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TFD #17 panel 17

This was definitely my favourite panel to draw from Twilight's First Day #17, so I decided to upload this higher resolution version too.

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Aww! I wanna poke Celestia's belly button! It's so cute! ^_^
Aranrebus120's avatar
What's that stuff under Spike's baby crib?
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General baby-care stuff - towels, cotton balls, a jar of ointment. Just a bit of background detail.
Aranrebus120's avatar
And let me guess just out of curiosity... No diapers, right? It's not that I have a problem with them. I just thought since Spike was a newborn baby dragon when Twilight Sparkle was a filly, he would be wearing diapers at the time. Not to mention it would make Spike even cuter, just so you know.
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One of the most joyous panels I have seen in any series or work of Celestia!
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And Spike is joining in the giggle fit.
Alone this picture looks like it's missing someone.  I guess spike couldn't be watching that though.
Growlie26's avatar
Funny! Why are you laughing Celestia?
GlitteryPony's avatar
Laughting Celestia is best Celestia.
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lol....looks like Tia had a few too many brownies.....:iconifyouknowhatimeanplz:
Tsukuart's avatar
what is this
I don't even
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This is adorable of Celestia. :icondawwwwplz:
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I want to rub her tummy.
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Celestia is not Spike's mom!!!!
BoneSatellite's avatar
That's what Lauren Faust originally wanted. Sucks that this idea fell through the cracks after she left. Now we have no fckng idea who raised him.
DracoDei's avatar
Well, according to "You're not Mommy." in Winter Wrap-Up, Celestia probably did more of the raising. With Twi in more of a "big sister" role.
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Yes. Plus a mother would never stand on shore laughing while her her child is sleeping on a cold block of ice - in the middle of a cold lake, no less - and just let the poor overworked kid get sick.
CHCHcartoons's avatar
I know and it pisses me off. This is why Lauren should have never abandoned the show. 
CaptainLackwit's avatar
She didn't abandon it, read up sir.
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
:iconangrycelestiaplz:-FINE TWI-BITCH,you can take Spike with you to Ponyville,I DIDN'T WANNA RAISE HIM TO A YOUNG DRAGON ANY WAY!
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Dat celestia has potential to be a reaction pic
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