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Twilight's First Dance (8/8)


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I love this so freaking much

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Loved this one too!

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I noticed that Ponies in general don’t have much in terms of dance moves. Kinda sad, and it does make sense given Twilights dancing.
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(sees the posh ponies look on in disqust while he holds an anvil over them and nonchalantly drops it)

Blaze: (overexaggerated) Oops! 
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If Celestia puts in a request to the band to play a particular song, they're sure to faint with excitement.
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Such a cute comic!
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That’s a big piece of paper 
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Hey, there's Moon Dancer! :-)
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End of a chapter, k.
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(This comment is from a friend who was reading over my shoulder) Boi
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Awwwww This story is too cute
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i think im actually tearing up
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I´m not so sure about Celestia doing this. She is sheltering Twilight perhaps a bit too much.

I know I've said this before but you need to include more scene's of Twilight being scolded for the things she does.
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Umm, what are you talking about? Twilight did nothing bad in this comic.
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Well she should suffer if she makes a mistake.

Also the second thing was more meaning overall. I do want to see Celestia be a useful mentor and not just shield Twilight.
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But their isn't a mistake she makes in this entire comic at all.
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misjudging the theme of the party.
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She is still a little child so the misjudgments and resulting consequences are small. But she still shouldn't be shielded from them. They will become more severe when she grows older.
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But, she shouldn't be the one that's at fault for not understanding how to dress up. She chose to dress up in such a way that she would like. You're basically saying that she can't dress up the way she wants to just because some bitch ponies judge her for it.
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Awww. Twily's first letter to the princess. :D 
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