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Comic - Twilight's First Day #7

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Published: March 23, 2013
There is a time and place for everything, even playing. For Twilight, that time is "any time"; that place is "anywhere".


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ilvbrowniesHobbyist Traditional Artist
The Best officers are those that have a sense of humor and can roll with the punches so to speak, certainly beats the overly serious ones or those that just enjoy screaming for the sake of it.
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Anything to make the newbie, Shining feel a little bit smaller!
martinmystere1988's avatar
hilarious in hindsight.
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Like a drill sergeant was gonna be and ass to a cadet thats only making his sister happy.
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That's one way to get noticed
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MetqaHobbyist General Artist
Wow, Shining Armor looks Hot with long mane!
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Oh come on, he's married. Or at least he will be.
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Riverfox237Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I knew this wouldn't end as badly as it was hinting. Drill sergeants like kids, too. ;) And who doesn't appreciate a big brother whose willing to look silly to cheer up his sister?
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I give up. The print is too small. I can't read it.
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muffinshireHobbyist General Artist
You can zoom in by clicking the image.
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My computer is too slow to be functional (I think I have a virus but I can't do anything about it because Avast says there's nothing wrong) and tapping it on my tablet didn't do anything.
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Is your internet reliable? If so, try clicking the download button while on your tablet.
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My internet is fine and my computer is working now. (I had malware, but I got rid of it, and now I use Linux instead of Windows.) I actually figured out that clicking the download button does what I need a few weeks ago, but thanks anyway.
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PBWeatherproHobbyist General Artist
I like shining's loose hair.
So hippie
urzapw2000's avatar
neither I nor twilight knows if he's being serious...
I love shining's face in the second to last panel!
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Oh how ADORABLE!!!
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lizziepod150mlpHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
I'm daing right now
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Quickly Doc, she doesn't have that long left!
Doctor: This may be tricky...adorabetes is not something to take lightly.
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
*looks at the spelling of that comment*
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Doc! We're losing her!!!
Doctor: Get me the anesthesia or a good wakking stick before she kills herself STAT!
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
*coughs violently a few times*
Okay, I think I'm fine now. No murderous intents at least.
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Best. Drill Sergeant. Ever.
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