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Comic - Twilight's First Day #3

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Published: December 6, 2012
The family antics continue as both Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor look forward to starting at their new schools. Never trust an excitable filly with your laundry, that's the lesson to be taken away from this, I think.


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CrimsonFangX666Hobbyist Artist
From the reaction of the parents, this is a NORMAL day.
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Meow :3I'm just trying to help...Meow :3 
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tozailineStudent Filmographer
twilight doing the laundry...
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I love how unfazed Mr and Mrs Sparkle are, like this happens every morning. 
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SonicTheHedgeTrimmerHobbyist Filmographer
I have no idea where the show even is right now, but these are too good to pass up. Have a watch.
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Philip-BoomStudent Artist
Poor guys.
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Philip-BoomStudent Artist
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Poor Twilie just want to make things right.
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I have seen all these comics from the beginning to the current one and I must admit that this one is my favourite. The parents reactions are just so adorably priceless! "More tea dear?" Gets me every time!
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Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz Twilight, what are you doing?! TWILIGHT STAHP!!!Rarity (cry) plz 
But I didn't listen (Twilight Sparkle-Alicorn) PLZ But I didn't listen (Twilight Sparkle-Alicorn) PLZ But I didn't listen (Twilight Sparkle-Alicorn) PLZ 
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Room for coment #450 ?

I heard of a play named "Chauncy's First Day at School" and the promo showed a British kid obviously eager to learn (so eager to answer the teacher's question he jumps up & knocks his chair over). The other students couldn't be LESS eager: one has scars from fights, another packs a gun, and a girl has a bosom(grade school students should NOT have bosoms). All are disgruntled. All look like they wait for the right moment to PUMMEL Chauncey.

The characters have nasty names.

I tried to find something about it on Wiki, but this is one of the times it let me down flat. I have the card with some cast data. but other than it's a send-up of the NYC school system,zilch, nada.

Any help, peruser??
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Go go gadget necropost!

Do you still have the cast information by any chance?

Never mind. After judiciously applying a spot of the old google-fu, I think I found the play:

Chauncey's First Day of School by David Bell. Chauncey's full name is "Chauncey Lindsley Chitenton Hossenfeffer Shortbread III". The school's name is "Shady Sunshine Middle School"

Better late than never I suppose...
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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
Revenge for Shiny's behavior that day, or just knowing when it is best not to get involved?

Also, I may have mentioned this on my last read-through (can't remember), but I like the wind-up key on the mane-drier.
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HeartStorm4everHobbyist General Artist
XD Sometimes, doing nothing is the best help, Twilight. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad 
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
I'm pretty sure everyone with a younger sibling has said this at some point.
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LupinebornHobbyist General Artist
Gosh I love this :XD:
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the parents are so calm...
how often does this happen?
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  i let just hope it not 75 time a day.
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I agree, that's a bit much...
I was thinking fifteen to twenty...
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wow i just thought those two number as i was typeing this
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