fridge’s lock and, to my relief, it had been restocked with fresh groceries, chocolate bars, and milk. In its freezer counterpart was fresh meat, including boneless chicken. I put the chicken in the oven to cook for twenty minutes, while I peeled and sliced up potatoes to turn them into chips. Once they were done, I put them in with the chicken and got to work on a side-dish and a dessert. Luckily for me, I did not have to make anything because they were twelve vanilla muffins just cooling off by the window. I put them all on a clean plate, then took out my chicken & chips and put them on another plate. My lunch was ready and waiting.And then, suddenly, as I was about to help myself, someone fell down from the hatch leading to the observation deck! He got up before I could make a break for the hull’s hatch, so I knew I was screwed. To my surprise, the person who fell into the kitchen was a 19-year-old lad with black shaggy hair, round brown eyes, and a slim muscular build. He had a scar with two stitches underneath his left eye. He wore a straw hat with a red band, a long-sleeved red cardigan (which was unbuttoned, showing off the X-shaped scar on his chest), blue shorts with white fur rimming the leg openings, a yellow sash loosely tied around his hips, and woven straw sandals. For a pirate, his dress-sense was quite casual.He yelled up to someone above him, telling the mystery person that he was okay, before noticing my presence. At first, I was a little scared, wondering what I should do. I could knock him out, but the crew would wonder where he went. Plus, if I killed him and threw his body overboard, that would only make things worse. He stared at me for a bit, then at my lunch, then back at me, piecing the clues together.“You must be the person who has been stealing food from under Sanji’s nose,” he smiled, knocking me off-guard for a bit. Why was he smiling? Was he not bothered about me being a reluctant stowaway on his ship? “You gotta tell me how you did it! I have been trying to figure out how to open that stupid lock for months, but I have never gotten close to cracking it before Sanji comes in to give me a pummelling! He even set up traps, and you didn’t get caught in one! That is totally awesome! Are you a ninja or something?!”I was startled by his carefree nature. He was not at all bothered by me, a complete stranger raiding his ship’s fridge. I thought there was an ulterior motive, but he did not have a malicious aura. He was good; he was not dangerous to me. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before speaking. “Nah, I ain’t a ninja, but I was trained in the art o’ stealth, as well as espionage ’n’ assassination,” I admitted. “Sorry for raiding your fridge all this time. I have been stuck on this ship since last week when I…just woke up without a clue as to how I got there. I am a stowaway, but I didn’t mean to cause any trouble…”“Are you with the marines?” he asked me.“No,” I replied immediately, disgusted at the mere thought of myself serving the power-hungry scoundrels in the government. “I hate politics, so the dogs who fight for so-called "law ’n’ order" are my sworn enemies. They speak o’ justice when they are no different than the scum they hunt down. If ya ask me, they are using their corrupted sense o’ "justice" as an excuse to get ‘way with all sorts o’ things. I will never serve ‘em.”“That is a relief,” he beamed. “You said you were trained in assassination, so I was worried the marines hired a bounty-hunter to kill us all. We don’t have to fight, then. As the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, I welcome you to the Thousand Sunny!”“"Thousand Sunny"…I take it that is the name o’ this ship?” I assumed. He nodded his head, his face split in two by his huge grin. “A rather childish name, but who am I to judge? I have only seen the hull, the bathroom ’n’ this kitchen, but so far, I like what I see.”“I can give you a tour later, if you want,” the boy offered, reaching a sneaky hand out for a muffin. I smacked it away, earning a small pout from him.Seeing such an innocent face reminds me of my little brother. With a small sigh of defeat, I got out a humongous meat-on-a-bone (I do not know the proper name for it) and managed to shove it in the oven. As we waited, I offered him half of the muffins. To my surprise, he swallowed all six of them at once like they were peas!“I appreciate the offer, but once your crewmates see me, I am as good as dead, ‘specially once your chef finds out I have been sneaking into his fridge late at night,” I frowned, already imagining their reactions. “Being a stowaway is bad ‘nough, but to steal food for a whole week is criminal. Worst-case scenario: the chef would want to cook me for dinner.”“Sanji would have gladly served you if you went up to him and asked really nicely,” the boy chuckled. “As my shipwright says, Sanji gets weak-kneed for women. The sexier, the better…or something like that. I dunno, I say it is not good for his nose; it keeps bleeding.”I laughed out loud at that bit. “Ya got some funny crewmates ‘board this fine vessel…wait, hang on,” I interrupted myself mid-sentence, recalling what he said a few sentences ago. “Ya are the captain o’ this crew? No offence, but I thought ya were a cabin-boy!”“Hell yes, I am captain!” the boy grinned. “My name is Monkey D. Luffy, future Pirate King and proudly wanted by the marines! Everyone in my crew is my friend! Nice to meet you.”Luffy held out his hand for a handshake. I shook it almost instantly. Even though he is strong enough to lead an entire crew of strange & possibly infamous pirates, he still has a childish innocence usually found in young kids. You rarely see that anymore. “Hollianna Rosaline Tighearna, bounty-hunter,” I introduced myself. “Pleasure to meet ya, Luffy.”“That is a mouthful!” Luffy remarked.“My friends call me "Holli",” I added in. “But in fights, I go by "Trickster". As a fearsome fighter o’ true justice who is neither a hero or a villain, it makes sense to hide your real identity from your enemies. Easier to avoid rival bounty-hunters that way. I ain’t a pirate, but I do own a ship ’n’ I got shipmates-for-friends. We are a pretty lively bunch.”“Are you serious?!” Luffy gushed. “What is your crew’s name?! I might have heard it!”Just as I finished eating (I was indeed eating through our conversation, but I swallowed what was in my mouth before talking), the oven chimed, alerting us of Luffy’s cooked meal. I put my dirty dishes in the bubbly sink, then got a fresh plate out and put his giant meat-on-a-bone on it. He was practically drooling as I gave it to him.“I doubt ya have heard o’ us,” I chuckled. “To be honest with ya, we are a guild: a group o’ travellers who all work for a shared goal. We do all kinds o’ jobs, such as bounty-hunting ’n’ security. We will work for money, but we don’t necessarily work for anyone; if we find out our client possesses ulterior motives, we deal with said client accordingly. We are the Blue Moon guild – ’n’ I, Holli the Trickster, am its leader ’n’ spymaster.”“Yeah, I have not heard of you,” Luffy bluntly stated.“We have only been ‘round for ‘bout a year, so it is understandable why a group o’ pirates, raiders o’ the big blue sea, are unfamiliar with guilds,” I shrugged. “Then ‘gain, there have been cases where pirates attack trading ships with guild members on ‘em, so maybe ya have unknowingly come in contact with guilds ‘fore, Luffy.”“We don’t attack anyone without a reason,” Luffy told me through a mouthful of meat. It was disgusting, but at least no spit or food scraps flew out of his mouth. “If the marines send ships out to arrest us, we fight back. If someone tries to kill us or hurt our friends, we won’t hold back. We leave trading ships alone. We can get food at the market. If an island has no towns, then that is fine, too. We can hunt animals and save money.”“…For a self-proclaimed pirate king, ya are unbelievably merciful ’n’ kind,” I commented. “Be careful, Monkey D. Luffy, or someone might take advantage o’ it.”“Sure thing,” Luffy nodded, swallowing his snack. He then tapped his straw hat as he wiped his mouth with a napkin I lent him. “I like your outfit. You look so dark and cool! A bit revealing, but most girls tend to show off.”“Thanks, but I am still working on it,” I replied. “I have yet to finalise on the perfect, go-to outfit that will be used for combat ’n’ day-to-day activities. As for ya, your outfit is rather…casual. I take it your crew is named after your hat. Do they all wear one, too?”Luffy shook his head to answer "no" to my question, but I was not paying attention. My focus was on the door, for I heard footsteps approaching. I should have run back into the hull, but I suspected Luffy would have given me away, so I decided to stay where I was. After all, I was sick and tired of just hiding away, stealing food. That was not my style.The door opened and in came a slim, yet muscular, long-legged man with blond hair brushed over the right side of his face, hiding his eye. He had curly eyebrows, and his eyes were greyish-blue. He wore a black, double-breasted suit with golden buttons and a brown tie. It came with black loafers and a long-sleeved, buttoned-up yellow shirt. He was smoking.“Uh-oh, we are in trouble…” Luffy warned me. It came in a few seconds before the smoking blonde glared hostilely at me, grabbed us both by the arms, and threw us onto the decks. The good news was we were able to save our hats from flying off our heads; the bad news was every other crewmate was on the deck, so everyone was aware of my intrusion. Strangely enough, the way he threw me was a lot gentler than how Luffy was thrown.“I finally caught the thief!” Sanji (I believed the blonde was Sanji) growled, stomping down the steps towards us. Luffy was laughing his head off, while I got into a fighting stance, just in case things were going to get hairy fast. “So, Luffy, care to tell us all why you have been secretly dinner-dating with this scarred babe, and how did she even get on our ship?!”At the cook’s words, a swordsman stepped forward. He was a muscular man with lightly tanned skin. His cropped hair was green. His left eye was destroyed via a vertical scar, so he kept it shut tight, while his surviving right eye revealed his eye colour to be turquoise. His left earlobe bore three gold earrings. Tied around his left fore-arm was a black bandana. He had three katanas attached to a red sash. He wore a long, dark-green coat with the same red sash tied around his waist. The coat exposed his chest, revealing a green haramaki and a massive scar (which still bore stitches) stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip. He also wore black trousers, with its ends tucked into his black boots.“Luffy, what is going on…?” the swordsman asked with a tinge of venom in his voice. It also sounded as if he was jealous. Why would he be jealous, unless…?Hearing his tone and understanding its meaning more than I did, Luffy ran over to the green-haired swordsman’s side and hugged his arm. “I swear, Zoro, I am not "dinner-dating" anyone!” Luffy told him. “You know you are the only one for me. I just met her, and she is the one who has been stealing food from the fridge! Her name is Holli Rose Tig!”“Hollianna Rosaline Tighearna!” I corrected him. “I know ‘tis a mouthful, but for crying out loud, it ain’t that hard to say! How would ya like it if somebody mispronounced your name into something terrible, eh, "Donkey B. Stuffy"?!”At my exclamation and my purpose mispronunciation their captains name, most of the crew lost themsleves to laughter. Despite their initial hostility and wariness, they are a pretty chill group. “Ah, right, sorry,” Luffy chuckled. “Such a long name is hard to remember. Anyways, she is a stowaway who woke up in the hull last week, and she doesn’t know how she got there. She is a guild leader, and an expert in sneaking around and killing people!”“An assassin?!” his crewmates freaked out, instantly losing their merriment.“Don’t worry, she won’t kill us,” Luffy assured them before I could. “She told me that she hates the marines, so she is their enemy. Besides, if she was out to kill us, wouldn’t she have done it by now? Who waits this long to kill somebody?”“I can’t believe I am saying this, but Luffy has a point about that last bit…” remarked slim young woman of average height with long-&-curly orange hair, brown eyes, and a set of rather impressive melons. She had a blue tattoo on her left shoulder. She wore a revealing green-&-white horizontally-striped bikini top, tight low-rider jeans (that exposed a bit of her hips & rear), a black belt, orange high-heeled sandals, and pearl-like earrings. “Assassins don’t toy with their targets. Even so, I don’t believe the bit about her just waking up in the hull without a clue as to how she even got there.”“How right you are, my dear Nami!” Sanji beamed, love-hearts practically shooting out of his eyes. Jeez, I have a feeling this one is a true pervert…“Luffy, you are way too trusting!” lectured a muscular, tan-skinned teenager with black woolly hair tied into a ponytail, prominent lips, and a long nose. There was a small goatee on his chin’s point. He wore a white sun-cap, orange headphones on his ears, orange goggles with red lenses around his neck, rolled-up yellow pants with red suspenders, a red satchel, a blue-&-white striped wristband on his left arm, and brown ankle boots. “She could be putting on an act! As soon as we let our guards down, we are as dead as Brook!”Brook laughed like a retro pirate in old fairy-tales would. To my pleasant surprise, Brook was an extremely tall skeleton man with a slightly cracked skull. While his eyes and skin were gone, he sported a black afro. He wore heart-shaped sunglasses, a yellow feather boa, a top hat with a giant crown on the brim, a gentleman’s black coat, a beige frilly shirt with a blue cravat, and red trousers with a floral design. He was holding a black cane in his right hand.“Calm down, Usopp!” urged a powerfully-built cyborg man with a height of at least seven feet. He had bright-blue hair styled into a pompadour. His upper-body was much bigger than his lower-body, with his legs being so skinny. There were two stitch-mark scars on his torso running down from the back of his neck. His nose was metallic. In place of his elbows were large, light-blue hinges connected to his fore-arms, which were large, light-blue cubes with large, dark-blue star tattoos. His hands were metallic and red. His shoulders were large red balls with yellow socket joints, with the code "BF-37" written on them. He sported three pointy chins. All he wore were a red Hawaiian shirt with coconut tree motif, dark shades on his forehead, red speedos, and metal-rigged suspenders on his feet. “Luffy is rarely wrong on these things. If he says she is cool, then I am cool. The super Franky will trust this girl!”“I also trust Luffy’s judgement,” agreed a tall-&-slender young woman with shoulder-length black hair, large breasts, and wide blue eyes. Her limbs were very long, especially her legs. She wore a partially-zipped navy-blue leather vest with a V-neck line, a long salmon sari-like skirt, white sunglasses on her forehead, and pink high-heeled pumps. “If she were after our bounties, we wouldn’t be here right now. To be more precise, our bodies would be bloody and our heads would be on spikes, displayed for all to see.”“Don’t put such horrific images inside our heads, Robin!” yelled a golden-furred, toddler-sized reindeer boy. His left antler was braced at the base by a metallic plate. Beady dark eyes were accompanied by a blue nose. He wore a white-&-yellow vertically-striped tank top with orange shorts. With those two pieces of clothing was a pink hat underneath a blue cap with a ring of dots around the circle and buckles dangling on the ends. He almost looked cute, but talking mutant animals are not my idea of "cute things".“Sorry, Chopper,” Robin giggled.“For the record, I don’t put peoples head’s on spikes,” I spoke up, defending my honour as a respectable bounty-hunter. “I ain’t that heartless. How my opponents turn out after a fight, whether they are dead or ‘live, depends on how much o’ a challenge they give me.”“Robin, my lady, you also trust our mysterious stowaway?!” Sanji gawked.“Luffy, I do not approve of allowing a professional assassin to board our ship, but if you believe she is on our side, then I will trust your decision,” said a large fish-man with the appearance of a blue whale shark. He was easily the tallest of all the pirates on Sunny, even taller than the skeleton by a few centimeters.The fish-man had a stocky build similar to that of a sumo wrestler and an Oni-like face. His yellow eyebrows and sideburns were distinctly shaped like those found on such demons, in addition to a bulb-like nose and an angular lower lip pointing upwards. He bore two tusk-like conical lower fangs, while the rest of his sharp teeth were smaller. A severe underbite made room for his huge fangs. There was a lightning-shaped scar on his left sideburn, reaching over his left eye. He had long, two-toned black hairwith two long stripes coloured white, coming from the roots over his forehead and trailing down the back, along with a topknot. A tuft of hair with a slight green hue grew on his chin. As expected of a fish-man, his hands and feet were webbed. His limbs were somewhat thin compared to his his enormous girth. His pale-pink gills were located in-between his shoulders and neck. He wore a yellow kimono with a green sash and a Jolly Roger design arranged like stripes, an orange coat flowing like a cape from his shoulders, and wooden samurai sandals.“Thanks, Jimbei,” Luffy smiled as he let go of Zoro’s arm.Seeing as not even the respected fish-man was going to voice his concerns, Sanji reluctantly turned to the swordsman. “I hate the thought of relying on you, Moss-Head, but talk some sense into our captain!” he insisted. “You are the first-mate! Luffy will listen to you!”“I will go along with whatever our captain decides,” Zoro frowned. “But if this girl tries anything funny on Luffy, I will cut her down.”“As if ya could…” I muttered under my breath, but he heard it.“Is that a challenge?” Zoro glared, going for a sword.“I would advise against you two getting into a fight,” spoke up the slim, tribal-tattooed guy with a cow-skinned, northern-styled hat (which I found to be ridiculous). He bore dark shadows underneath his grey eyes. He had short black hair and a small goatee. He wore a hooded, opened black coat, revealing a tribal heart tattoo on his chest, complete with the skull-&-crossbones. It came with dotted grey jeans and black boots. He looked like the kind of guy normal folks would avoid; the kind of bad boy who wants to be alone. “Call it a surgeon’s hunch, but something is off about her…”“Law is right,” Brook nodded. “You may not believe me, but as an undead being myself, I kind of have a sense towards life…and this young lady has nothing of the sort in her. Sure, Hollianna is breathing, but I don’t sense a heartbeat.”“I ain’t a lady; I am a woman!” I huffed, highly offended.“Ah, my humblest apologies,” Brook said, holding back a laugh.“I am not falling for your zombie-jokes again!” Usopp scowled, walking over to me. He placed two fingers on the side of my neck, searching for a pulse. He raised an eyebrow when he felt nothing. He then brought up my wrist and placed those two fingers on it. Upon feeling nothing, he shrieked like a female victim in a horror film and jumped back. “S-She has no pulse!” Usopp freaked. “Holy c***, not another walking corpse!”Everyone perked up upon hearing that. Chopper, Nami and Sanji were freaked out. Robin, Luffy and Zoro appeared to be interested. Just to be certain, Jimbei came over from his spot and felt for a pulse on my wrist. “He is right; I can’t feel anything,” he told Luffy.“Wow, a zombie with skin and a mind of its own!” Luffy gushed. He was not scared of me in the slightest. “Hey, do you wanna join my crew?”“Luffy, stop asking every weirdo to join us!” Usopp screamed in terror. “That girl is an actual zombie! If she bites us, we might turn into zombies!”“But what about me?” Brook asked. “I am dead, and I am all bones!”“There is a huge difference between talking skeletons and zombies!” Nami claimed.“I ain’t a zombie,” I firmly told them. “I am an Unborn.”“What is an Unborn?” Nami asked the little reindeer.“It is a term used to describe babies who have yet to be born,” Chopper explained.“So, it is a kid who is still in a woman’s belly?” Luffy correctly assumed, his bluntness very amusing to hear. It is on par with my own. “But she is not in anyone’s stomach right now, so how can that be? Ugh, why do most things have to be so confusing!?”“We call ourselves that, but unlike the official description o’ the word, we Unborn died at birth,” I further explained. “Some warlord jerk resurrected us in this state ’n’ turned us into his own private army. So far, I am the only one who has broken free o’ his control.”“Do you honestly expect us to believe such a tale?” Zoro frowned, dubious & suspicious.“Whether or not ya believe it, I have not lied,” I calmly replied. “’N’ no, Luffy, I cannot join your crew. I run a guild, so joining ya would mean betraying my group. But if ya want, we can be…friends? I do owe ya for your kindness during lunch.”“A guild…I have heard the guidelines of guilds are as strong as a pirate crew’s, so treachery without officially signing off is punishable by death,” Jimbei commented. “She has a lot riding on her shoulders as a guild leader, and captains don’t abandon their crew.”“Sure, we can be friends!” Luffy grinned, ignoring most of his crews arguments. “But what kind of creep turn dead babies into teenage soldiers?”“Ya don’t have to worry ‘bout meeting him, if ya are thinking ‘bout getting revenge for my kind,” I told him. “I kicked his butt long ago, but his followers now hunt me down to the ends o’ the planet. Maybe they are the reason why I wound up on this vessel in the middle o’ the sea, separated from my mates. As for the whole "teenage" thing, he had our bodies grow at an alarming rate, then he broke our internal clocks, so we can’t age. To you guys, I look to be ‘round 16, right? Truth be told, though, I am way older than that.”“So, wait, how old are you?” Luffy inquired.“Luffy, you can’t ask a woman her age!” Sanji lectured him.“124, I think,” I confessed. “I dunno, we didn’t really do birthdays back then.”“That old?!” the whole crew gawked. Luffy and I laughed at their reactions.“Anyways…Sanji, right?” I smiled, facing the blond cook, who was stunned by all three revelations. “I am sorry for stealing food, but when I heard y’all calling yourselves pirates, I was worried ‘bout who I was dealing with, so I decided to wait it out. I was planning on bolting as soon as we reached land, but given ya stocked up yesterday, I must have missed my shot. Oh well, if y’all don’t want me ‘round, then feel free to throw me overboard.”“We can’t do that!” Luffy exclaimed. “That would be mean! We are not mean pirates! Sanji, come on, she only stole in order to survive! Don’t throw my new friend off Sunny!”Sanji glanced between me and Luffy before lighting up another cigarette, the other one having fallen out of his mouth from shock. “…Dead or alive, enemy or ally, I can’t disrespect women,” he relented. “Fine, she can stay, but no more late-night fridge-hoarding!”“Deal,” I nodded, shaking his hand.“D***, you feel as cold as ice…” Sanji mumbled to himself, rubbing his hands together. A bit confused by the statement, Robin touched my skin. She said the same thing. Strange, because I do not feel cold at all. In fact, I feel lukewarm.“Are you really dead?” Luffy inquired, looking me over for any obvious injuries. The only one visible is the large burn scar on the left side of my face.“Want me to prove it?” I asked him.Luffy nodded his head, unaware of the grotesque way of proving oneself to be a walking corpse. With the captain’s permission, I put my right hand into my left sleeve and drew out a pistol from its hidden sheath. Of course, the crew tensed up at this, but their reactions changed from fierce anticipation to a horrified revelation once I aimed it at the side of my head. They tried to stop me, but I pulled the trigger instantly.An unbelievably excruciating sensation pulsed through my head milliseconds after the bullet pierced through my skull, through my brain, and shot out the other end, leaving behind two bloody holes in the sides of my head. I stumbled a bit, but I did not faint or collapse; I stayed standing, much to the crew’s shock. I focused on breathing as I put the pistol back where it belonged. Shortly afterwards, the pain vanished, and the exposed flesh and broken bones stitched themselves back together. Within the blink of an eye, the fresh wound was gone, as if it was never there to begin with. Like many would say, it was "just like magic".“…Yup, she is definitely dead…and crazy…” Usopp mumbled, hugging Chopper.“Shooting yourself in the head is suicide…and yet, she survived…” Franky whispered.“Sh didn’t even hesitate…” Brook breathed. “Such a fearless soul…!”“What are you?” Law demanded, picking up his ōdachi and carrying it on his shoulder. He looked ready to fight, but he knew he stood no chance against me.“Unborn,” was my answer. I then turned to Luffy and patted his shoulder. He looked a little freaked out, but he snapped out of his stupor upon contact. “Sorry for scaring ya, but ya did ask for proof. How else could I prove my undead biology? I mean, sure, I could have asked Zoro or Law to behead me, but that is even more painful, not to mention nasty.”“…Your powers didn’t come from eating a Devil Fruit, did they?” Luffy inquired, wide-eyed.“That sounds delicious, but no, I can’t eat anything I don’t know ‘bout, can I?” I answered truthfully. “My un-birthed status was given to me by Locksmith, ’n’ my cataclysmic powers came shortly afterwards via the natural selection.”“How do you not know about Devil Fruits?!” Nami exclaimed, looking at me like I was the first alien to have ever landed on the planet. Rude, much!“I don’t come from ‘round ‘ere,” I confessed. “I guess these "Devil Fruits" ya speak o’ are more than some poisonous apples or raw veggies.”“They are mythical fruits that, when eaten, give people amazing powers,” Robin explained. To my surprise, she generated four more arms from her elbows. “Luffy, Chopper, Brook, Law and myself have all eaten one. I ate the Flower-Flower Fruit, which allows me to replicate and sprout parts of my body onto any surface. I can even generate them on living beings.”“I ate the Human-Human Fruit – and like the name suggests, it gave me human intelligence and the ability to talk with humans,” Chopper informed me as Robin’s extra arms disappeared in a breeze of pink petals. “By the way, I am the doctor of this crew, not a pet. I just wanted to get that off my chest because my wanted poster calls me a pet.”Luffy put a finger into his mouth and pulled it back at such a length, any normal man’s jaw would have surely snapped. “I ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, so my body is made out of rubber!” he giggled, removing his finger and returning his mouth to normal. “I can stretch my body, deflect bullets, and survive electric shocks!”“I ate the Revive-Revive Fruit long ago, back when I was captain of the Rumbar Pirates, and it resurrected me as the Straw Hats’ skeleton musician,” Brook chuckled. “I will admit, being trapped on the old ship’s wreckage in a cursed region of the sea for many decades was boring, and I did curse my fate, but I take all those curses back now.”“…I was forced to eat the Op-Op Fruit…” Law reluctantly admitted. “I can create a spherical space called "ROOM", where I have complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside it. I have been able to perform many difficult surgeries and saved people’s lives with its power. I even saved Straw Hat’s life after the war at Marineford.”“Unfortunately, Devil Fruit users are weakened by water, so the four of us can’t swim,” Robin added in, staring at the sea. “If we were to fall into the ocean, it would be certain death. It is a huge risk we are taking: us four being on a ship in the middle of the ocean…”“What about you, Holli?” Luffy asked me. “Besides being an unkillable assassin who was able to avoid Sanji’s traps, what are your powers?”“Gravity ’n’ scarf attacks,” I answered truthfully. They told me their powers, so it was only fair to tell them mine. “This scarf on my neck is actually a weapon, created by…a tired man who invented the fighting style all by himself. He took me in as his daughter for a few years ’n’ he taught me all ‘bout this fighting style. Oh, ’n’ back when I was in the army, I was strong ‘nough to be their GA, so while I might not look it, I got some seriously mad skills!”“GA…you were general over the entire army!?” Usopp gasped, astonished. “If we compare your rank to the the marines’, then your abilities equal to that of the fleet admiral’s!”“To obtain such a rank, you must be as strong as that magma b******, Akainu…” Zoro commented through gritted teeth. Hearing that name, Luffy flinched and clenched his teeth in anger before taking a deep breath to calm himself.“D*** straight!” I grinned. “Back in those days, my nickname was "the Red Reaper" – ’n’ now, they just call me "the Trickster" ‘coz there ain’t nobody out there I can’t outwit! They also call me "the Crow" ‘coz I act like one: intelligent, mysterious…’n’ a harbinger o’ death. Seriously, everywhere I go, somebody dies – be it by my hand or ‘nother’s.”“You have made friends with a particularly strong and dangerous person, Luffy, if what she claims is true,” Jimbei told the captain.“Holli is not lying,” Luffy spoke up, gaining his shipmates’ attention. “All she has said so far is the truth. It sounds crazy, but it is true. I would have noticed if she was lying.”I nodded at his words, and he nodded in response. We may have only just met, but we understood each other like we were old friends. It was kind of funny. “…Are your friends as strong as you?” Luffy asked me, changing the topic.“Are heart-attacks deadly?” I smirked.Law and Chopper both said "yes" at time same time, causing Luffy and I to laugh. The rest of the crew soon realised I posed no danger and, minus Law and Zoro, they all laughed along with us. I swear, they remind me so much of my guild-mates! I am so glad these pirates are not some ruthless cut-throats! Blood would stain the deck if they were.“I wanna see your friends!” Luffy begged me.“As ya can tell, I got separated from ‘em, but I reckon they are looking for me right now, hoping I am as right as rain, so they can’t be too far,” I said. “Honestly, your crewmates are dead-ringers for ‘em – in terms o’ personality, that is. Maybe that is why I don’t feel so scared, even though there are a lot o’ people on this fine vessel.”“You are scared of people?” Franky inquired, speaking up for the first time in a while. “Don’t tell me such a super woman is shy outside of a fight?”“I have zero social skills ’n’ I dislike talking, but something ‘bout y’all puts me at ease,” I replied. “It might be your attitudes. Most pirates are all treasure-seeking, bloodthirsty cheaters. Not y’all, though. Y’all are nice. Bit weird, but nice.”“I told you, we don’t kill unless we are forced to do so for survival,” Luffy grinned proudly, showing off his pearly-whites. “As for me, I don’t kill at all.” “A pirate king whose hands are clean…it sounds funny, but dreams were made to become reality, even if they are far-fetched,” I remarked, wiping my eye. There was something stuck between the lashes. Once whatever it was came out, I opened my eye and spotted something in the distance…something that made my blood run cold. “Uh, Luffy…since ya are a pirate, ya are pretty infamous with the navy, right?” I confirmed.“Yup, my bounty is 1,500,000,000 berries!” Luffy boasted. “I got a wanted poster with my picture on it, and so do the others! Do you have a bounty, too?”“I will show ya later,” I promised.“I wanna see it now!” Luffy practically whined.“So proof o’ my rep is more important to ya right now than the squadron o’ navy ships closing in from the starboard-stern side?” I inquired.All of the Straw Hats raised an eyebrow at that, and I pointed at the incoming ships. Seconds later, the first round of enemy cannon-fire rained down, missing us by an inch. Nami, Chopper and Usopp freaked out almost instantly. Jimbei grabbed the wheel, ready to steer us out of – or into – battle. Law and Brook both readied their swords. Franky grinned as he struck a pose, calling the dramatic timing "super". Sanji puffed out some smoke, while a smiling Robin crossed her arms. Zoro rested his right arm on his three swords as he stood by his captain’s side. Luffy held onto his straw hat, grinning like the Cheshire cat.“Alright, guys, get ready for a fight!” Luffy declared.“Aye!” his crew shouted.“Jai-ho!” I grinned.-----------------------------------------------------------------

Mature Content

One Piece OC: TatakiName: TatakiNickname(s): TatiAge: 20Gender: MaleSpecies: HumanBirth Date: November 11thStar Signs: AriesHeight: 5'11Appearance: -well built physique-tan skin-bushy eyebrows-six pack-crimson red mohawk (non spiky) with black hair underneath-black battle paint under his eyes-large, defined nose-soft, pointy chin-small cuts and bruises on his abdomen (hunting accidents)-Clothing: no shirt, satchel filled with various goods around his torso, brown pants made of animal skin, bear hide wrapped around his waist, bow and arrow wrapped around back, tomahawk on left side of pants, sandals with socks on, warrior headdress on right side of pants (basically a feather-filled hat that he wears in battle or ceremonial rituals for his tribe)Personality:-calm-reserved-patient-intelligent-resourceful-deep thinker-peaceful in most situations-leadership-kind-helpful-bashful-dedicated-focused-determined-agile-adaptiveWeaknesses:-When it comes to love, he's the least skilled in that. He looks like an idiot whenever he tries to express his true feelings to Kuishi-Has a hard time making sacrifices and doesn't want any one that he cares about to be taken away or killed no matter what. If stuck in a situation where his friends are on the line, he'll put himself in harm's wayLikes:-Hunting-Fishing-Studying new lands-Learning new skills-Gathering herbs-Reading-Crafting/polishing weapons-Helping people in need-Seeing new sights-His family-His tribe-His crew-Kuishi (romantically)-Somber tribal music-ocelet stew with mango juiceDislikes:-World Government-Greedy people-Wasteful snobs-Anyone who threatens his friends and family-Extremely loud noises-Sweet stuffHabit(s): Whistling, Polishing his weapons, target practice, sleepingFear(s): Losing the people most important to himDream(s): Seeing the vast ocean and helping KuishiMisc. Fact(s): Has a tribal war cry: "Zazazaza!"Love Interest(s): KuishiFamily: Eldest child of ten kids, son of the Anooha tribe leaderFriend(s): Kuishi, HashoEnemies: WGOccupation(s): Pirate/Vice Captain/SharpshooterCrew: Tiger-Shark PiratesBounty: 25,000,000 BerriesDevil Fruit: NoneHaki: ObservationWeapon(s): Bow and ArrowOther Skill(s): Hunting, Surveying, Gathering, PlanningOffense: 3/5Defense: 3/5Agility/Speed: 4/5Backstory: He is the heir to the title of Chief of the Anooha Tribe, and while the preparations are being made, the World Government plans to bulldoze his rainforest home and create a marketplace mall to further their economic gain. Tataki wants to fight these people off and protect his home, but his father is against it.
[OP OC] Girls + Speedpaint by KotoCheshir
Alia (One Piece OC) by Umari98
Hanze Alisa (One Piece OC) by Umari98
Lucky Roux, Pokemon x One Piece Team by LuxrayHeart
-FULL - Solo Characters -FULL-
Years by Umari98
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