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Comic - Twilight's First Day #6

How would ponies play cat's cradle? For a unicorn it would be easy... as long as they knew how to control their magic.


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wheeeeze big oops on Twi's part XD
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Using cat's cradle to practice telekinesis? That's a good idea.
I lol'ed at the taxi pony's expression.
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When twilight's mom said "to not force it or you'll have an accident", I was expecting a juicy fart mixed with diarrhea.
Cadence:Mmm, these are absolutely delicious roses, how'd you get them?
shining: *blushes* well....
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that was fun.
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Apology? Who needs it on this regard?
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Rose Mane, Mustache, and Hare Ears... nice
They're more like tulips, I think.
Looks like that misfire cost Twilight all her mana/mp.
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Rarity Panel 16

Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plzRarity (cry) plzRarity (Shocker) PlzSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 1Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2  THIS IS THE MOST WORST POSSIBLE THING!
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I like twilight in panel 14
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I have this theory that twilight may be an actual God of equestria and before anyone dismisses dis watch wakfu special episode she was clever clover possibly celestial and Luna's mom ( explaining why she is so attached to twi) and of course her cutie mark looks like her element of harmony and the tree were each of the other elements line up with the smaller sparkles also notice their are a lot and I mean a lot of counterparts who I believe are all either other Gods reincarnated or descendants of twilights other incarnations please give opinions and other alinements I may have missed
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Have you ever thought about making this into a fim fiction story?
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Not really it's just a theory but if you want to make one you can just make sure to mention me
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I wish one coud fave comments
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I really love how you have made it such a theme that Twilight's magic is so strong, she keeps having accidents. And such hilarious ones, too. XD Also loving seeing the family life, and her parents! An underused couple, in my opinion. ^^ Loving these!
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