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Torterra1324 has been working on a video comic version of Twilight's First Day, and the first video, covering the first five parts, has just been released! It features a talented voice cast, music and sound effects. Go and give it watch, and subscribe to Torterra1324's channel to encourage him to make more!

YouTube link

At the start of this year I contributed to the Bronies For Good charity art anthology book Bound Together, a 56-page book featuring comics and art from some of the community's finest artists. My contribution was an 8-page comic called Twilight's First Dance (set in the same "continuity" as my ongoing Twilight's First Day series). The book has been sold from vendor stalls at various MLP conventions throughout Europe and North America, but Bronies For Good has now opened up online orders for the last few copies. All proceeds from the project go to the Against Malaria Foundation.

So get the book while stocks last - there will be no second printing, so this may be your last chance!

Order here!

Preview page of Twilight's First Dance

I thought I'd post a little update to keep my followers informed about the status of my comics, and Twilight's First Day in particular. I haven't stopped working on them, and I fully intend to continue the story, but a couple of weeks ago I did this...

2015-10-04 16.36 by muffinshire

...which means my life right now is chasing around looking at venues and going to wedding fairs and planning and designing and all that stuff, leaving very little time for drawing! So at least until next summer, when we plan to have the wedding, the already slow pace of my releases will probably be even slower. I promise I will still be working on Twilight's First Day in my free time even during the coming months, but I can make no promises about releases. So until after the wedding bells have rung, this is Muffinshire saying thank you for your continued patience.
You may have heard of the charity fundraising organisation Bronies for Good, the group behind the Seeds of Kindness albums. Well, they're branching out into print projects with Bound Together, a comic and art anthology book which they are producing to raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation. Some of the best-known artists in the fan community are contributing to the project, and I've been invited to join them!

Read all about it!

My contribution will be an 8-page comic titled Twilight's First Dance, which is set in the same continuity as my ongoing comic Twilight's First Day, and tells the story of our favourite filly attending her first dance at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. The complete comic will only be available in the Bound Together anthology, but I'll be posting sneak peeks here, and possibly doing some live streams of me working on the comic.

The book will be available to buy at conventions, starting with BABSCon this April, and at other conventions in America and Europe, but if you pre-order the book you can get it posted to you instead. So get along to the project page and place your pre-order!
Following my earlier interview on Babble with Bronies #86, show host EverlastingJoy invited me back to co-host a regular review episode. We did the usual review of the news, checked out some fan music and art, then watched and critiqued season 2 episode 19, Putting Your Hoof Down. It was a great experience to co-host the show live, and for those who missed it, the recording is up on YouTube now.

A little while back, I was on the weekly art and episode review show Babble With Bronies (hosted by EverlastingJoy), and the recording is up on YouTube now. We discussed the show, my involvement in the fan community and more. So if you want to hear me witter on for a couple of hours, here's the recording!

Late last year, writer and colourist Jeremy Khan approached me to collaborate on an original comic book project he was working on, named Ringa Raggedy. He commissioned me to produce 36 pages of line art for the first issue of Ringa Raggedy, and at last the print version of the comic is on sale via The Urban Blvd. (digital downloads should be available soon as well). The print version is already in its second print run, so buy now!

Ringa Raggedy is the tale of a young raccoon who struggles to hide her incredible powers, and who gets swept up into an action-packed adventure when forces of evil try to prevent her fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Issue 1 lineart collage

Last weekend I was interviewed by OsakaJack for the weekly show "Into the Spotlight" on Everfree Network. The show is pre-recorded, and goes out as a live-stream on Wednesdays - sadly at a time that means I'm fast asleep when it airs - but the recording is now up on YouTube. So if you want to hear me blather on about ponies, comics and the terrible blight that is feral hippogriffs, give it a listen!

In what is probably a long-overdue move, I have decided to join Twitter. My handle is Muffinshire. I'll be posting notifications there whenever I release new comics and other artwork so you can be kept up-to-date without having to check DeviantART, plus I'll be tweeting some extra preview material there as a bonus.

Twilight's First Day #14 is coming together at last and should be completed this week. I've Tweeted an extra preview panel as a thank-you for your continuing patience. The pony teacher is based on the teacher of class 2B from one of my favourite comics from my childhood, The Bash Street Kids.
A few months back I spoke to Zadik, who plays Cover Story on the pony podcast/talk show The Inventory. The Inventory is a playful blend of art review show and radio play, now on its ninth full episode (plus some mini episodes and bonus material), and the latest one features discussion about my artwork and papercraft! Watch it now on YouTube, subscribe to their channel KPNYRadio, and check out their earlier episodes while you're there!
As the Twilight's First Day comic series continues to grow in popularity the number of fan translations has grown with it, so I thought it'd be a good idea to show you where you can find them in other languages.

If you're planning to do a translation in another language, message me to discuss it. I can provide blank versions of the comics with the English text removed, so you won't need to waste time removing it yourself!
Well, it's been quite a year. Twelve months ago my deviantART account was a repository for my dabblings in pony papercraft and not much else. Then in June I took an unusual step for me - I threw myself into a completely strange social situation, namely a meetup in Manchester (organised at the UK of Equestria forums). Along with the singing, the episode viewings, the art auction and all the other fun and silliness, there was a 30-minute art contest, and that rekindled in me a long-held love of drawing (cartooning in particular).

Still riding the crest of that wave of enthusiasm, I dusted off my art materials and began to experiment. I borrowed a graphics tablet, and soon bought one of my own. I took part in Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground event and began actively trying to improve my own skills and discover my own style. The positive reactions from the fan community led me to explore new avenues, to use my art to help raise money for charity, and to try my hand at comics. And that brings us to today, with Twilight's First Day now my most popular project.

So to all of you who have encouraged me along the way with your positive comments, your support, spreading awareness of my little contributions to the fandom, I thank you. Thanks to everyone who has left birthday greetings and badges here on dA, and to the anonymous donor who sent me a month's premium membership. Here's to another year of pony-filled wonderfulness!

By the way, today sees the publication of my first submission to the Pun Pony Project, a multi-artist daily comic on Tumblr. I've had two other pieces on there before (both bumped ahead of this one due to schedule shuffling) but this was actually my first contribution, and it's a whimsical illustrated poem instead of the comic's usual pun-based humour. Trot on over there and check it out!
Ask Pun is a daily comic on Tumblr, with an emphasis on pun-based humour and art contributed by a bunch of pony artists. Today's strip (26th January 2013) is my first contribution to the project. Well, to be accurate it's actually the second strip that I submitted, but the first to be published because of some shuffling of the dates. Head on over there and take a look!

And for those of you waiting on Twilight's First Day #4, I have just completed all the character art and the most complex background of the piece. Only the simpler backgrounds, effects and lettering is left to do. It should be ready in the next day or two.
I am taking part in Movember, the annual worldwide charity fundraiser where participants are sponsored to grow a fabulous moustache (without help from Twilight's "number 25"!) during November to raise funds for cancer charities and to increase awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. I am opening up a limited number of pony art commissions in exchange for a donation to Movember.


For a donation of £10 (approx US$16), I'll draw a picture featuring up to two characters, coloured and shaded, with a plain, gradient or transparent background. More characters, detailed backgrounds and props can be added with a larger donation:

Additional characters: £5 each
Detailed props or costumes: £5-10, depending on complexity
Background: £5-20, depending on complexity

These prices are not rigid, and we can negotiate depending on the piece.

Commission Queue:

Commissions are now closed. Sorry!

  1. [anonymous]: Completed!
  2. FireBallNation: Completed!
  3. Percleader: Completed!

  1. If I have any commission slots marked "available", send me a private message with a brief description of what you want me to draw. If all the slots are reserved, please hold off messaging - I may not be able to respond if I'm swamped with requests! Requests will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.
  2. I will reserve you a commission slot and respond within 24 hours to discuss the exact specifications of your request (poses, costumes, props, backgrounds, etc) and to set a price.
  3. Once we have reached an agreement about the price and content, I'll send you instructions and a link to the donation page.
  4. When you have sent your donation, I will start work on your piece. The status of your piece will be shown in the commission queue above.
  5. The completed piece will be posted to my gallery unless you request it be sent privately.


  • Donations are made on the Movember site - I do not touch a single penny of your donation. The Movember site accepts donations via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. As I am participating on the UK site, donations are entered in pounds sterling (GBP) and will be converted to your local currency by your card provider or PayPal. You can check the exchange rate on any currency converter site, such as this one.
  • Please don't send your donation until I've accepted your commission. You are welcome to donate to Movember without commissioning me, but I cannot accept "retroactive" commissions (i.e. requests received after you have already donated).
  • I cannot refund any donations.
  • I will draw characters from the shows (all generations) as well as original characters. If you want an original character, a clear description or existing pictures of the character will be needed for reference.
  • I won't accept requests for pornographic, gory/violent or offensive images. Nothing stronger than what you see on Equestria Daily's Drawfriend posts, basically.
  • I reserve the right to decline any unsuitable requests, or where an agreement over the contents of the piece cannot be reached.
  • If you do not respond to messages within 3 days during the negotiation stages (i.e. after your initial message but before you have sent your donation), your reservation will be dropped and the slot offered to someone else. Please don't contact me unless you are serious about completing the commission, as it would be unfair to hog a slot if you have no intention of following through with the donation.