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Front Row 1.3 Realistic Skin

By MugenB16
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edit: April 2007, Updated camera icon and used curves to achieve a cohesive colour across all icons.

the file is also available on
and versiontracker: [link]

edit: feb 13th, 2007, rewrote & updated readme to include credits and clarify instructions.

Iiro [] icon inspiration and front row folder icon. [link]
Lokheed [] icon inspiration

edit: feb. 12th 2007, minor change to the DVD icon to fix the drop shadow. updated the .zip file to reflect changes.

windows version of the icons (.ico) can be found here: [link] in the massive media icons set.

I've had some icons I really love that I've been using for my iLife apps, iPhoto/iTunes/GarageBand etc. and I thought wouldn't it be cool if I made a skin for Front Row with them! Inspiration came from [link] and [link]

To install this skin you don't need any other software. Just drag and drop into the alias folder included in the file. I've also included backup icons in the event you want to revert to its virgin state. Read me file explains how to do the install. VERY very easy.

don't forget to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect!
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thanks you amazing

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woww great job man!! :)
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I miss the old FR :(

but here is the APP to change the New one [link]
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Wow, very nice.

Now, I have to ask you something, do you mind me using the camcorder icon included in this pack for a mockup of a website? The picture would stay on dA and would only be for fun. I'd credit you fully in the description. It's just I've been looking everywhere for a high quality picture of a video camera, and this seems perfect.
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I'm just wondering, will this work on the Front Row version where they show the sides of each icon instead of these 4 rotating?
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unknown, not tested on the newer version
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awesome, thanks !!
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heeeeeeey thnx for making a dynax 7d icon because i have that camera and im using it as icon thnx maaan
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hey just wondering, how do i take a snapshot of a front row?
I mean like the privew picture u got there :D
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i might have used in osx. i don't remember :crying:
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excellent icon set, using them in Finder via CandyBar.
:+fav: :worship:
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Very nice. Do you have the .icns files so that we can use them on the apps themselves?
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yes I do. PM me your email and I'll send them for you. =)
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very kool!

the new front row in leopard looks absolutely horrible!

But tiger front row is awesome.

How did you do it?
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you just replaced the icons =) nothing big.
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very neat and nice. so can i use it?
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WoW LOOks really amazing! thanks!
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you should request for featuring your work on both apple groups here ^^ it looks gorgeous!
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:thanks: thank you! :aww: sure, which apple groups would those be?
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right on :thumbsup: i'll check it out :aww:
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