Male!Hanji x Titan Shifter!Reader [[Commission]]

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Published: June 30, 2014
Anime: Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin
Male!Hanji x Titan Shifter!Reader
Commission for ImaginingComa
AoT/SnK and its characters © The fabulous Hajime Isayama
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi 
The Ever-So-Sexy Reader © Yourself, or whoever you want

Being subject to one of Hanji's stares was not exactly the most comfortable of things. Everybody hated it - including the Corporal. How could one not hate it? This 'stare' always seemed to occur when those blasted Titans were mentioned, which was often followed by an enthusiastic, one-sided conversation about them that seemed to last for hours. The stare itself was rather unsettling; purplely-brown eyes that seemed to peer into your very soul. In a small way, she was similar to the Colossal Titan - peering over the wall that you put up to protect yourself, only for him to break it down again. People often had mixed feelings for the man. Some regarded him with a Hell of a lot of respect - because let's face it, there aren't many people who are willing to be so close to Titans. Most people would quake in fear at the mere rumbling of the floor from a Titan far off in the distance. Other than respect, Hanji seemed to accumulate a high amount of weird looks from passersby. After all, who in their right minds could obsess over a giant hunk of meat so much?

The male was presently bugging a member of his squad. The two were alone in the mess hall, after the rest of the squad had escaped long beforehand, realizing that Hanji had gone into one of his 'crazy' modes. His companion was a smaller woman, whom had bored [eye colour] eyes that seemed to stare ahead of her with a painful look. She'd been sat in the same position for over an hour, at least, and she couldn't just get up and leave - those actions would disrespect her squad leader. 

"Come on darling," his voice was soft, his body a little too close to hers. "Why won't you titan shift for me? You'll do it whenever Levi asks, but when I want it, you always say no!" On his lips, he wore the most adorable of pouts, whilst he hung on her arm. 

"Hanji," [Your Name] turned to her leader with an annoyed expression. "That's because when Levi wants me to shift, he has a decent reason. You on the other hand want nothing more than to gawk. What's so interesting about it anyway?"

His eyes lit up in the most terrifying of ways. "How is it interesting? [Your Name]- Have you seen those majestic beasts? Well, of course you have- You are one!" 

"Did you just call me a beast?" She retorted, snapping her gaze to focus on him and only him. 

"Well," his cheeks lit up with a pink hue. "Not intentionally, no. But Titans truly are amazing! Despite their horrible, erhm, how shall I say this- habits, they're such beautiful creatures! Come on, [Your Name], won't you shift into a Titan for me? Please?" 

"Batting your eyelashes at me will not alter my answer," she sighed in return. "I said no, Hanji."

"But, I need it for my research!" He gasped out, desperately hanging onto the idea of watching her shift into one of his most beloved of creatures. "After Sawney and Bean-" he stopped, his eyes glistening with tears. Oh yes, he'd lost the two captures Titans to some unknown intruder. "Please, [Your Name]! I need another Titan to research, preferably one that is not hell-bent on eating me!" 

"Well, at least you admit that they want to eat you," the female beside him sighed. "Hanji- No. Screw your research. Just like Eren, Erwin has said that I must only titan shift when ordered to. I'm a danger to the corps, Hanji." 

His hand reached out to hers, his fingers entwining with her own. "As long as you don't eat me, then you won't be a danger! Come on, [Your Name]! It'll be a blast!"

"A blast in the wall," she added on. "Why are you so obsessed with Titans, Hanji? Are you Titansexual or something?" As soon as the sentence had left her mouth, she found herself grinning at such an absurd idea. Hanji's mouth twisted into a frown for a brief second, before turning into a feral grin. "Only for you, [Your Name]~!" 
© 2014 - 2019 MuffledScreaming
Oneshot Commission for :iconimaginingcoma: 

Holy crap. This is so bad. I am so ashamed at my writing here. 
I'm so sorry, Taiyou. If you want, I can redo your commission. /sigh
It's so short because I don't have the time or ideas to stretch it out anymore. 

On another note-

Put it in the dictionary. 
Right now. 
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KewlKrisHobbyist Artist
It is good. :3 probably would have liked it more if reader was male too.
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well titan babies anyone? X3 X) XD

and please do another one of this story. :D
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Random person: "Your so gay!"
Me: "Did you just assume my sexuality? I am a proud titansexual!"
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MeridaHoffersonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dammit Hanji!

Touché. Touché.

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"Are you Titansexual or something?"
Jeff: WTF! *falls on ground laughing loudly*
Macy: c-ca-can't b-b-b-rea-th *rolls on floor choking on laughter literally*
Me: It's not THAT funny! *chuckling to self*
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Luv It XD ! Didnt Think I would like Male! Hanji x readers but I Do !
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PoisonAzaleaHobbyist Digital Artist


Cannot even plz 
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Shinatty-chan101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wtf is with the gif? XD
PoisonAzalea's avatar
PoisonAzaleaHobbyist Digital Artist
it was a representation of my utter joy and disbelief
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Shinatty-chan101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think that's truly and utterly beautiful
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PoisonAzaleaHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you child

Have a Papmingplz 
may it protect you in the times to come
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Shinatty-chan101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have no idea what that is XD But I will cherish it
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SleuthelleHobbyist General Artist
I don't care.... I submitted "Titansexual" to Urban Dictionary. Hopefully will be up soon.
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Titansexual.....................................I knew it................Hanji was always titansexual...........................Now the world knows
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fizzy284Student Writer
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Urban dictionary, here we come.
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SlenderGirlieHobbyist Writer
Pfttt, Titansexual. Ha, you come up with that yourself? That is a good one! XD
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Yeah, I did XD
And thank you!
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XxSweetScarlettxXHobbyist Artist
I laughed throught out the whole thing this was awesome keep up the good work XD
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