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Complicated Favor (Harry Potter x Reader)
            “Do I have too?” (Y/N) asked, as she scrubbed another dish.
            (Y/N) was in the kitchen washing the dishes, when her mother approached her about going out with her friend’s son. Her mother and Petunia Dursley were friends and they thought it would be a good idea if their children were to have a date. (Y/N) wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. She met Dudley once, a year ago, and he wasn’t her type. She loved her mother and would do what she asked, but not without trying to get out of it first.
            “I don’t even know him,” she said, rinsing off the dish.
            “Well,” her mother thought for a moment. “Petunia said he attends Smeltings Academy and that’s a very prestigious school.”
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Cool Girl (Harry Potter x Reader)
            Harry and (Y/N) had an open relationship, mostly because that’s the way she wanted it. She wasn’t the type of girl who wanted to be tied down to one person. She liked her freedom and wanted to have fun. He knew this and agreed. It seemed like a good idea at first, but seeing her flirt with his best friend the past couple of days wasn’t easy.
            “Give that back!” Ron shouted, as he chased (Y/N) around the Gryffindor common room.
            “Come and get it!” she laughed, waving his wand in the air.
            She quickly put his wand behind her back when he cornered her. Out of breath, she looked up at him with a playful smile.
            “What are you going to do n
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Space and Time (Draco x Reader)
           The moment Draco’s lips touched hers, she was in love. She wanted to be with him always. They were inseparable. The bulk of their relationship was spent making out at every opportunity. Feeling his lips and hands all over her was the best part of her day. The closeness they shared was unlike anything she had experienced before.
            Draco was attracted to (Y/N) from the moment he saw her. He enjoyed the feel of her body, the taste of her lips, and her willingness to give him attention when he wanted it. It was only physical at first, but in the short time they had known each other he could see that she was much more. As he became closer to her, he developed deep feelings for her but kept it to himself. He was afraid she would become a target for his enemies and didn’t want to put her through that.
            She was p
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High on Believing (Peter Quill x Reader x Yondu)
            Peters lips disconnected from (Y/N)’s, leaving her breathless.
            “We can’t keep doing this Peter,” she whispered, looking left then right, worried that someone might see them.
            “Why not? You love me don’t you?” he asked, caressing her face.
            “Yes,” she answered, lowering her head. “But it’s still not right to do this to Yondu.”
            Yondu took her from earth at the same time he took Peter. He actually saved her from being almost beaten to death. She was sixteen and being robbed in an alley just a few blocks from where Peter was captured. Yondu killed the man and scooped her up and she has been with him ever since. Yondu
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He wasn't enough (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
            “I don’t want to be with you anymore,” she told him with frustration in her voice.
            “What?” he responded, surprised by her words.
            “You heard me Draco,” she said, looking out at the Black Lake with her arms crossed over her chest.
            “You don’t want to do this,” he said with a slight quiver in his voice.
            He stepped in front of her, forcing her to look at him.
            “Please give me another chance,” he begged, placing his hands on her shoulders.
            She pushed his hands off.
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7 Deadly Sins at Hogwarts Wrath(HarryxReaderxDraco
            "You're looking good today (L/N)," Draco commented, holding the Great Hall door open for her.
            "Thanks," she replied politely, as she moved passed him without uttering another word.
            (Y/N) and Draco had been good friends since first year, but their friendship became strained when she started to take a liking to Harry Potter. Draco didn't approve and they would continuously argue. Wanting to avoid confrontations with him, she spoke to him less and less every day until they didn't speak at all. He would try to get her to speak to him, but he had messed things up so badly that she would only say one or two words politely and move on. He missed having her around and wanted her back.
            "Morning," she said, touching Harry's shoulder and taking her seat next
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A Touch of Convincing (Sam Winchester x Reader)
            Sam searched website after website trying to discover the identity of the current monster they were trying to capture. It was painful to keep his eyes open,having been awake for more than twenty four hours, but he refused to give up the search. This mysterious creature had already terrorized a town and needed to be stopped. He yawned and rubbed his eyes then took a drink of his black coffee.
            (Y/N) sat on the couch watching him from a distance. It pained her to see her boyfriend suffering. She tried earlier to convince him to go to sleep. He said he would in an hour, but that was three hours ago. She rose from the couch and made her way towards him. Her bare feet quietly smacked against the floor making her presence virtually undetectable. Sam jumped as her hands touched his shoulders.
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Nothing takes the place of you (Harry x Reader)
          (Y/N) waited for Neville in the greenhouse. He was going to help her save the dying plant she had been growing for the past month. It was thirty minutes past the time they had agreed to meet. It was unlike him to not show up when he said he would. He always came when she needed him. Since the first day they met on the Hogwarts train, during their first year, he was there for her. He had offered her a seat when no one else did. Back then they were both shy and awkward but (Y/N) quickly grew out of those characteristics, while Neville still had a little of those qualities. Even though she became popular he remained her best friend. She never put anyone before him, which usually caused the down fall of some of her relationships. But she didn't care. If they didn't understand, then they weren't worth having around. Recently she had begun to tell her potential boyfriends from the start that Neville was important to her. She didn't want to waist her time wi
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The Truth Comes Out (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
            (Y/N) and Draco have been a couple for nearly two years. She was a year older than him, eighteen, and in her seventh year. She greatly enjoyed being with him and was usually by his side. It wasn't until recently that he slowly began spending less time with her. He would have an excuse of why he couldn't hang out with her. Out of anger, she would purposely reject him when he wanted to be with her. She was becoming suspicious of all his excuses. She didn't want to believe what was happening, but it was getting hard to ignore his behavior.
            (Y/N) walked down the hall when she heard voices.
            "Come On," she heard a girl say.
            "Not now," she heard a boy answer. 
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From Bad to Worse (Dean x Reader x Sam)
            "I am not eating there," (Y/N) said as they pulled up to a taco mobile.
            "It's tacos on wheels. What's wrong with that?" Dean asked turning off the car.
            "There's nothing wrong with tacos, but this place looks like a greasy nightmare," she said scrunching her face in disgust.
            "It's fine," he said exiting the car. "You coming?"
            (Y/N) shook her head. Dean knew there was only one way to get her out of the car.
            "You chicken?" he said with a smirk.
            She tightened her lips and glared at him playfully. He knew she c
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Obnoxious Flirt Final Chapter(DracoxreaderxHarry)
            The next morning (Y/N) woke up happy and content. She had been struggling for so long to get everything done and now she was finally able to slow down. Everything was almost back to normal for her, she just needed the rest of her memories to return.
    She was almost done getting ready for the day. She stood in front of the mirror combing her hair as she hummed. The humming soon turned into words. 
            "Someone to care, someone to share, lonely hours and moments of despair, to be loved, to be loved, oh what a feeling to be loved," she sang.
            Suddenly there was a flash of black, she saw her bag breaking on the Hogwarts train, then Draco helping her pick up her things. The memory of when they first met ran through her mind clearly. Another flash of blac
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Obnoxious Flirt chapter 5 (Draco x reader x Harry)
           The next two days were great for Draco. (Y/N) didn't read the entire time during her meals, instead she took time out to interact with him. She also asked him to study with her in the common room both nights.
            After breakfast (Y/N) headed back to her room to retrieve a piece of parchment and a book she needed before meeting Hermione in the library. As she rushed out of the common room she unexpectedly crashed into Draco. The impact caused her to roughly bounce off of him. She was about to collide with the floor when she felt his hands on her.
            "I got you," Draco said, swiftly pulling her against him.
            He held onto her tightly enjoying the feel of her body close to his. His arms wrapped around her waist, as he stood behind her. He lightly bru
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Like No Other (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
           (Y/N) walked through the halls of the Avengers facility heading to her office. She was a doctor who currently attended to illnesses and injuries. She hoped one day to work in the labs helping with medical advances, but for now she was happy just to be working around the Avengers.
            It was early in the morning and the only sound that could be heard were the clicking of her heels against the floor. There weren't many people walking the halls this early so she would scroll through her cell phone messages without fear of bumping into someone. She looked to see if her boyfriend, Steve Rogers, sent her any messages. He was currently off on a mission and he only sent her a message if it was important. He really wasn't one for using cell phones.
            They began dating a few months ago after she popped hi
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Sorrell by mugglewitch75 Sorrell :iconmugglewitch75:mugglewitch75 16 12
Notice Me (John Watson x Reader)
            (Y/N) exited her apartment which was currently located directly across from 221 b on Baker street. She would go out in the morning to water her flowers and enjoy the morning sun. Most mornings she would see a man hustle out of 221 b and catch a cab. It was on rare occasions that she would see him walk instead. 
            She noticed him a few weeks ago, but he never seemed to notice her. She thought he had a kind face and a cute smile. She would come out every morning hoping to catch a glimpse of him before he was carried away by the cab. She mustered up the courage once to try and get his attention by dropping a flower pot. Even though the pot had made a considerable amount of noise, the man seemed too flustered to pay attention. He just continued on his way stomping down the street.
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Obnoxious Flirt chapter 4 (Draco x reader x Harry)
            Over the next couple of weeks (Y/N) kept busy studying. She was determined to get back to where she was before. She spent a lot of time in the library with Hermione, who had become a big help to her. When she wasn't in the library, she would be in her room reading. Even during her meals she had a book in her hand. She would eat quickly and leave, making it almost impossible for Draco to talk to her. He would get a few words with her, here and there, but nothing significant. On the positive side for him, it also meant that Harry wasn't getting time with her either. 
            Draco made his way to the library to look for (Y/N). He was hoping to get a few minutes with her. He didn't want to disturb her studying, but he really wanted to be with her. Entering the library he saw her gathering her things about to leave. He was grateful that he wouldn't be interrupt
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