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EqD ATG II - Day 5 - Tiny Pony 2

My second entry for day 5 of Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds II. This (sort of) satisfies both parts of the theme, drawing a pony as a filly, and drawing a tiny pony - "Dinky" is a filly in the show anyway, but here she is at her tiniest. I decided to play with flat colouring in this piece. I won't be doing multiple entries per day all that often, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to do something cute and heartwarming as well as my more comical first piece.
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Pinkie + Derpy = Suprise
It exists now
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They are so cute!
IronPiedmont1996's avatar
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Oh my God . . . it's so cute! 
xXRosettaCookieXx's avatar
Erm...Derpy has a baby unicorn o.O
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No one knows how but no one questions it cause the cakes had a unicorn and pegasus foal
xXRosettaCookieXx's avatar
Well i couldnt quite remember, but i knew it had something to do with their other relatives 
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fun fact: equine IVs go in their neck
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I guess you could say this was a...

...You know that I don't mean THAT kind of special.
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*Sniff* *Sniff* This is so beautiful !!!!!! *Cries a river*
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so adorable :3 even works with the derped eyes!
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Flash Fire: Aw reminds me of when my first daughter was born, though it was back before Discord came into being. 
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and the feels were felt that day and the liquid pride could not be stopped :cries:
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Liquid pride, nice. I have to use that some time.
Where is daddy?!?!?!
An earth pony and a pegasus have a unicorn foal? But on the other hoof, an earth pony couple (the Cakes) had a pegasus and a unicorn foal. Pony genetics work in mysterious ways.
He better travel back in time and be with them
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awwwwwwwww thats so cute!
Dirpy and a little pony is so cute! :D
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:iconhugesmileplz:"Happy Birthday,Dinky and way to go Derpy".
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Its been confermied that doctor whop es is di kys father
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