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Scrap Piece 14

I'm really sorry for make you wait so long! xD
I hope you enjoy this! ^_^

BIG THANKS to Jeannette for her patience and help! <3

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Can I translate the manga into Portuguese?

I would like to post on tumblr, giving the credits to you.

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If Robin din't come Zoro would kiss Nami right? :D
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love these btw xD if Oda veered more into actual romance I imagine Robin definately doing this..;)
Mugi-girl's avatar
hahaha thanks ^^
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hahaha I always imagine her like a shipper xD
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lol Robin xDDDD
that poster she's holding is so gonna take Zoro & Nami's attention xD
Mugi-girl's avatar
hahaha xD
someone had to do the dirty work xD
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omg omg!!
awesomeeeee!! >.< :love:
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:iconyayprussiaplz: nothing, you're great!
aahahah :D los cacharon
Mugi-girl's avatar
:XD: jajajaja exacto!
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Please, please, please, continue?
I wanna know what happens next!
The 17. page, oh please?
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hahahaha Wow!
It's great find this kind of messages hahaha
But, I have to tell you that we have an "invited artist" to the next Scrap Piece ^^
:iconozyl-chan: <-- She's the next and then I'll do my part!
But don't worry! We'll continue! hahaha <3
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Can't wait.
Its so funny, and I actually got to love this pair, I usually prefer SaNa and ZoRo. But its so great! :)
Mugi-girl's avatar
OMG.. really? O_O
Your words are so touching T_T
I can't believe a ZoRo fan likes this comic!
asjdhajsd I'm so happy! hahaha
Thank you so much! Y_Y
SallySamson's avatar
aww, you are welcome! <3
But what stands asjdhajsd for? I've seen it before, but what does it mean?
Mugi-girl's avatar
Well, it's like when you're too much excited and you're not able to write properly, so you type the first keys that are close to your fingers without thinking about it XD
Only for show how emotionally affected you're XDD
SallySamson's avatar
oh, I get it! :D
ahfheakuebfka! ;D
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