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Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

First off, I like to thank my friend, ~StRachel13 for introducing me to this horrible character from a horrible fanfiction I'll get to, second, since I haven't posted art since that Andy Biersack one, might as well since it's the new year and time to upload art for the last day of the year. Okay, now let's start the actual description. 

For those who don't know, this is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way or  Enoby, Egogy, TaEnoby, Tara or whatever name that she calls herself is the main character in the fancfiction, My Immortal. You guys may not know what it is, and if you don't, good. It's a fanfiction made by a girl of the name of Tara Gilesbie and to its surprise, it actually takes place in the world of Harry Potter, I shit you not, it does. However, our main hero, Harry is not important anymore,  no no, it's this damn bitch who's important now; and wanna know why she is horrible? It's because she's a damn Mary 
Sue! That's why! Wanna know why, here's the examples:

1. She has a shitload of nicknames she goes by(as I said earlier)
2. Every character: Harry(or called Vampire in the fic, oh did I forgot to tell you that he's called Vampire in the story?), Draco, and even Hagrid and Snape love her and even wanna have sex with her! It's bad enough that they are HarryxSnape shippers in the HP fandom, WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE EXAMPLES OF SNAPE BEING A PEDOPHILE! 
3. There are chapters where she describes her clothing and looks, in which you don't give two craps about in real life! 
4. She has friends who are always there for her when she's called sad and depressed and has to go slit her wrists. :| 
5. She's a slut, bimbo, dumb, doesn't think for herself, extremely self-centered, doesn't do much for herself but slits her wrists when depressed, cries over Draco when he *spoilers* commits suicide but surprisingly comes back to life with no explanation, and just bitches and moans throughout the whole story! 

Yeah, now you see why she's a Mary Sue? :| And yeah, she's such an unlikeable, bland boring character that Bella Swan,  FUC*ING BELLA SWAN of the Twilight series looks at her and says :iconbellaplz: :iconsaysplz: "Wow, that is one unlikeable character. At least I only have sex with the one love interest that I was paired up with at first." 

So there, that is my rant on Ebony and pretty much My Immortal itself. It's one bizarre, boring, unoriginal, shitty written fanfiction ever made! In addition, it's so fuc*ing bad that no one can tell if this was written as serious or a joke! That's how bad a story has to be if you can't tell if it's serious or fake! 

And Tara Gilesbie, I know you disappeared from the internet, but if you come along and discover this one day and say I'm a prep or a poser because I'm flaming your work, well hats off to you because I'm actually a Gothic person myself. I don't dress like it every day because 1, I know what the Gothic culture really is compared to what you think it is and it's not about slitting your wrists when feel depressed and moaning about life, it's actually about and quoted from Wikipedia: 

"Its imagery and cultural proclivities indicate influences from the 19th century Gothic literature along with horror films and to a lesser extent the BDSM culture. 
The Goth subculture has associated tastes in music, aesthetics, and fashion. The music of the Goth subculture encompasses a number of different styles, including Gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, ethereal, industrial music, and neoclassical. Styles of dress within the subculture range from deathrock, punk, and Victorian styles, or combinations of the above, most often with dark attire, makeup, and hair." 

So with that said, I think you got like 2.1 of the Goth Culture right out of all this information and 2, you're a very silly troll and should go back under your bridge. =P

Alright, I'm done. And if you wish to read this fanfiction, I command that you don't, but if you wish for a good laugh, especially when Dumbledore comes in at first and says one epic line, then have fun. Just don't be surprise if you get a headache, eyes start hurting, and your whole IQ drops once you read it.

Ebony/My Immortal-Tara Gilesbie
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Ha ha! I remember this fanfic! At least it isn't as terrible as Sonichu!...wait...both of them are terrible equally.
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
Never heard of Sonichu but I bet it is horrible.
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Don't you know if you read quality stories your IQ drop will be temporary? I recommend Stephen King, or a Capias Cain novel.
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
I read anything honestly, but I'd only made this because a friend introduced it to me and the story this character is from a fanfiction, that was considered "The Worst Fanfiction Ever." 
Private-Funny-Man's avatar
Ah. Well I agree with you on Ebony being a slut and a bimbo. Honestly, I thought my writing was bad. It's not that bad, but I made an accidental Mary Sue. I didn't know what one was at the time, but that's the past. However, there is a story that might be worse than My Immortal. It's called Hart Shapped Love.

"How bad could it be?" You might ask?

Katey Parry is a villain, and it's written like My Immortal.
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It does. It does. Ever heard of the Prayer Warriors stories?
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
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Look it up. It's slightly better than my immortal, but well, eh, my words can describe how awful it is.
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These are some of my favorite quotes of 'My Immortal'.

1. 'What the hell are you doing you motherfukers?!' It was.................... Dumbledore!
2. 'What have you done?!' he cried wisely. 'Ebony Draco has been found in his room, he committed suicide by slitting his wrists!!!' (While one minute ago, Tara explained that Draco couldn't die of slitting his wrists because he was a vampire. Dumb bitch.
3. Snake and Loopin were in da middle of da empty hall, doing it, and Dobby was watching!1!

Do you have any favorite quotes? :meow:
War-in-the-Pacific's avatar
I liked it when Voldemort gave her a gun to kill Harry Vampire and when "Loopin" and "Snap" were videotaping her naked and masticating to it.  :XD:  I also liked that Hagrid may be a student, but he was also a SATANIST!  :D 
StRachel13's avatar
War-in-the-Pacific's avatar
What were you thinking, you horny simpleton!!11??/  Go take your masticating elsewhere.  =P
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
I definitely love the first and second ones. First one is a legend and the second one just proves how dumb Tara is.  
amemethyst's avatar
ohhh man that fanfic is a classic, i havent read it in years though 
it's so bad it's good
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
It's a horrible piece of mess in a good way. o3o BTW, have you been watching Monster High yet?
amemethyst's avatar
sadly no :c i haven't had the time to for the past week
i'll make it a 2014 resolution aha 
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Hmm, can't say that this sounds like a good fanfic. What I can say is that at least the HP fanfic I attempted didn't end up like that. Good comments are always good at least :)


PS Why didn't you show dry blood on this strange person's wrists? =P

Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
Trust me, it's a bad one. So bad that it makes Twilight look likeable. 

Oh, it's because in the story, she slits her wrists alot because she's "depressed." I'm actually not making fun of people who have serious issues, it's suppose to be a satire of the character because I'm mocking how she really is in the story. 
PsychoticBunny2010's avatar
I kind of figured that, but she seems to be a person who does that for attention, rather than the relieving of pain.
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
Oh trust me, she does since she's a stupid little Mary Sue from a horrible fanfiction because her author did not know how to write whatsoever. 
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