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Literally using your head...don't do this at home!

Also in before someone comments about this being the real Ram-Man and not the Netflix whatever they come up with calling Ram Ma'am....

MOTU Origins_Ram-Man

"Castle Grayskull will be mine! Gentlemen....and evil!"

MOTU Origins_Hordak

Well, at least they were progessive enough to call them Prehistoric Dinosaurs, as opposed to modern day Dinosaurs, more commonly known as birds.

1986 Lindberg-Pyro Dinosaurs

Most are retired.

Rarity & AJ are married and the owners of a large company the produces all natural fashion ( and also apple cider )

RD had an extreme sports career ( and a whole lot of broken bones over time )

Pinkie married the EQG version of Cheese Sandwich...they own a party planner company.

Sci-Twi did a lot of science and did among other things discover cold fusion.

Fluttershy leads a large organisation for the wellfare of animals. Currently tending to Mechanimals...

As for you? You died during a massive crisis event, heroically sacrificing yourself ( and also unlocking your most powerful form, Infinty Star Dragon God Omega Ghidorah ) against a multiversal thread that would have wiped out all life in the Multiverse ( so only the scumbags died, therefore killing only half of the Multiverse )

Sunset Shimmer Day - Sure Grandma

Probably has one ore more special moves where she turns into her mermaid form.

Ariel Fighter COMMISSION