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Twilight's First Day #18 - Sticker Prank

Oh, Shining Armor - you should know better than to fall asleep when Twilight is out to prank you!

This is the full version of frame 16 from Twilight's First Day #18, without the vignette effect.

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The look on Velvet's face "what are you doing you silly filly" but we all know she's fighting every urge to find a camera
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Best part was he went all the way to work that day before somepony pointed it out to him......
MisterJones4899's avatar
How do you manage to come up with these?
fanfics4ever's avatar
My sister and I did that to each other when we were toddlers
MasterVule's avatar
I absolutely love this scene!! :squee:
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Interesting note, Shining Armor is only pretending to be asleep, and Twili knows it.  :)
Dragon101k's avatar
How adorably cute! And dat Dapper room!
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Aw... What a cute little puppy!
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I like the Geode on the shelf.

its gonna be a bugger to get those stickers off his mane  XD
jyroman53's avatar
Twilight was a troll even when she was a filly !
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This is just adorable~ :heart:
S-K-Y-L-I's avatar
Twilight Velvet isn't amused xD
MoonMaidy's avatar
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That's so cute!!
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he's freaking huge in this
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Twilight needs to be tacked to the ceiling by her tail for this transgression.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Pranks like this wouldn't work on me 'cause I sleep too light for that. ;)
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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :iconrainbowdashlaughingplz:
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