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Rise and Shine, Tavi!



"Rise and shine, Tavi! It's ya birthday! It's your B, to the I-R to the..."
"Wh-what is all this?"
"Breakfast! I made you pancakes, scrambled eggs..."
"Uh, are those the shells?"
"No! Well, yes. Bits of them, anyway. I couldn't get them all out."
"Is that your hoofprint on the pancakes?"
"It was only on the floor for a second, honest! Five second rule, and all that! Besides, I wiped my hooves when I got back from the farm. Only the best fresh ingredients for you, Tavi!"
"Why are there three teabags in this cup?"
"I didn't know how strong you liked it, so you can just take some out to make it weaker."
"And the rose? I hope you don't expect me to eat that, because I only did it that one time..."
"I couldn't find a vase. And well, orange juice is mostly water, isn't it? It's clean! I washed most of the dirt off it!"
"Have you... have you done something to your hair?"
"Well, it kinda caught fire a little bit. I couldn't get the stove lit and..."
"What!? Are you hurt? When did this happen?"
"About five a.m., I guess. It's nothing, it'll grow out!"
"You've been up since five making this?"
"Yeah, well, y'know... it's for a special pony. I mean, if you don't want it, I can just..."
"Thank you. It looks wonderful."

Update: This piece was used as the header image for the Music of the Day #2 post on EqD - just 5½ hours after I posted it, according to the time stamp!

Update: Also, it was included in EqD's Drawfriend #593 post. Yay!
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I could soo see this happening. Nice job! ^_^