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Twilight's First Day #26 panel 2

Here's a higher-resolution version of panel 2 from Twilight's First Day #26. In the first draft of the comic, I was going to cheat this scene by having a low perspective of the dining hall, meaning I could get away with drawing detailed ponies only close to the viewer and drawing the more distant and obscured ones as mere silhouettes. I soon realised this was selling myself short, and wrecking the impact of Twilight and Moondancer entering a very busy dining hall, so I had a rethink. I have strong memories from my childhood of looking at comics with large crowd scenes, and spending many long minutes examining the figures and what they were doing, so this is my "tribute" to such scenes.

This was an epic undertaking to say the least - there are, by my count, 59 distinct characters in this view, all with unique designs, and this single panel probably took as long to draw as the entire rest of the comic! So here it is at higher resolution, showing off all the little details that you might not be able to see so well in the actual comic. Obviously, the blank areas in the top left and bottom right would have been covered by panels, so there is no detail there.
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Is there a story behind the unicorn with the docked tail to the bottom right?
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No, I just didn't bother drawing the tail because I knew it'd be cut off by the next panel (same reason there's nopony seated in that corner of the table, no reflections/sheen, etc).
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when the next page
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Where's Sunset Shimmer?
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She's already in the EQG world at this time. Celestia took Twilight on as a student after Sunset had already left.
my highlights of this panel:

pony with the carrot stick tusks :XD:
the expression of the pony that spilled the water :o
that belching pony (bit immature to say this one, really ^^;) and...
that one filly feeding the blushing colt! :aww:
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I agree that this is an undertaking: the lion's share of the effort goes to something that would seem minor. 
Doing science is just like that: you prove your hytopthesis with a beatiful experiment... then you need to repeat your experiment an N-number of times just to male sure that your results are consistent... then you publish, and your peers duplicate your experiment just to see it for themselves. 
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Imma creep out of my corner of peace and solitude here to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into a free comic, I love this comic and I've just enjoyed following and seeing what happens next. So yes, we'll done you!
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BRAVO! Amazing detail and thought of each character's design and activity! It really does remind you of those childhood comics... I just love your dedication! (and the pony blowing her nose :P)
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I think that little scene is cute, the filly using her napkin to blow her nose, and her friend sitting beside her keeping her food clear with a shocked expression on her face. x3
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This scene reminds me of those old Usborne Puzzle Books I used to read.
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Really love what you did here!
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Awesomely done!! :D I especially love the perspective and placement for every element in this hall!! :3
Also, "Quesadillas incoming"... ...
Nice work, stay cool! :3
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It's so lovely! I bet it did take so long but it's well worth the fantastic result! Makes the school, and comic, feel more alive.
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