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Inconvenient Waifu

I was feeling in a silly mood this evening...

I sketched this take on the "waifu chart" meme, combined with Egophiliac's hilarious Inconvenient Trixie, before starting work on Twilight's First Day #19, and decided to revisit and finish it.

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trixs is me right there
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Can't help laughing 2333333333333
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Dang it, Trixie!
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[floor'd] Oh god. You get the feeling someone might be slightly jealous?
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trice the mean pony or she just a jerk
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You're the jerk, stop stealing her waifu.
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She's the great and powerful troll!
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This is glorious.
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Hi, my name is Keamkeam. I'm a REALLY BIG fan of yours and recently got my own DevinArt account. I just wanted to drop by and say what a fantastic artist I think you are...
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I'm sorry, I need to go catch my sides, they're somewhere in orbit.
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:icondemomanplz:Trixie, yer huntin' trouble, missy ...
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Oh my Gems Trixie. WHY?!?!?!?!
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This is the cutest thing <33
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