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Orang Minyak

Orang Minyak, its a local malaysian legend,

legend has it that he was a deformed person that was hated and beated all the time because of of his looks, but in heart he is a good man .

makes a deal with the devil to be good looking , but the deal was he has to rape 16 virgins, he did and became good looking . but ever since then every time the devil wants to satisfy his lust, orang minyak becomes his vessel.

Sculpted in Polimer Clay
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great job Muzifal
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The Orang Minyak looks so cool in this piece! I'd love to see somebody do a digital art drawing of the middle pose.
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nice one! Rasa nak belajar sculpting. :(
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idol! beautiful!
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Wonderful pose! The proportions and elasticity of the surface are truly remarkable.
awesome job man
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awesome work!
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congratulations for the work!
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wonderfull, I love all the details ^O^
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great work men

My THUNDERCATS and HEMAN sculpture gallery [link]
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your amazing sculpture have been tag on this news!! check it out

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impressive man...great work!
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Very nice! Polimer Clay really rocks doesnt it :)
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hey man, saw the prog thread somewhere either in shifflet or really like how the thing turned out. awesome!
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